Thursday, March 31, 2011


Tony and I were talking the other day about how nice a house with a porch and porch swing (I already miss the one at my parents house) would be.  We talked about where we would move to and whether we would keep our place and rent it or try to sell it.  And all the pros and cons and what we really want. 

Then Miles and I went for a walk yesterday.  First Miles almost jumped into the fountain at AT&T Plaza.  He was SOOO excited to see his fountain.  Every time we go on a walk I take him to the fountain first and apparently he remembered and missed it while we were in NM.  Because as soon as he saw it, he smiled, kicked his feet, tried to jump in and then waved at it frantically like he was saying hi to his oldest friend.  It was beyond cute.

Then we went to check out Pegasus Plaza.  And look what we found!!

Pretty weird and creepy actually.  But how cool and different?!  Something we probably wouldn't find in suburbia. 

Then we walked a little further and found them filming something right in front of our favorite restaurant Sol Irlandes.  With a rain machine!  I was holding Miles in the Maya wrap and he kept trying to jump out, so I apologize for the shaky video.  But I'd never seen a rain machine before and I totally had to film it. 

Here are some pics too.

Needless to say I decided that it is way to cool down here to move.  At least for now anyway.  There are a ton of benefits to both living here and living in a house with rooms and doors and a backyard.  But for now we'll just enjoy the benefits of downtown for a little while longer.

And now, here's a video of Miles playing with his toys.  I was trying to get him dancing.  Any time music plays he starts dancing.  He got a little camera shy, but you can kinda see it.  :)

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  1. Yeah, there are way too many cool things about downtown, you have plenty of time to move to suburbia, enjoy the downtown life as long as you can! Awww, little Miles dancing, I love his belly!!