Thursday, August 29, 2013

Such Sweet Friends

I told Tony - no baby shower this time around. With moving and being in the apartment and not having family here - I didn't want to impose on friends to buy us more gifts when we already had most of what we needed anyway. Plus things have been crazy waiting on this stupid house and I just feel like everything is on hold.

But when do husbands listen.

My new favorite client from the Pilates studio, Carolyn, insisted that doing nothing would be a mistake. So with her help, Tony and Beverly gathered all my other favorite clients and put together the sweetest work-dinner/shower ever!! As a surprise!

There were a few hints leading up to the night, but seeing all my favorite Pilates co-workers and clients waiting with a diaper cake and cupcakes was completely out of nowhere. And it blew me away.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. There is nothing about working at the Pilates studio that I don't love. The hours are beyond anything I could have hoped for -- half days at work and half with Miles. The clients are obviously awesome! And the workout is my favorite.

Last Monday was my last shift there until I'm ready to come back after the baby. I know I'll want to stay home for as longs as possible with Natalie, but I also know I'll be ready to get back into working out and seeing all my old friends. So I'm hoping to do one day a week for a while as soon as I can. Hopefully my boss will let me. :)

Anyway - back to the shower! It was a diapers and wipes shower. And who knew you could be so creative with diapers and wipes. I had always wanted a diaper cake. Aren't they just amazing?!

Side note -- this thing took me over an hour to take apart, so I cannot imagine how long it took to put together. Seriously appreciative of the hard work that went into it!!

And tell me this is not the COOLEST thing you have every seen. Bev made it and I cannot make myself take it apart. It's just so stinking cute. And I'm sure it took a while to make also!

Natalie might not ever get to use those blankets. But she will definitely be snuggling with the musical turtles.

We also got some super cute outfits, onesies and receiving blankets. My favorites of which came in the most creative bouquets I've ever seen! Thank you Iris, I just love them!!

We now have plenty of diapers, wipes, onesies and blankets. All I need to buy are some new bottles and get the rest of the stuff out of storage and we are all set! Set to patiently wait....

Whenever you are ready Ms. Natalie...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Fluid Watch 2013 is finally over -- at my last check the fluid was 14 AFI - and normal is between 10 and 12. So I kicked that test's BUTT... hard! Whew. My numbers are so good I don't even need to go back!! Take that amniotic fluid!

They also said that Natalie is 57% for weight and that she has a big belly and lots of hair. Again with the hair! I cannot wait to see this hair!!

So everything is back on track for a natural birth at my favorite place on earth Allen Birthing Center. We have started the final month of visits - which means we go every week now. At my last visit I was dilated to 1cm and 50 % effaced. Which really means nothing at all, I could stay that way until 40 weeks. BUT, it's already better than where I was with Miles at this stage, so I'll take it.

But, on that note -- the Braxton Hicks contractions I've been having are out of control. In the evenings I cannot get up without having one. Last night I woke up to pee around 2 am and could not go back to sleep because of the BH contractions. Most of them are painless, but they usually take my breath away so it's a slight distraction if you are trying to sleep.

And in the last two days I am certain that she has dropped.

If I make 40 weeks I will be so surprised.

Which is why I'll probably go to 42 again.

I did start packing my bag last night though. But we need to go to the storage unit to get a bunch of stuff, including the car seat and bassinet.

Oh please let this house stuff happen soon. We did ask the owners if we can rent the house until the bank approves the sale. So that is a possibility as of now. But that would mean moving in the next couple of weeks -- which just seems insane. But worth it in the long run. Hopefully??

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Little Acrobat

Apparently I can drink a lot of water. My fluid levels are back up! Normal is 10 to 12 and I measured an 11. HORRAY!!!

But of course, in true stubborn Lauro fashion - Natalie decided to turn head up! What a stinker!

BUT... at my appointment at the Birth Center the very next day she had already flipped back head down. WHEW.

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions.

So for now - I have 6 weeks left (approx), I still need to drink a ton of water and take it easy to keep my fluid levels up. And we go back every week for the next two weeks to make sure my levels stay where they need to be. But they have the most awesome 4D sonogram machine - so I won't complain!

Again, a totally different sonographer noticed how much hair Ms. Natalie has and just had to comment! I seriously cannot wait to see it!! And her lips are still looking so full and beautiful. I thought I would hate 4D sonograms -- they just look so weird and squished. But it really is cool to see those details.

In other news -- I'm pretty sure Miles is simultaneously the sweetest kid and the most horrible one I know. For instance, right now he just bumped my coffee and spilled it all over. I asked him to go get a towel and showed him the spilled coffee. He said "oh no" and ran to get a towel and cleaned it up himself. When he wants something from me I make him say "I love you" and he always does and gives me the sweetest kiss.

But take that kid to Best Buy and he will make you regret every second you are there. He runs and screams and will not sit still for even a half a second. People will stare. You will take him to "time out" outside no less than 6 times and it will not work. The store employees will give him a balloon and that will entertain him for all of 2 minutes until he plays the game "Throw your Body On the Balloon Until it Pops". Then he will run around and steal every single display phone and rearrange them all over the store.

Needless to say - it did not go well yesterday when I went to trade in my Note 2. Know what else didn't go well - coming home to find that the GS4 already doesn't work. Seriously - it won't let me back on the App Store and won't download any apps. I have gmail and text messaging on my phone. So all it does is make calls. Unacceptable!

Now I have to go back to Best Buy. I'm leaving Miles behind today though. Guess it's back to the iPhone for me...

Friday, August 2, 2013

How Much Water Can You Drink?

August, I am so happy to see you!! July was just a crazy whirl-wind of a month. And as much fun as it was, I'm ready for things to chill out a little bit. We had the big kids for the month, then we had my in-laws and nephews visit for a week. They all stayed with us - 9 of us in our new 2 bedroom apartment. It was less crazy than New Years with everyone visiting in the loft, but it was still a bit crazy. The kids had a blast though, so totally worth it!

July 31st was Miles' 3rd birthday!!! I was seriously hoping we'd have a house by now so we could have his bday party there, but apparently it was not meant to be. I refuse to spend tons of money on a bday party he could care less about and won't remember. So a house party where friends can come relax and drink and kids can play in the yard is my dream. Maybe next year! This year we just had balloons, cupcakes and presents --- and he loved it!

I'm so proud of my big 3 year old boy! It's crazy to think that 3 years ago he was a teeny tiny newborn with a bald little head and the most wrinkly skin I've ever seen!! I miss that baby, but I couldn't be more thrilled with this toddler who makes me laugh and want to pull my hair out each and every day. Every nap and night when I'm laying down with him to put him to sleep (I know, I'm so bad) he delays sleep by repeatedly telling me "Love you momma." Then I say "love you too Miles." He says "love you too. Kiss" and then kisses me. Then he pretends to sleep for a second and starts all over - "love you momma". Then I laugh and he laughs and I just want to stop time forever!

In baby related news Natalie is doing great! I was sent to a maternal fetal specialist last week for low amniotic fluid. They checked her and said she is great! But my fluid is still a bit low, so I need to be checked weekly to make sure the numbers don't get worse. If they do it could mean a number of things - from being put in the hospital to be monitored right away to inducing labor at 37 weeks. Basically, since Natalie is okay it could be something wrong with my placenta causing the low numbers and they just want to be careful.

Scary - yes. But thankfully I feel like everything is being taken well taken care of. And although a monitored hospital birth wasn't exactly the plan -- I talked to Amy from the Birth Center last week and she made me feel a thousands times better. Of course, they have a plan for when something like this happens. IF that's what we have to do -- she will still be there for the birth, it can still be natural and a water birth if that's what we want. It will just be a Baylor in McKinney.

And - nothing is set in stone right now. Each week we will just play it by ear and see what my fluid levels are and they will make the decision then to wait another week or take a course of action.

In the mean time - I've been instructed to take it easy (no working out :(...) and drink a TON of water. I've taken it a bit further and included "eat a ton of candy" into those instructions. I'm also trying to convince Tony that "have your feet rubbed nightly" was also part of the plan - but as he was at the appointment there's no fooling him.

I will for sure keep the blog updated as I get more info.

And to lighten the mood - here are some really awesome 4D pictures of Ms. Natalie's face... which looks adorably smooshed. Her lips are my favorite! :)

That's her arm covering the left side of her face, she refused to move it. But at one point she started sucking her thumb and oh my gosh - talk about cute!! :)

And here's a picture of her hair for my mom. Apparently she's gonna be a monkey just like her momma!

Ya, that one I have no idea what I'm looking at - so I just took the Dr.'s word on it. But she said, and I quote, "Look at all that hair! WOW! That is a LOT of hair!" :)

And a gratuitous belly shot just for fun!