Monday, March 7, 2011

7 Months

This little munchkie is just getting SO chunky lately...  they were not kidding about that formula being fortified.  It's fortified for chunkiness!  And Miles is going to town!   

It's just crazy to me how much this boy can change just overnight!  I put him to bed at night as my sweet tiny baby and then the next morning he wakes up (soaked through his diaper every single night no matter what we do) about 10 lbs heavier!  I don't even know how that's possible.
Look what I found Momma!

So, before he gets even bigger - here are a few of my favorite things about this little chunky buns (as we like to call him) now.
  • When we started giving you a bottle a few weeks ago you automatically knew how to hold it yourself.  We never even had to teach you.  This of course means you are a genius. 
  • Also about 3 weeks ago, you woke up early on a Saturday so I fed you and then we went to snuggle with your daddy in bed (he was still sleeping) and when we woke him up I said "who's that guy?" and you looked at him and said clearly "Da Da".  It may have been an accident, but it sure didn't sound like one!
  • I absolutely adore how you love to just lay down and pat your belly.  You do it so often and you just look adorable doing it. 
  • Lately you love to give kisses. This weekend your daddy looked at you and asked for a kiss and you (very intentionally) leaned over to him with your mouth wide open and kissed him.  You did the same to me this morning and I almost burst into a million pieces with happiness and pride!
  • My absolute most favorite thing you do - every time I pick you up and hold you to my shoulder you either start blowing raspberries on my skin or you open your mouth wide and bob your head on my shoulder while you make noise, kind of like an Indian noise.  And it is SO adorable and funny. 
  • Perhaps the most impressive thing you can do lately is wave.  And I have absolutely no idea where you learned how to do this!  We have never taught you how to wave.  But about 2 months ago  you waved for the first time at our good friend Emily.  I thought it was maybe an accident.  But every time you see her you always get way too excited (stop making your momma jealous by flirting with Emily so much:)) and wave at her!  And this last week you just decided to start waving at everyone.  Even though we never even thought to teach you how!  You wave on the train, on the street, whenever anyone comes over, just pretty much any time you see any one else.  How did you get to be so smart in spite of us already?!?
  • Crawling.  Ok, you're not quite doing it yet, but gosh you are SO close!  In fact, this stage you are in right now is the BEST!  You can move all over the place when we put you down so you are quite happy to play by yourself... but... you're not exactly crawling yet so I don't have to chase you all over!  Let's do exactly this for another month or so, okay?!  :) 
  • Although this drives me CRAZY... it's too cute that the second I put you down on your changing table you think it's the funniest thing to flip over on your belly.  Then you look up at me with the most proud accomplished face, you are just beyond thrilled with yourself.  It's so infuriating for so many reasons - mostly because it's impossible to change your diaper any more.  But slightly because the second I lay you down on your stomach to play in the living room, you flip onto your back!  How did you learn to do the exact opposite of what I want every single time??  

  • And this was just about the sweetest thing in the whole wide world -- like I mentioned previously, we are down to nursing only twice a day.  And that's been really nice - a break for me, but we don't have to be done completely.  Well, this Saturday we were playing on the floor and you reached up and put your had in my shirt like you always do (boys!) and leaned in and started blowing raspberries on my chest (cute!).  Then you started getting just a little more forceful and you were making it quite clear that you wanted to nurse.  I said no, it's not time but you just got so upset and sad and all you wanted right then was for your momma to nurse you.  And I just melted.  You just need me so much and that felt like nothing I can even explain, except to say that my heart could not get any more full!
  • And lastly... just to end with this adorable video - you LOVE to swing.  And I cannot get enough of your smile when you do swing!


  1. Oh he is soooo cute! I wanna see him pat his little belly! take a video of it and post please! He is so cute swinging! I loved his little squeals, too and him clappy his feet together when he was swinging! Too cute!

  2. clapping not clappy! geeze, I cannot even type! LOL!

  3. He is such a squeaky boy!! It sounds like dolphins are calling each other in our house all day long! :)

    I'll work on a video of him patting his belly and waving! It's so cute!!