Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trip Home

Things just never can go smoothely for me.  I don't know what it is, but there always has to be a couple of hiccups to foil my plans.  This time, thankfully it wasn't anything huge...but still, universe... common...

So... Monday night found me rushing packing into the wee hours of the morning for my crazy early 6:30 AM flight.  That meant that we would have to be up at 4:30 AM. So what does Miles do?  He wakes up from 9  to 9:30, then 11:30 -12:30, then 2:45- 3, and finally again at 4:20.  And it was really the 4:20 one that pissed me off.  After ruining all that sleep you are really gonna deprive me of the last possible 10 minutes?  REALLY KID?!?

And of course look who gets to sleep on the flight while mommy holds them!

I'm so tired from being up all night!

Don't be fooled by that sleeping angel baby however, this was just flight number one. The 40 minute layover was BARELY enough time to RUN accross the Denver airport, change his poopy diaper, realize his clothes are covered in poop and pee, change him, stuff everything back into his diaper bag and RUN onto plane number 2... dropping all his toys along the way and having people chase me down handing me books and blankets and many of the other things I left a trail of behind me.  After making it onto said plane, Miles realized where we were again and was not too happy about it.  Thank goodness for the plane full of nice people (it was a tiny plane and I felt like every one of the passangers was right next to Miles listening to him squeak like a dolphin).  They all told me how cute and sweet my baby was, and he did so well for 40 minutes of our 45 minute flight.  The last 5, however, almost killed me and my ear drums. 

Thankfully we made it off and into the waiting arms of my family... who RAN to see... me?  Not you lady, get out of the way of that baby.  Talk about chopped liver!   My mom didn't even hug me hello until we made it back to Farmington, a 1 hour drive from Durango!  They were too busy loving on the baby. 

Papa has the magic touch!
While I, meanwhile, was too busy looking for my lost luggage.  As if a sleepless night and screaming on a plane baby were not bad enough... Frontier had to go loose my luggage also!  I mean sheesh. 
Thankfully after tweeting about it to Frontier enough, I got a reply and found it.  It was delivered the next day.  Which is a huge relief because I've had an airline loose my luggage forever once *cough*American Airlines*cough*
So now we are here having fun with our family!  My parent's computer is slow and frustrating me with uploading pictures right now so I will post more tomorrow!  I have some adorable pictures of Miles with his cousins... including his favorite cousin Nick (he LOOOOOOVES him) and his jealous cousin Cassie (she's 2 and the most beautiful/smart girl ever!)
The funeral service is tomorrow, so I'll have an update on that too. My mom is doing surprisingly good.  Sad, but good. 

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  1. Just reading about your plane trip made me exhausted!!! But so great that your family was running to see Miles. That is adorable!! I can just picture your mom and dad, they are so sweet. Can't wait to see more pics! Tell your parents hi for me!