Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!

I'm typing this post in the cold, because the new year brought freezing temperatures and a broken furnace.  It also brought a broken garage door and a lovely cold.  I'm popping Oscillococcinum and Colloidal Silver like it's candy, and feel much better today than yesterday!  So, another win for Oscillo from this family.
Baby it's cold inside!

We're still waiting to hear back from the AC guys about a new furnace. And our garage door should be fixed sometime next week.  Home ownership is great, amiright? 

Anyway, our Christmas was fun and so busy.  Parties with friends, last minute presents, mad rush to find LOL balls (ugh), traditional visit from the kids cousins.  The kids had fun and we now have an insane amount of toys in the toy room.  So, success!! 

Benihanas and Cidercade were my favorites from the season!  If you haven't been to Cidercade, call me and lets go together.  It is seriously so fun for the kids and #13 cider is pretty good!  Plus you can order food and just hang out there all day (until 8 pm with kids, later without) and it's $10 per person for unlimited play or $20 for a monthly pass! 

"Well that's nice William, but we just met." - Samantha

Jamie and Vera
Corbin played this Zombie game all night!
At one point Nat climbed down and tried to push the pedals with her hands while Rock drove.

To be fair, he did much better when I wasn't filming.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Natalie Would Like A Butler

Today we saw a van with a guy carrying a tray with shoes on it that said Butler Catering.  Natalie was so confused why people would be eating shoes and giggled for a full minute. 

Then the kids wanted to know what a butler was.  I explained that, for a lot of money, a butler lives in your house, serves you food, cleans, opens doors and much more.  And now Natalie would like a butler.

So would I kid.  Also, *I* am your butler, so where's my money?

In other news we went to story time at an adorable book store and then lunch at Arepas where the kids played while we ate and drank sangria and that was the calm before the storm. 

Because Rocky was apparently at home licking a hot spot into his back that is now infected.  We took him to the vet, where they gave him some medicine and a cone of shame. 

But - you should have seen his face when we got home and he couldn't eat or drink.  He just came up to me with his ears down and his tail down and sat and basically begged me to take the thing off of him.  I had to!  He was so sad!

I'm watching him to make sure he doesn't lick it and we'll put the cone back on if we need to leave or maybe at bedtime. 

Oh these dogs are gonna drive me to drink. 

Just kidding... I was gonna drink anyway... 

Cheers to a long day and no more cones of shame!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Big Brother is Watching

We're a techy family.  We can't help it, we love tech and the conveniences it affords.  Is the government listening to our lives - probably.  But we have to have cell phones and gmail - they probably already know everything anyway.  

All that to say - we're fans of Alexa and might have 4 of them all over the house.  Alexa in our bedrooms plays white noise while we sleep.  Echo dot in the kids playroom has been on holiday music for the past 2 weeks.  Alexa in the living room plays classical music while Miles does his school work.  She also assists in dance parties on the regular.  And helps Miles with his spelling.  

And now - Echo Show video calls my parents and it's the most amazing thing!  They have one in their kitchen and we just had coffee together this morning for 45 minutes and my life is complete!

I know there's Skype and Facebook Messenger has a good messenger (it's super fun with filters and stuff, if you haven't tried it you should) and iPhones can video call each other (I have an Andriod though... so.).  But all of those require a certain level of computer savvy that's not always convenient and easy for kids or grandparents.  

Echo Show is the perfect level of easy and convenient that I foresee coffee dates and dinner dates and snack dates with my parents all the time.  

Our lives are pretty boring, so I hope whoever is listening at Big Brother doesn't get fired for falling asleep on the job.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

It Doesn't Always Have to Be Perfect

La Madeline hosted this adorable event last Sunday for the holidays and we had an even more adorable time.  I drank wine and Miles reminded me that "it doesn't always have to be perfect" -- as the kids made their own version of the yule log chocolate cake.  It turned out perfect to us!  And delicious!!

They had a blast and then we all ate a good amount of chicken salad and bread and creamy tomato soup.  

You can pick up your own to take home and decorate for the season - how fun is that!  I highly recommend the wine so you don't take over and try to decorate it yourself.  

Sunday, December 10, 2017

I Never Wear Shoes... Because they Make me Fall Down

Something is seriously wrong with my feet.  I legit cannot wear any high heels anymore because if I try, my feet KILL me for days after.  Weird, sharp, stabby plus achy pain. So I just avoid them and stick to flats lately. 

Except I decide these TOMS boots (on sale) with a tiny heel were just too good to pass up.  The heel is less then an inch + they were so cheap = worth the risk/pain.


Except I apparently don't know how to wear heels any more.  Because walking to our dinner table in Austin I felt my heel slip and in slow motion I felt myself going...going...going... down... down... dooooowwwwn.  One of those long, super slow falls where you think "oh crap, I'm going down" "no, wait! I got this, I can save it and not fall in front of everyone" and then finally "nope, that definitely did not work and I'm hitting the ground right here in the smack-dab middle of this busy sushi bar" "don't let them make eye contact, dear god let them pretend that didn't happen, they see nothing" "nope, they are all standing up now.  Lovely."

So, highlight of my weekend -- falling in Austin.

But the kids saw their cousins and had a blast!  Cause Aunt Mandi may not know how to walk anymore., but she knows the way to any kids heart is buying them toys at Target, taking them to the park and then ice cream at Chick-fil-a.  In that order.  You're welcome for winning favorite aunt competitions now. 

Shadow box at The Thinkery

Train ride at Zilker Park
PS - I've been wearing those boots all day today and haven't fallen once.  So, thanks a lot feet. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

When Life Gives You A Bad Bottle of Wine...

When life gives you a bad bottle of wine -- you make Sangria!! 

I googled it - but the most simple and delish is --

Apple slices (1/2 to a whole)
orange slices (1/2 an orange)
muddle with brown sugar (4 Tbsp)
1/3 cup of brandy then muddle some more
some orange juice - almost a cup, although I would use half a cup next time
muddle all that some more
then pour in the terrible wine

Mix well and try to get the sugar that's settled to the bottom of the pitcher to mix in.

Pour in a glass over ice, add some sparkling water on top if you feel like it (I added lime and it's delish) and drink up!

And if you're husband's been gone for all last week and all this week, and the new puppy got his balls snipped and his cherry eye fixed all the way in DENTON AN HOUR AWAY and he won't stop crying now that your home and you have to figure out how to finish house renovations in less then 2 months and it's impossible... pour yourself the rest of the pitcher and give the kids their iPads and spend the rest of the night alternatively panicking about said house and watching Tasty videos on Facebook.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Adventures in Lauro Land

I miss writing.  I love writing.  I just bore myself writing about my own life, I guess because I'm already busy living my life - so writing about it just feels redundant.

But for a lack of anything else to write about...

Homeschool is going good.  We decided to try and I actually really like it.  Excellent for math and language arts.  We supplement with a science class once a week and The Story of the World for history. And despite my lack of pushing (or maybe because of it) Miles is doing really well at reading and comprehension.  He's doing good in math (averaging about 80%).  And we're working on writing.  It's not his favorite, so I'm not pushing it.  But he's trying.
He's also doing soccer and just started jui jitsu with his dad.  It's the cutest thing and of course he's a natural at it, thanks to his dad.  So fun!

He's still the sweetest cuddle bug who just cut me up some bananas and served me them with a side of yogurt.  He only charged me a penny! 

Natty-Poo is a different beast.  Girl is fierce.  I fully expect her to blow stuff up and walk away without looking back.  She's also scary and jealous of everyone and everything.

But I really kind of love how challenging she is.  Not only is she her own person, she's the exact opposite of me in so many ways, it's scary.  She loves leopard prints and almost all things tacky.  She spits often.  Breaks every rule.  Zero Fs are given by her.  And she cracks me up and scares me on the reg.

Also, we have a new puppy.  Falcor, Little Pickle.  He's a mess and he stinks.  But I love him and carry him in a baby carrier because I've lost my mind.  Also, we just bought him a shirt.  It says Security.
In other news - still renovating this hot mess of a house.  We are about 95ish percent done downstairs and need to start on upstairs like yesterday.  But, omg - what we have done is amazing!  I love this house and am not sure I'll ever be able to move.  A pool would be nice though...  so never say never.  Some day I'll post some before, during and after pictures of this house that will blow your mind! 

Let's see, what else...  it's Christmas y'all!  Lots to do for Christmas in Dallas.  So I'll try to pick this back up again and instead of recaps maybe I'll just post pictures and throw in some random stories or something.  I don't know yet.  I need to come up with something.