Monday, May 2, 2016

I have Someting To Tell You

Drum roll please everyone.....   We finally bought this house!  Yes we did move in last year.  But it's finally, technically, OURS!!!

It was a long, long road of selling our house in Frisco and getting approved for this house in Dallas.  It was expensive.  More expensive then we expected.  It was a roller coaster of emotions with low offers, high offers, low appraisals, closing Frisco, loan approvals, then denials, then 2 insane appraisals, then more approvals then price hikes then waiting for a CTC (clear to close) for an insanely long time. 

My emotions went through the ringer.  I thought I was gonna pull out all my hair.  I drank waaay to much.  And my face broke out.  But we finally got it! 

It was going to happen.  We knew it was.  We'd already put money into the house (foundation work, new water heater, ac repair) and maxed out our credit cards assuming it was going to happen.  It had to happen.  But that waiting for it TO happen was the WORST. 

And then it DID HAPPEN!  We bought one of the oldest houses in Dallas.  A house that used to be a church!  2500 sq ft IN the city! Old and falling apart and amazing!  We have a porch swing facing a side street where the gays walk to the clubs or our neighbors walk to the Kroger.  We have a playroom and a guest room and high ceilings and a huge garage and a Jurassic Park style fence to let the kids play in the back without worrying.   We are in love and sometimes we just look at each other in amazement over this awesome house!

We truly have the best friends in the world who made this happen.  Again Beverly found this amazing house and had the inspiration and backing to making this possible.  Samantha worked miracle after miracle to make this loan go through.  Also a miracle, that we are all still friends after this.  Friends with slightly more grays and at least one of us with a newly found alcohol problem (me).  But friends none the less! 

But the celebration is short lived.  Because now the real work begins.  Our list of things that need to be done is LONG.  And I have major anxiety over where to start and even what we want to do. 

First on the list is a new AC for the upstairs.  And those are pricey y'all!  Then we want all new windows in the house.  The walls need to be fixed.  As in ALL the walls.  They all have cracks from the foundation.  Every singe one of them.  The floors down stairs need to all be redone.  But I think we need to do the kitchen first because we are knocking down walls there. 

And should we knock down that wall?  What about the bathroom in the kids room - do we make it smaller now?  Or wait?  And I hate our den and have no idea what to do there.  Pinterest - help! 

And what can we afford to do now?  And what can wait till later.  And how bad are asbestos shingles really?? 

I just got a head pain typing all that... was I cut out for a house remodel? 

I keep telling myself to take it one day at a time.  But then I look at my closet upstairs and wonder if I could remodel it for cheap to make it amazing.  It's pretty big, but maybe there's room for more functionality.  And I go down the rabbit-hole once again. 

Back to one day at a time.  The AC is this Friday.  Then we can move back upstairs (we've been sleeping in the guest room downstairs where the AC does work).  Then we will decide on step number 2. 

For now we will just enjoy this house and this summer and Pin Pin Pin away!! 

In the meantime, feel free to send any awesome house Pins my way!