Friday, November 30, 2012


I had my iPad all of 3 days when I decided to take it out of the case to admire how beautiful it was. Then I got a text message and was answering it when it happened. My phone slipped out of my hands and on to my iPad from all of 4 inches away. CRACK! My iPad screen shattered.

I have been living with my cracked iPad screen for almost a year now when HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME combined with THANK YOU GROUPON finally merged into a fixed iPad screen from the coolest little shop in Garland - Phone Fix !

And since I do all of my blogging from my iPad I've been MIA since last week when I dropped it off for repairs.

So, since it's been a week since my last post - let me try to fill in the gaps.

Thanksgiving was -- filling! It was just the 3 of us and a friend of Tony's from work - so we had a LOT of food to eat by ourselves! But we were up for the challenge since our cleanse had left us hungry. :) I made my favorite Pumpkin soup recipe and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this soup. We had plenty of other amazing food items and I am seriously turning into a cook, guys. I can actually make food and like to cook! I know, who in the world am I?

On another note - for my birthday I got a new phone. This Apple loving family has gone rogue. I am now the proud owner of the Note II. I LooooHOOOOOVE it! The screen is SO huge. It can perform some cool tricks (cool tricks!). But there is one problem. The camera. It doth suck. A lot. AND, my pictures no longer sync between my phone and iPad making adding pictures to my post that much harder. I had totally streamlined this blogging business and now I have to go back to uploading pictures to the computer and then posting them. UGH. I guess it's back to the real camera for now.

Lastly, for now, I FINALLY have a school update! On Monday Miles finally went back to school after being sick all Thanksgiving week. SO.... I got a chance to talk to his teacher. I tried to be really nice and act like it was no big deal - "Ms. Teacher, I just wanted to let you know that Tony and I talked about it and we really don't want to make a big deal about Miles touching his belly button right now. We really don't want him to think it's dirty. If it's still a problem next year we can do something then. I know I'm babying him, but he's my baby!" She said, no problem - if you don't want me to say anything to him, I won't. And she seemed okay. She did snap at another kid, I think maybe because she was frustrated. Or maybe that kid had been ignoring her all morning. I don't know. I'm not in love with her.

On Tuesday afternoon when I picked Miles up she excitedly told me that he learned how to open his napkin! Hooray! I'm sure it was ALL time we spent working on it at home that did it! And by all the time at home I do mean none. 0. Zip. Zilch.

Yesterday I got Miles school pictures that were take 4 weeks ago. Guess what he's doing in almost every picture. Touching his belly button. Ha!

Next week is the school Christmas performance. OMG I can hardly wait I'm so excited!

Today was the Children's parade right outside our window downtown. I will be posting pictures as soon as I get them off the real camera. Sigh.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! It's going to be almost 80 degrees here... I guess we will be heading to Klyde Warren!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

First of all - thanks to everyone who offered advice and an opinion about my daycare debacle. To those of you who voted that the teacher is right and I should make him stop touching his belly button now - I'd love to hear your thoughts and reasons behind it. Really I would. If I'm being crazy I, I'd like to know it! Most of the time. :)

Anyway - I haven't gotten a chance to talk to his teacher yet because all weekend Miles had a fever and woke up feverish and coughing again yesterday. He's doing better today, but still coughing up a storm. And since Tony has the week off, he is staying home with him to let him rest and get 100%.

So, for my birthday I'm putting off any and all confrontation! And instead I'm making a French Dip and Sangria off my Pinterest board and enjoying the calm before the storm that is Thanksgiving Dinner.

I've been prepping for Turkey day and just the prep work alone is more work than I imagined! Thankfully this Cleanse we just finished got me used to spending time in the kitchen!

Speaking of the Cleanse (nice segway, huh?) we are finally finished!! 21 days! They were not kidding about 21 days making a habit, though. I love being in the kitchen now, reading a recipe is no longer like reading French to me. And Tony and I are definitely making healthier choices when it comes to food. Most of the time. Yesterday I almost finished a bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels. Totally worth it.

Tony ended up loosing 20 pounds and I lost 8! There were 2 pants that I was struggling to fit into before this cleanse - and they now slip on like a glove! So, in the end - totally worth it!

In other news - it's my birthday today!! (Have I mentioned that yet? I feel like maybe I have! :)) For my birthday I'd like a magic cleaning fairy for my loft. A magical foot rubbing fairy. And (another) magical bag of chocolate covered pretzels!

I guess I'll just have to settle for my new Note 2 that Tony bought me over the weekend!!!

And cuddle time with this cutie!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Belly Button

While we're on the topic of strict teachers I really need to ask for everyone's (anyone's) opinion.  I added the poll to the top of the page (so we can see the results! - But now we can't see the question - which is - Do I Take Away Miles' Belly Button?).  PLEASE VOTE!  I'm just so confused and not entirely sure what to think - and really I need some outside help.

Today, after the napkin incident, Miles' teacher told me that we have a problem.  She said she noticed that Miles likes to play with his belly button -- a lot.  And she said that it is not okay for him to do that.  In fact, as she was saying this I was holding Miles and she saw him doing it again and told him - "No, no.  We don't do that.  That's dirty."  Assumably saying that his belly button is actually dirty, I guess. 

Miles has been doing this since probably around 3 or 4 months old.  It's a soothing mechanism for him actually.  He never took a paci or sucked his thumb, instead he's always soothed himself by playing with his belly button.  It's nothing crazy - all he does is have his fingers on it playing with it and/or rubbing it.  You'd barely notice unless you were paying attention.  He's so obsessed with it though, that I had to get rid of all his onsies early because he couldn't play with his BB with them on.  He normally rubs it right before he falls asleep, but at other times too.  When he's bored and/or stressed.  And I've never thought twice about it.  If anything, I find it adorable, but I'm his mom so that's no surprise.

So imagine my complete and utter shock when she said that I need to tell him no and make him stop.  I was floored.

So I asked her why!

She explained that in school this would be a huge problem.  They will absolutely not let him do that in class in kindergarten.  Then she relayed a long story about a boy who liked to play with his privates and how that's a big no-no.

But, this is is BELLY BUTTON!  And it is most certainly NOT dirty!  I'm not even sure where that part came from, but just thinking about it makes my blood boil.

I tried to explain that and argue with her, but Miles had had enough and jumped out of my arms and left the classroom.  In my shocked state I didn't even know what to do, so I just said sorry and left.

So, this is where I need some help.  Am I crazy for thinking that it's no big deal WHATSOEVER for Miles to play with his belly button whenever and where-ever he wants?  Do schools really regulate that you cannot touch your own belly button??  And lets say that kindergarten will require that - isn't 2 a bit young to start enforcing this rule?  Especially since it's his first week and he's stressed and confused and now your also taking away his only comfort?  AND on top of all that - am I insane to think that this teacher has no right to call my son's belly button dirty?!  The NERVE!!

Despite all this, I do like everything else about his teacher.  And maybe she just thinks she's following the rules.

So, do I say something to her about it?  Or do I have to restrict his belly button from him?


Miles has now been at daycare for one week! Drop offs are still hard. He cries and it breaks my heart. Lingering makes it worse, but just shoving him off to his teacher and running out while he cries seems extra harsh. So I leave the school broken-hearted and feeling miserable no matter what I do.

Lately I've taken to hiding in the hallway until he stops crying just to make myself feel better. It's silly, I know, but he never cries for more than a minute or two... and I just can't stomach walking away while he's crying.

A few times he cries as soon as I pick him up. I don't know if he's holding that grudge until I get back - and seeing me makes it all fresh again. Or, if he's crying with relief. But either way, heart = broken all over again.

His teacher insists that he's doing good and learning the routine well so far. She just seems a little strict and he's only 2! I go back and forth between -- he's still a baby - she needs to lighten up on him AND he can't be coddled forever though -- on a daily (if not more frequently) basis.

But... the good news is that he is learning SO much already. It's only been a week, but I can see such a change in his behavior. He's acting like a big boy more and more every day. He's talking much more - the other day he busted out with "Oh NO" when he dropped something. I'm sure most of you are shocked that he hasn't said this by now. And it is what it is - he hasn't. But I think school (and probably just the fact that he's getting older) has brought it out of him... FINALLY!

He even looks the part -- all grown up!

He's doing things like - walking down our hall to the door with his hands behind his back (like he has to do in line at school), sitting down to eat his meals at home, playing with his puzzles at home ALL the time now, clapping and saying HORRAY constantly (I'm assuming his teacher does that), and saying "oh, oh ya" over and over again (another thing I'm assuming he learned from his teacher).

I know he'll continue to get better and better. And I'm glad he's going so he can play with the other kids and learn. I just really struggle with their expectations sometimes. Today his teacher told me that I need to work with Miles to help him learn how to unfold his own napkin at snack time. What.On.Earth?!

First of all - he's been there all of 5 days and he's learning literally hundreds of new things every day - from circle time (they have to sit this far apart from each other, with their hands in their laps, criss cross, quietly) to all the required eating structure to the basic class structure and his teacher is worried because this ONE thing he's refusing to do?! SERIOUSLY? Give him another week at least before you try to make me feel like he's "slow''. Kid just doesn't care about opening a napkin right now. He's probably over-whelmed with everything else!

And secondly - it's a freaking napkin and he's TWO! We really have to make this an issue!?!?

Third - I could MAYBE understand if he had trouble with his dexterity in general and opening the napkin was a suggested way to help his dexterity improve. But - no. It came down to the fact that all the other kids have to open their napkin and wanted to know why Miles didn't want to open his.

And finally fourth - SHE'S the freaking teacher. Am I not paying HER to teach him those things?! If it's so important to her that he do it, she needs to teach him. I'm not all that worried about napkin-opening skills right now so I'm gonna leave that to her since it's her JOB and she seems to be worried about it.

Obviously I need to take a chill pill here, but common. I just feel like this has the potential to get out of hand. Like those commercials to teach your children how to read at the age of 2. Ok, I see that it's possible - but I just wonder - WHY? Why teach them to read at 2?? Aren't they just going to be bored in Kindergarden at public school?? And then get in trouble? Let them play. Don't fret over the unfolded napkin. At 2 it should be about singing songs, playing games and having fun. Yes, he should be learning also... I just want there to be the right balance. And if she's worried about napkins so much I don't want the expectations to be so high that at the age of 2 Miles already feels like a failure. I just want him to play and have fun until I can get him and coddle him some more.

Maybe even extra for leaving him there in the first place...

Monday, November 5, 2012


Last week DMB did a tribute post to the husbands behind blog. It was so sweet, and a great idea - but I didn't say anything about Tony. I saw the request for info in the morning and then didn't have a spare second to send anything over to the one putting it all together -- since I had work, a diet to shop for, Miles wasn't feeling well, and I had to make Salmon for the first time ever. Side note - I keep trying - but I still hate fish. :(

But I have so much to be thankful for when it comes to my awesome husband that I couldn't resist putting something up here. Feel free to skip this post if you don't want to hear this kind of mush! :)

When I first met Tony one of the first things he told me about were his 2 kids! He pulled out pictures and bragged about them. I didn't realize at the time - but that should have been my fist hint at the kind of man and father he is - his kids are always first and he is such a proud and loving father to them!

Bragging on his kids is one of his favorite things to do, in fact. I love hearing him comment about how funny he thinks they are, how cute, how thoughtful, how fun. And it's so great for them to overhear how much he loves and dotes on them!

Besides being a great father, he is also a wonderful husband, partner, supporter and friend. Every post I write for the Dallas Moms Blog - I ask him to proofread. Every funny or interesting thing that happens to me - I can't wait to share with him. He is always there to help me with anything and every thing - from dishes to bath time to making dinner. I could not be more grateful for all that he does around the house.

And, he is such a hard worker and loves his job -- which makes me so grateful and happy.

On top of all that -- he happens to be the funniest person I know. I think a lot of wives say that about their husband - but if you know Tony, you'll agree -- he's absolutely hilarious. If you don't know him yet -- just wait to meet him and you will laugh your butt off!

Don't get me wrong, sometimes we drive each other absolutely insane, but I know I have a partner and friend for life and for that I count my blessings every day!

PS - be sure to check out my post at Dallas Moms Blog today!  I'm writing about the new park in downtown Dallas and all it's features! 

Friday, November 2, 2012


It's so annoying when people go on diets and health kicks and won't shut up about it. I just wanna eat my Doritos in peace without hearing/reading about someone else being obsessed over their weight.

So, I'm going to try my hardest not to talk to much about this Beachbody's Reset we are doing. It's just that it is consuming my life right now and I can't not talk about it. Just a little. And I promise to try not to be too annoying about it.

It's 21 days and it's annoying. But, it's also good and I think it's completely changing the way I think about food. I hate meal planning, I hate cooking and I hate worrying about food. I wish I could just take a pill and feel full. (Turns out you can, but those are really bad for you.) But this Reset is kinda changing all that.

I'm spending no less then 3 hours in the kitchen every day now. Preparing dinner and lunch and breakfast for the next day. I'm chopping fruits and veggies like crazy. I'm washing and preparing quinoa. I'm adding fresh herbs to food and using coconut oil like I know what I'm doing. I hated it 2 days ago, but I'm starting to get used to it actually. (Maybe like it even, but don't tell Tony otherwise he won't help me :)!)

The problem is that this food prep and planning is so new to me that I it takes me longer to figure it all out and actually do it. I'm constantly planning a day ahead and making sure I have all the food and then worrying - how am I gonna fit the prep time in?? But it's working out and we are eating healthy food that's good for us. And for me, that's new!

Here's dinner from Tuesday night. Bev made these sushi rolls from scratch and they were AMAZING! (Also, I wonder how many shots of my jaw unhinging can I really have on this blog??)

The rolls had Tempeh in them and I don't even know what that is, but baked crispy it was really good.

Last night we had stir-fry veggies, cucumber and tomato salad and quinoa. I couldn't even finish the salad.

Miles wasn't impressed, so I gave him chicken nuggets instead. But only because he's been refusing to eat for the last 3 days and I was desperate for him to eat something.
Rocky is desperately waiting for Miles to drop something!

Things are about to get really hard next week when we go mostly vegan. So, we'll see how we do then. But for now, I think I'm building some good habits that I really needed. So at least there's that! Oh, and I lost 3 lbs.

But I promise not to get too crazy! As soon as we're done I plan on making my absolute favorite Pumpkin Soup as a reward. It's seriously the most amazing soup ever and I make it every year for the holidays!

But I will definitely be making the sushi rolls again. And the veggies. But maybe not the plain quinoa though... that was terrible...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bad Parents

So, we are totally bad parents and skipped Halloween this year. Miles wasn't feeling well and Tony and I are doing a very strict 21 day reset/diet (Beachbody's, if you're interested) so we just pretended like it didn't even exist.

I only feel slightly bad about it.

It's just that Miles is the most stubborn child in the world and the thought of dragging him door to door to ask for candy just makes me want to crawl under the covers and cry. He would not understand, not care, and not cooperate - I'm certain. So I gave him a sucker from the front desk candy bowl at our loft and we played trains instead.

I did buy him a $5 costume from Kid to Kid, and he loves the hat and sword!! He's been playing with it for the last week - so there's that!

Maybe next year will be better! He'll understand and care and want to cooperate. I hope.

In other news - Miles started back at daycare today. He had no fever and was in a good mood, so I dropped him off with high hopes!

We got there and he bawled.

I left to him screaming and crying. And when I called 15 minutes later to check on him, I could still hear him crying in the background. But it sounded more like a mad, "let me do what I want" cry instead of a 'heart-broken where's my mommy' cry (if you know what I mean) so I tried not to let it bother me.

Of course it still did.

When I picked him up at 11:45 he was the last kid sitting at his table eating lunch. He refused to eat while the other kids were eating. The teacher even asked me if he could eat on his own. LOL. Yes, he can. He's just stubborn.

He ate a few bites for me.

Technically he just licked the katsup, but I'll take it.

The teacher said he did good (they always say that) and that he's a good boy and he'll learn the routine in no time! But... she also said "he is STRONG!"

HA, tell me about it sister!

She was trying to keep him in the room because he kept trying to leave and she was afraid he was going to brake her arm! I'm sure that's a bit of an exaggeration, but then again maybe not. This boy has his daddy's muscles for sure.

But I can't tell you how happy I am to have him going back here! It's a bit extra for me to drive, but it's beyond worth it. Every single one of the teachers is sweet and kind and happy every time I see them. I caught two of them high-fiving each other as I left with big smiles on their face. And the director personally called me around 10 am just to let me know that Miles was doing great. No other reason - just "Hi, Miles is doing great! Bye." I loved it!

It makes my heart happy to have him go someplace so happy and where I feel totally comfortable. I just hope tomorrow's drop off goes more smoothly...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Course

Miles' awesome grandparents have been watching him these past 2 months while I tried to find a daycare for him. And the time has finally come -- drumroll please..... we decided to go back to his old daycare because of how much we loved it before and because everywhere else is so much more expensive.

Cut to --

Of course Miles would choose a week before he is supposed to start school - to get a cold. And of course I would waste $20 on our co-pay to take him to the Dr. yesterday when they couldn't find a single thing wrong with him. And of course today he is doing much worse. And of course his stupid Dr is gone for the day - so we are left paying 4 times as much taking him to Urgent Care if he doesn't get better.

Currently he is sleeping in my arms, but that's after an hour of restless crying and whining and pulling at his ear. I finally pulled out the ibuprofen, and it's doing the trick for now. But we shall see.

Hopefully we can hold him off at least until tomorrow to take him back to his Dr.

Ug, Maybe we can start next week...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

For a post about the pumpkin patch - I don't even seem to have one picture of an actual pumpkin. Whoops! There were some there, I promise!

But who cares about pumpkins when there's cows to feed, hay rides to go on, trains to ride, mazes to get lost in, and silly pictures to be taken.

Not us!

Of course Miles loved the hayride and the train ride the most of all. But Tony and I had the most fun being stupid and taking pictures of ourselves jumping. We kept trying and trying to get a picture that made us look like we were floating, but instead we just look insane...

Don't act like you're not impressed!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Train Ride

Well -- apparently I started this post 2 weeks ago on my iPad and completely forgot all about it! What can I say, we've been busy! We went 3 weeks ago on a Thursday when my parents were in town for Senior night! Of course - we took the train and that was the absolute highlight for this little boy. He'd much rather ride the train all day then bother with going to the stupid fair!

Taking him off the train equates ripping his little baby heart out... it's just so sad. But he eventually got over it for the fun car show!

He loves pretending to drive and opening and closing doors - so this place was right up his ally!

We didn't stay too long - but we did enjoy some Fletchers (a must) and a few beers.

On the way out we found this fun feet massagers - I think my parents liked them!

It was a nice fun trip with my parents.... I hate it when they leave...

We miss you Nana and Papa!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sam's Birthmark

As parents we have the challenge to help our children develop good self esteem and teach them how to embrace each others differences.  There are thousands of differences that make up who we all are - from skin color to gender, to kids in wheelchairs, to kids with port wine stains on their faces.  All of these differences are what makes us each unique -- and teaching our kids to embrace these differences and love people for who they are inside and out is one of the best gifts we can give to them. 

So, when I heard of this project by some friends of ours -- I fell in love with it!  Their son was born with a Port Wine Stain on his right cheek.  He has undergone 8 laser surgeries at this point and his parents have created this wonderful book in his honor.

Please take a minute to watch their beautiful video and hear their story by going to the Sam's Birthmark Page.

And if you can, pledge to help get this book published!  It's SUPER easy to pledge - you can log in and pay with your Amazon account.  Any amount will help - and on the pledge page you can see what you will get for your pledge.  From a PDF copy to hardback, pick which one you would like to offer to help with.

If they receive enough pledges you will be charged and get your copy of the book.  If they do not receive enough, this amazing book cannot get published (and you will not be charged anything).  Please check it out and do what you can!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Rules, Pools and Pumpkins

You know what is totally awesome - paying an exorbitant amount of money each month to have other people give you rule after rule for living in your own home! Rules like - you are not allowed to hang anything outside your door, you can't vacuum after 9 PM, and you child is not allowed to swim in the pool that YOUR MONEY pays for!! Ya, super awesome.

So, around the first of June the entire building received an email with a reminder of our pool rules - a long list of rules, most of which were common sense - except for one. One that stated that children who are not potty trained are not allowed in the pool. That was news to me - who reads the chapters and chapters of HOA rules ever? And we were in the pool with Miles the summer before with no problems, what so ever. Tony and I talked about it a little - but we both decided that the rule was antiquated, created before people knew about swim diapers, and surely wasn't going to be enforced.


We got another reminder with just that excerpt cut out.

So I did what any mom of a toddler would do -- ignore it. What? I'm busy! Who has time for rules that stupid!


We get a call from the Management Co. telling us that we are in violation of the rules for having Miles in the pool.

I tried to remain calm and not shoot the messenger - "So the rule states that Miles has to be potty trained to be in the pool. Ok. He's potty trained and just wears that swim diaper as an extra precaution."

Because, please tell me how you plan on verifying whether or not my child is potty trained! Ya, you can't...

The manager was very nice and supportive (she also has a 2 year old boy) and said to just write a letter stating that he was potty trained and they would remove the violation.

So I did. In the letter I also stated that the rule is completely un-enforceable and it would be wise to change the rules to something that makes sense. Something like - proper swimwear, including swim diapers, are necessary.

And they completely ignored me.

We swam the rest of the summer whenever we wanted to without incident. We did get several dirty looks and a few snide comments. But you can make all the snide comments you want - and as long as I get to swim with MY family in MY pool that MY money pays for - all I will do is laugh at you.

I do plan on following up until the rule is changed, but as it's fall and no longer pool weather I've been less motivated. Hopefully this post can re-motivate me!

So... incase that story was anti-climactic after all the buildup - here are some cute pics from our trip to the Pumpkin Village at the Arboretum this year.

Skate or Die

I'm not even sure there are words to do these pictures justice. My heart swells with pride at this little, big boy! I can only image how his skateboarding father feels!

And if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe the talent and skill this 2 year old intuitively has on this board!

It's like skateboarding is a part of his genes!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Distracted Lately

With my momma visiting, work, Dallas Moms Blog - Moms Night Out last week, friends staying with us for the weekend for a friend's wedding and me finding a book I cannot put down (Gone Girl) I've been waaay too distracted to blog lately. But we have been doing exciting stuff - so here's a few fun pics of what we've been up too!

With my mom visiting Miles has really started talking so much more! The progress is slow and steady with him saying things like "see you later" and "Pablo Pablo Pablo" -- but mostly he LOVES to sing. He sings along with the Backyardigains, Thomas, Wow Wow Wubbzy and this adorable commercial on Nick Jr. And it's so cute to hear him singing along with the right words... not all of them, but a LOTE!

His favorite song is the commercial. Maybe you've heard it -- "In a house, in a home there are mother's and fathers, sisters and brothers and there's ME ME ME." Here's him singing - "me me me" in the bath! :)

Dallas Moms Blog Moms Night out was a huge success and so much fun! It's so awesome to be a part of something that's so big and growing --where we get to share info, advice, and have a huge community with other moms! I just love all the people I've met being a contributor! And it's especially cool when someone says - "Nice to meet you, I really love reading your posts!" I can't even explain how cool it is - really REALLY cool! :)

Over the weekend we had some of Tony's old high school friends stay with us for a mutual friend's wedding. I've only hung out with this group of friends a handful of times - but every time we see them is such a great fun time - I really wish they lived closer so we could hang out more often -- they are all such great people.

On Friday night my AWESOME mother watched Miles so we could go out to eat and have a few drinks. Of course we took EFrogs because we LOVE them!

We ended up at the Warwick in uptown and the guys all had a great time laughing, dancing and shaving their little brother's head! Poor kid! LOL

We danced Gangum Style and then realized that we were probably putting on a great show for anyone looking up at the windows. So I ran outside to see if I could get some pics. From the street I could see figures with some AMAZING dance moves... but sadly the pictures didn't do it justice!

The next day was the wedding at the Arboretum... and it was so beautiful! The bride and groom were so happy and gorgeous!

And we had a great time laughing, dancing, eating, drinking and staying warm by the heat lamps!

Sunday was lots of rest and recovery (from the hangover) after the busy weekend!

And this week we are gearing up for an even busier weekend. My dad arrives today!! We have the kids and plan on going to the State Fair -- twice! Lots of soccer games, birthday parties and general busy-ness. Why is the fall always the busiest season?

I also have lots of posts about the Arboretum, my mom's visit, my skater-dude son, the infamous (in my head anyway) pool story from this summer that I keep alluding to (I think it's safe to share finally), our upcoming trips to the Fair and I've been nominated for a Liebster Award... so stay tuned!!