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Happy New Year!

I'm typing this post in the cold, because the new year brought freezing temperatures and a broken furnace.  It also brought a broken garage door and a lovely cold.  I'm popping Oscillococcinum and Colloidal Silver like it's candy, and feel much better today than yesterday!  So, another win for Oscillo from this family.

We're still waiting to hear back from the AC guys about a new furnace. And our garage door should be fixed sometime next week.  Home ownership is great, amiright? 

Anyway, our Christmas was fun and so busy.  Parties with friends, last minute presents, mad rush to find LOL balls (ugh), traditional visit from the kids cousins.  The kids had fun and we now have an insane amount of toys in the toy room.  So, success!! 

Benihanas and Cidercade were my favorites from the season!  If you haven't been to Cidercade, call me and lets go together.  It is seriously so fun for the kids and #13 cider is pretty good!  Plus you can order food and just hang out there…

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