Friday, January 27, 2012

Nana and Papa Time

Nothing is quite as awesome as when my parents come to visit. Not only are they helpful and good with Miles, but they are two of the funniest/most fun people I know. We spend our days chasing Miles, shopping, cooking and laughing! It's been especially great that they can watch Miles while I take the puppy for a walk. And I love coming home and finding my dad playing with Miles and his truck in the hallway!

Yesterday we had to take Miles to the Dr. for his latest set of vaccines. My mom came with me and we entertained the baby while waiting for the Dr.

Miles is now 26 lbs and 12 oz, and 32 inches tall (I think... does that sound right? I can't remember). Which means he is 75% in weight, 50% in hight and 90% for the size of his head!! Which explains why his shirts don't fit over his big baby head! :)

The Dr. said Miles is doing great! But I did ask about his lack of speech development. She wasn't too concerned until I explained that he is acting out, i.e. biting and hitting, because he is frustrated when he cannot communicate what he wants. Because of the acting out she suggested that we see a specialist. It sounds daunting, but honestly I'm grateful. I just feel like there is more I can be doing to help him and I'm happy to learn. Plus I want to rule out any kind of hearing problems, or anything else that could possibly be hindering him. Funnily enough they just called to schedule the appt while I was writing the post. So we should know a little more by next weekend.

So, aside from all that, these shots have done a number on my poor sweet baby. We came home and he was just wiped out. Of course, the vaccines are worth it. But the cuddling is the one thing that makes it acceptable.

And in case you were wondering what Rocky is up too...

Can you tell how long his legs are getting? It's crazy! He's already so big. And let me just tell you how perfectly this puppy fits into this family. We are a family of attention seekers and Rocky is no exception. Our walks consist of him refusing to walk anywhere... until he sees ANYONE... and then he wants to RUN to them to let them pet him. Our entire walk is just him looking for people to love on him. That or other puppies to play with. This puppy was totally meant to be a Lauro!!

And lastly let me leave you with one more baby cuddle picture. Isn't he just scrumptious!

If you need someone to put your baby to sleep, please call this guy! Tips accepted! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


You may have guessed by my lack of posting lately that having a puppy and a toddler is exhausting.


You all told me so.

I know, I know. But I just have to let you all know - exhausting!

To help make sure the puppy knows to go outside I have been loading Miles up in the stroller at 7 am, 11 am, 3/4 pm, and then (if Tony is picking up Nick and Izzy or at a security conference, like he is tonight) I'll be loading everyone up again in a few more hours around 7, then one last time around 10 or 11. I know you think I'm insane, but I mostly do not mind. Miles loves it. We walk to the park (it's actually a cemetery, creepy right?) where the bulls are and I let everyone run around like crazy.

I didn't mind it at all until I got this cold actually. Now my head feels like it's under water and it's going to explode all at the same time. My nose is a faucet. And my energy level is non-existant.

But all I have to do is survive until 3 pm tomorrow when my mom and dad's flight land. They will make everything better!

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that watching Miles and Rocky slowly become friends is just the sweetest thing! I really didn't know what to expect with Miles and the puppy, but it is better than I could have hoped for! I'm sure that Rocky thinks that Miles is another puppy. He follows him everywhere he goes looking for attention and love. He was nibbling at him constantly and Miles was freaking out, but just in the last two days he's stopped nibbling and I think Miles is starting to realize that the puppy is fun and a good playmate.

Yesterday the puppy was laying under the couch and Miles was playing with his cars in the living room when suddenly Miles noticed the puppy and took him his truck. I watched in shock as Miles showed him the Hot Wheels toy and waited for him to take it.

Then he left his truck with the puppy and went on playing with his other toys!

TOTALLY counterproductive to all our training that Miles' toys do not belong to the puppy. But my heart was too busy melting into a puddle to stop him!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rocky Balboa Lauro

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (hmmm...seems like a lot of social media all typed out) then you may already know about the new member of our family. If not, then please say hello to Rocky Balboa Lauro. He was adopted from Operation Kindness in Addison (LOOOOVE that place, same place our kitties came from). They are a no kill shelter and have never failed us when it comes to expanding our lovely family! Rocky is a Australian Shephard/Sheep Dog (maybe)/Lab (maybe) mix. He is gray and tan and adorable all over!!

We adopted him 2 weeks ago, but had to wait a few days for him to get spayed. Then, the day we were going to pick him up they called to tell us that he had Parvo. We had to wait 6 days for him to get treated. It. Was. Tragic. But thankfully he is all better now (we have a little more medicine and more vaccines are needed, but he is in good spirits and acts 100%) and we were able to bring him home last night. He was skittish and very timid at first. But as soon as Miles started to run around the house Rocky went crazy!! I'm pretty sure he thinks Miles is another puppy. All he wants to do is play with him, but he ends up nibbling his fingers and it makes Miles SO MAD. LOL!!

We took him for a walk today and I swear I said "Rocky, don't bite the baby! ROCKY, DON'T BITE THE BABY!" a thousand times.

Tonight Rocky got to meet his other brother and sister. They are GAGA over him! (Is that even a saying anymore? I just can't think of anything better to explain it.) It was so cute to see Nick running with him and imagining them running together as Rocky gets bigger.

Then when we got home it as bath time! Can you see the pleading in his eyes? Help me momma!!

All clean and snuggly!

He passed out not two seconds later. This day was just so exciting for him! He learned to potty outside! Got so many new toys! Bath! Siblings! We've gotten a lot of head shakes and comments about having a puppy in a loft. And for getting a puppy period. "Don't you know how much work it's going to be?" "You do know you live in a loft!" "What are you going to do when he has an accident?" "You guys are crazy!"

But I dare you to see this picture and then tell me we were wrong to rescue him! (Don't actually tell me that please, it was a rhetorical statement! :))

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend update in photos

Per usual I have waaaay to many photos from our weekend festivities. My name is Amanda, and I am addicted to Instagram.

On Saturday our friends Kev and Bev invited us for some Top Golf fun! We are SO going back here! Putt putt, batting cages, margaritas... need I say more??

Saturday night was fun, but the highlight was finally using EFROGS !! If you haven't heard of it, it's a free "green" (ie - eco-friendly) transport around downtown and uptown. The drivers were so cool, the ride was a tad slow, but the whole experience was super fun! Definitely give them a call the next time you need a late night ride around downtown!

The rest of the weekend was family time. We visited Tony's grandma and then went to a park near White Rock Lake to let the kids run around and enjoy the day! And since it was a holiday weekend the kids got to stay Sunday night. Which meant more family time and more park time!

Monday we met up with Iris, Brooks and Brooks' cousin Dylan. I cannot believe how big Brooks is these days! I love hanging out with Brooks - he is just so sweet!! But most of all I LOVE that he calls Miles - Smiles!! TOOOO cute!! :)

The highlight for Miles was definitely swinging with his sister. Could they look any happier?

He didn't have quite as much fun with me. But he did enjoy swinging one more time before we left! This park was amazing - The Heights near 75 and Arapaho, or something like that. We will definitely be going back! If I can ever find it again...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tea Time

My little boy who looooves his cars, trains and trucks, pulls the cat's tails, slaps, bites and hits me on a regular basis - took a little break yesterday for a niiice cuppa.

It was delish!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rainy Days and Monday's Get Me Down

Oh gosh, how we needed to get out of the house so desperately on Monday. But because of the rain we were trapped. And I mistakely thought taking Miles to run an errand would be a good way to get out some energy. Did I mention how mistaken I was? Mere words cannot convey how mistaken I was. Maybe these bruises and teeth marks can accurately explain how mistaken I was.

When I took him on our errand to the pet store on Monday my intention was to let him roam the store for a bit until he got tired and then we could shop.  But the ONE and ONLY thing he wanted to do was run outside into the freezing rain.  So I'd pick him up, get slapped and/or bit, while he screamed and everyone stared.  We did this a couple of hundred times (okay 2, I was cold) before I gave up and put him in the cart and bribed him with snacks and juice.  I shopped as fast as possible and then had to force him back into his carseat to go home.  He was not pleased.

Then at home he somehow managed to bump his mouth with his cup and make his gums bleed.  As blood was gushing everywhere I tried to contain him to see what was bleeding.  But this only pissed him off.  He did NOT want me to help him.  He wanted to get back to playing.  Determined to not let him bleed all over the house I tried to hug him and look in his mouth.  Well, that just made it all the easier to bite me.  Finally I said, "fine, bite me, maybe then I can see what's bleeding."  He then bit me so hard his face shook. His entire face shook with rage as he was bitting me as I was TRYING to help him!

But, it gets worse.  The other day we were at Big Lots (it's my guilty pleasure) when I wanted to go one way and Miles wanted to go another.  So I picked him up and explained to him that he either needed to follow me or I was going to carry him.  His response was to hit me several times, pull my hair, pinch my face and try to scratch me all at once.  So I, being the genius that I am, decided to put his hands behind his back and tell him no hitting.  I though it was brilliant!  I could keep my cool and get my point across!!  Well, my little zombie baby is not a force to be reckoned with.  He responded by trying to bite my face off.  (Okay, maybe not OFF... but he definitely wanted to turn me into a zombie.)

It's hard not to laugh about it actually, I can still see his teeth chomping towards me like that scene out of Dawn of the Dead.  But I was concerned.  So at the bookstore I browsed some toddler books.  One explained that sometimes biting is done out of frustration when toddlers are delayed with their speech.  DING DING DING.  The suggestion was to use sign language to help them find some way of communicating.

Well, DUH.  I know that.  Even Miles knows how to sign for "more".  But are we doing in consistently?  No.  Am I going to start?  Already doing it.  Is it working?  I'll let you know as soon as Miles starts asking for

I feel horrible for not getting the connection sooner.  I've been worried about his delayed speech, but I also think he's just been busy focusing on his physical growth that he doesn't have time to worry about talking.  Plus all babies are different, right?  But that doesn't mean I shouldn't be consistently signing to him.  Time to start google-ing sign language!

Tales from the Playland at the Mall

I wish I had some adorable pictures to post to show off our trips to the mall playland. I see other moms meet up and chat, sippng coffee and looking fabulous while their kids all run and play for hours. I envisioned playland like that - a happy place to meet up with my other mom friends and let the kiddos get out as much energy as possible. But pictures of our playland excursions are slightly less glamorous. Miles will play for all of 47 seconds before he remembers that the escalators are RIGHT THERE on the other side of the playland wall. And the only thing he has EVER wanted to do his whole LIFE is play on those escalators. You know, and get all his fingers chopped off!! He just doesn't understand why I would deny him his one true desire.

On Tuesday, Lyndsay and I met up and I swear we got two words into a converstation before Miles was escaping. And I swear I chased him down and brought him kicking and screaming back from the escalators no less than 10 MILLION times. Why even bother to take him?!

This very sweet mother of this perfectly behaved 3 or 3 1/2 year old boy said not to worry, that her son used to do the same thing all the time, but then he outgrew it. They had been playing there for almost an hour and her boy was being so good. And then, just because kids can be so cruel, not 5 minutes later she was sprinting after him as he tried to escape - her daughter running after them both. Then her sweet, well behaved son threw the BIGGEST tantrum because he had to give Miles back some Hot Wheels toys he borrowed. This poor mom was so embarrassed... but all I wanted to do was hug her and thank her because she gave me such hope! At first I thought that maybe she was just being sweet, because no way was her well behaved son anything like my tantrum throwing kid (Monday he bit me so hard his face was SHAKING with rage, but that's another story). But then I saw the proof! He was capable of "Miles" grade behavior. And if he could be SO good for 90% of the time before throwing that fit maybe, just maybe, Miles will outgrow throwing a fit because I won't let him run out into the street or throw himself down a flight of stairs.

I didn't get a chance to say thank you to that other mother, but I hope I will see her again at the mall and tell her how I feel. Also, I did realize that I shouldn't be so embarrassed when Miles runs away or throws a tantrum. Sure there are moms of perfect angels who look at me like something must me wrong with my kid. But maybe there is another mom who feels a little less bad because her kid won't stop escaping the playland too!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Look What I Can Do

Sometimes I feel like I'm so behind on things I should be introducing to Miles.  I know some moms follow all the updates from Baby Center, or books or blogs, and are just on top of everything, making sure all those milestones are hit and their kid isn't missing out on a thing.  I've taken a ... well, a different approach.  Miles will get there when he gets there.  With, and hopefully sometimes without, my help.

For example, just the other day we were at breakfast with family at IHOP and Miles suddenly started coloring! 
Lefty or a Righty - he's still deciding
I was mixed with pride and a little worried that maybe he's been wanting to color for ages, but I just hadn't bothered to let him try yet.  I mean, just look at that talent dying to get out and on to paper! 

Needless to say I ran out and bought coloring books and crayons that day.

Then, the other day we were at a friends house and she served Miles some chicken nuggets and cherry tomatoes.  "No way he'll eat those, I hate tomatoes." I thought.  He gobbled them up so fast I couldn't keep any on his plate! 

Well, crap.  Don't I feel stupid. 

On one had I feel so bad for not introducing Miles to coloring and tomatoes earlier.  But, on the other hand we've started making his apple juice fresh from a juicer every day (and throwing in some veggies and other fruits for good measure) so can I really beat myself up for not doing enough for him?  Maybe it's just the age old dilemma that mom's always worry about their kids and wonder if we are doing the right things for them.  No matter how hard you try, something is bound to fall through the cracks sometimes, right?  I guess the best you can do is just the best you can do.  And as long as Miles is smiling most of the time I will try not to let myself feel too guilty for missing some of the little things. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

We started 2012 with friends, family and lots of pictures!  On Friday our friends the Hopkins' invited us to the Dallas Zoo with them.  Thankfully this is TX and it was GORGEOUS out!  We had a blast, but sadly Miles slept through most of it!

iPhone pics and apps are the best.  This is using PicFrame and Instagram filters.

#nofilter -- but I love the light

Can you believe how big Nick is?

I love his expression... 'Mom, get off!'... lol

BEST step-kids in the world!

New Years Eve we spent with Kev and Bev!  And while it was low key and chill, we had a blast!  The highlight of the evening was most definitely dinner.  We went to Tokyo One in Addison, a sushi buffet and it is all Tony and I can talk about since then.  It's a little pricy, but OH MY GAWD is it good.  We stuffed ourselves on rolls after rolls, after sashimi, after crab salad, after some of the scariest looking food I've ever seen...
Kevin loves it!

Kevin's food was looking at me!
We wanted to brave it out to Big D NYE, but the cold kept us snug in the loft... but we did make it to the roof for the count down!

The new Omni hotel and the Big Ball both counting down!

We spent New Years day brunching with Tony's parents and Kev and Bev and the kids, then walking around the Firewheel Mall.  It was a little chilly, but everyone had a great time.  (And I finally got a pair of jeans that fit!)

And then the last hurrah before it was back to the daily grind was when our other friends the Youngbloods invited us to the Aquarium with them on Monday.

I went a little crazy with the PicFram App for this one... but I think it turned out awesome!

Double click to enlarge!
Isn't she the cutest?!  :)

And... as if there could possibly be any more pictures to post... here are a few stragglers from our weekend that I can't resist posting!

SUCH a great helper!
Fun at the park!