Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It already feels like summer has hit TX full force, but the truth is that 88 degrees is nothing. It's gonna get hotter up in here. Like... 20 degrees hotter. At least. How scary is that!?
So... it's time to find fun things to do inside OR in the refreshingly cool water. Last week I wrote about our new AWESOME park downtown Belo Garden over at Dallas Moms Blog - go check it out if you haven't yet! Even Nick and Izzy approved this weekend, we spent our entire Sunday morning there - eating a McDonalds breakfast picnic and playing in the water. And it was so nice!!

Another of my favorite summer activities is our rooftop pool here at the loft! I've spent the past 5 summers up there cooling off as much as possible, but last summer we were barely able to go. Miles was just not happy in his little floatation device. But this summer he can be trusted on the top step and OH!MYGOSH! bring on the heat. We are ready!!

I think he look so cute in his arm floaties and floatation vest, doesn't he? And they totally work, by the way. Daddy, of course, had to test them this weekend. Trial by fire, of course!!

I see a happy summer ahead of us!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trip to Suburbia

Miles and I took a trip into suburbia last week for some fun at the Richardson Rec Center. I'd met up with some really cool Mom Bloggers at a meet-up a few weeks ago and we were talking about fun things to do with our little ones. Donut's Momma suggested the Richardson Rec Center and invited us to go.

And that's how our tradition of going to the most awesome Rec Center EVER started! Seriously, this place is PERFECT! Huge gym for the kids to run around in, playmats for the little-er ones, tents, A BOUNCE HOUSE and tons of fun and exploring to be done by all!

We went back again today and it was just as much fun for Miles! He was having so much fun that I had to bribe him to leave!

The Rec Center does this play time on Wednesday's and Thursday's from 10 - 12 and it's only $1 to get in! I mean, how perfect can this thing get? But wait... there's more!!

Right outside is a SPLASH PARK! It wasn't open last week or this week, but Miles saw the area and we had to check it out. Padded floor and lots of fun sprinklers around for kids to cool off in this desperate TX heat. It's gotta open soon I hope, we can only take this heat for so much longer...

PS - have you checked out The Dallas Mom's Blog for my contributor post today? It's hard to come up with fun activities to do with your kiddos -- hopefully this can be one more idea for your family!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Mother's Day in Pictures

So, I knew it was going to be a good mother's day when I woke up of my own free will at the leisurely hour of 8:30 AM Sunday morning! Few things make me as happy as not being woken up by anything or anyone! And as soon as I was awake Tony got cracking on MD treat #2 -- breakfast in bed!! (Although, I had my "breakfast in bed" on the couch... close enough right??)

After breakfast we headed to Belo Gardens for a LOVELY stroll... I can hardly begin to explain how much I love this new park downtown! Check out the Dallas Moms Blog tomorrow to find out just how much!

After enjoying some mimosa's and letting Miles wear himself out at the park -- it was time for a quick bath for Miles (where he pooped in the tub, thanks Miles) and then off to a late lunch with Tony's Mom and Grandma at Benihana's for some lobster! YUM!!

Then Tony and I came home for relaxing evening where I read and didn't lift a finger! We had champagne, cheese and crackers, watched a movie and relaxed!

The day was absolutely perfect. I'm so grateful I got to spend it with my family!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Talking Yet?

The other day we took Miles out to eat some sushi with us and a friend. Our waitress was very nice and started off asking us if Miles was around 2 years old. It turns out she has a daughter who was born just 2 weeks after Miles! Her next question was - "is he talking much yet?"

Now, if your kid is hitting every developmental milestone on point, you probably would have been surprised by this question. But that is exactly the first thing I ask any momma with a kid around the same age as Miles. I can't help it. I just want to hear how behind he is compared to this new kid... which I understand is stupid, but like I said - I really can't help obsessing about it!

So I told her, no - he's not really saying anything these days except for "nana'" (banana) and he signed 'more' once the other day. She said that her daughter is not talking either and that her doctor is insisting on therapy. We both complained about therapy and 'so-called-milestones' and how we think our kids are just fine and that they don't need therapy because they are going to talk when they want, thankyouverymuch!! We both nodded and reassured each other that there is nothing wrong with our babies, and that we shouldn't worry. And I definitely ate my dinner feeling much better about the little SCREAMER sitting next to me.

It's just always nice to know that I'm not alone in my struggles. I see a lot of our friend's kids talking away - asking for milk, being super cute and it makes it extra tough to have Miles SCREAM at me for everything he wants. Not words - just the loudest SCREAM imaginable. Sometimes I just need to connect with a total stranger and be reminded that Miles and I are not alone!

There's just only so many times my mom can tell me that she thinks Miles is okay before I wonder if she's just saying that to make me feel better!

So, if you are wondering - we are still working on things. And I'm still convinced that Miles is just stubborn! He signed more all evening the other day and now REFUSES to do it. I think he's nana'd out because he's even refusing to say that lately. Lately he's been waiving "hi" and "bye" to everyone like it's just the coolest thing - but I bet tomorrow he will refuse to wave period! I'm signing my little heart out, but he's too cool to pay attention to me. Especially when he realizes that I'm trying to get him to do something. Maybe he's just practicing one thing at a time for now and will add it all together soon. Maybe we will need therapy. I'm just taking it one day at a time for now and trying not to let it stress me out!

With a face as adorable as his - I don't have much time to stress! :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello, Poison Control?

Speaking of guilt...

I really thought I'd be able to get away with not ever calling poison control. I really did. Buuuuut...

To explain... it works out perfectly for me to shower quickly while Miles watches some Backyardigains (guilt) and then let him take a bath while I get ready. He LOVES bath time and will swim, splash and play around while I dry and straighten my hair and get some makeup on. He gets to play for as long as he wants and I get to look like a human - it's a win-win!

Well, sometimes he likes to play with the soap bottles, but he couldn't open them so it wasn't a problem. Until yesterday when I look over and see the open bottle in his hands and BUBBLES coming out of his mouth. Craaaaaaap.

I don't think he actually swallowed much, if any. He was laughing and never showed any signs of pain or discomfort. He did burp several times though!

And I wouldn't have even called, but I got to thinking - what if I give him some fruit or milk and that somehow makes it worse? Is water going to make more bubbles in his tummy? Or dilute them?

So I googled and googled and then finally just gave in and called. Better safe than sorry.

Needless to say Miles is fine. Water was the recommended solution, but she said if he didn't throw up right away, he probably wasn't going to.

# to poison control if you ever need it - 800-222-1222 -- not that YOU will.... ahem...

Why Make Mothers Feel Even More Guilt?

You've probably seen this cover being passed around Facebook in the past two days. And you may have seen the crazy amount of comments and controversy it's stirred up. I normally leave it to those better equipped with facts and prose to respond, but I want to just say something short and sweet about it...

I breastfed Miles for 6 months before my milk just disappeared. He wasn't gaining weight any more and we had to suppliment. I was a mix of relieved, disappointed, and guilty, yet grateful that we got to breastfeed for any time at all. We don't exactly live in a society that encourages it. I wonder if things would have been different if society did encourage it.

That feeling of guilt, however, is one us moms live with far too much. We always feel guilty about one thing or another that we may or may not be doing right. Why does society feel the need to make moms feel any guilt at all?

If you know anything about me at all you probably know that I do not like to be told what to do. I'm an adult with good morals and good judgement. I try to live my life well and make good decisions for myself and my family. I don't think anyone should have the right to tell me how to live my life (within reason, of course) and I don't think I have the right to tell anyone else how to live their life. If you don't like something I'm doing - don't look. If you don't like gay marriages - don't get gay married! If you don't like 3 year olds breastfeeding - don't breastfeed for that long. One mom making that decision for her child doesn't infringe on YOU in any way. So why on earth would anyone feel the need to make her feel guilty for it.

Moms are already damned if they do and damned if they don't in SO many aspects of motherhood. Why take something pure and innocent and with so many benefits (details on that here) and make it anything more than it needs to be.

To each their own, I say! Let a man and a man get married if they want. Look or don't look if you don't want to. Let mothers nurse till their kid is 3 or 5 even, and if it really bothers you - don't look!! But don't impose your sorded beliefs on anyone just trying to live their life the best they know how. Otherwise, let me open your closet and judge you for every decision you've made and make you feel guilty for it.

(All that said - the best comment I heard on this picture was - "Excuse me young man, may I cut in?" - I can still have a sense of humor, you know... )

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend we got to strap the baby in the carseat, put on some Backyardigains, buy some gas station pickles and head on down to Austin, TX -- home of the weird! (They take that as a compliment, I promise!)

Tony's brother got married and we spent the whole weekend celebrating! It was really nice spending time with Tony's family, meeting new family and relaxing away from the usual list of chores we have to do at home.

And thanks to a couple of awesome grandparents we were able to spend 3 straight evenings out as a couple - reliving our party days! Except these days we were home by midnight and up early the next morning with a hungry demanding baby... but still, we had a blast!

Friday night we got to meet the bride (Melissa) 's family... and they are just as nice and fun as she is! And hang out with a few of Tony's cousins (who are always fun to hang out with)!

Saturday Tony and I spent the day shopping around Austin before heading over to the rehearsal.

The wedding was at a beautiful Greek Orthodox Church on a hill with such an amazing view! I wish Dallas had hills...

Miles got to run around waiting for the festivities to be over -- he had a blast showing off his muscles in this awesome muscle shirt...

Sunday we had to do some last minute shopping, and then ended up with some free time on our hands... so we went to the pool! Miles played on the steps of the pool while Tony and I lounged and I cannot tell you how AWESOME it was. It was so awesome that we didn't even get any pictures... we just enjoyed it!

Then we were off to the wedding. Of course, in true toddler fashion - Miles slept all the way until the wedding started...

And then woke up seconds before the bride walked down the isle...

But at least my husband looked handsome!

It was a beautiful wedding (from what I hear) and the reception was nice... but the dancing afterward was 80s music - so you know I loved it!

Congratulations Reno and Melissa! You guys never stopped smiling all weekend long -- and I'm sure your marriage is going to be just as happy!

(And thank you Grace for taking so many of these awesome pictures!!)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bad Hair Days

We have a tradition in my family... because my poor dad was stuck with 4, yes FOUR, daughters and no sons, he gets to take his grandsons to get their hair cut. Miles first haircut was perfect - on his Papa's lap at a real "man's" barber shop - the same shop my dad has been taking all his grandsons to for 23 year!

However... the problem is that we live in TX.. and my dad lives in NM. It's been almost a year since his last haircut and he is in desperate need of some help!

I'm in love with the curls... but a little trim would be nice! Dad, were gonna have to plan a trip soon! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Enjoy The Outdoors While You Can

Sometimes I wonder if I should just let my friend Norah write this blog. She has all the best ideas for us to do with our boys! :) So the other day she invited us to our new favorite park! It's at the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital at Maple and Oak Lawn in Uptown!!

I was so busy chasing Miles around that I got the worst possible pictures. But you can see a portion of it's awesomeness in the few pictures I did get. There are two huge sections for the kids to run around in, both have soft padded floor for falls and both are in some very nice shade from the beautiful trees all around. It was still pretty hot out, but the trees definitely helped!

There's a very nice picnic area in the middle to lunch at, lots of benches, and nice grassy area with squirrels for Miles to chase (we've never chased them before, so that was a fun first!). They even have bathrooms in the park area! We were able to play in each area for a significantly long time before Miles got bored and wanted to explore the rest of the park. And at that point we had a gate to keep my little escape artist in!

But he moved on quickly once he realized he couldn't fit under there and went back to playing and running all around.

I just suggest making the trip to the park soon before this TX summer gets any hotter!

Early Morning Park Visits

Lately Miles and I have have been taking Rocky to the park in the mornings to let everyone play. It's the perfect time to go, except for the homeless lady who surprised the crap out of me by picking Miles up for a hug (she was just sad missing her kid in Houston, but still I almost punched her). Since it's usually around 9 AM or 10 AM we have the dog run to ourselves and Miles and Rocky chase each other all around. Then it's off to play in the water. Miles LOVES to run around this fountain!

Some high school girls saw him playing and thought he might like a snack. He really did want those goldfish!! Thanks girls! :)