Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drive In Theater

Miles took his car to the drive in theater this weekend...

How cute is he?!? lol

He really loves his car! Thanks Aunt Tricia! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pickle Eater

We spent another awesome weekend at the pool with Lyndsay, Brandon and their two boys! I hope they had as much fun as we did because I predict we will be there endlessly for the rest of the summer... and summer has just begun! :) We were having so much fun that I barely even thought to take any pictures (also I was too busy trying to make sure a certain toddler didn't drown!). That is, until that certain toddler stole my pickle! He's a pickle thief and I just had to get it on camera!

It was especially cute that he REFUSED to eat it from the side I'd already bitten off of. Then he took bite after bite and handed Lyndsay and me the skin that he didn't want to eat. But that didn't slow him down. Soon he reached the inside of the pickle and chomped away!!

I love my little pickle eater! Enough to share my pickles with him! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aquarium at Fair Park

Last week Miles and I met up with a Mothers Meet up Group at the cutest little aquarium at Fair Park. I had no idea this place was even there!! But it is the perfect size for little ones, with a cute little gift shop and hands on activities for the kiddos. Miles might still be a little too young to appreciate an aquarium and all the fish on the other side of the glass. I kept trying to explain that those are real LIVE fish, but he was more interested in driving his car around...

running up and down the ramps...

And climbing things.

But I had fun chasing him and watching him try new things. I kept trying to get a good shot with him and the fish around, but he was moving SO fast that all of them are blurry...

But the absolute best part was the stingray petting area! Miles just thought he was splashing around in the water, until the stingrays came up to say hi. He felt something slimy, cringed and splashed around some more. It was cute, but I think we will have to go back in a few months when he will (hopefully) understand and appreciate a little more!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

That Was a Doozy

I've been completely slacking on the blogging front. Mostly because once the sun come out and the weather is perfect all I want to do is be outside soaking up some rays. And as you can see from these Dallas Moms Blog pictures, my legs definitely need some sun time! Who let me go out with legs that white?

In addition to summertime fun we've also decided to put our loft on the market. Just that one step and we are heartbroken. It's such a hard decision. We LOOOOVE living downtown and the thought of leaving this loft is almost unbearable. I love it for so many reasons - but mostly because it's the first home my husband and I lived in together! Every time I look at it I am proud of it. But there are so many reasons to move - a backyard and being closer to Nick and Izzy are definitely at the top of that list! So I guess I will have to start thinking of new clever names for the blog... oh dear.

That has kept us busy, but I did find some time to (FINALLY) take Miles to First Tuesdays at the DMA. Go read all about it (and how great it is) at the Dallas Moms Blog today!

But of course, that was on Tuesday when all the OTHER drama was going on. You know - the 12 TORNADOS drama! Ya, Miles and I were walking home from the DMA with the tornado sirens going off!! Talk about scary.

Obviously we were okay, but things got a little intense once we saw one of the tornados not 5 miles away from us throwing semi trucks around like toys. But even then I was okay because I could watch the storms being tracked on the news. Except that we have satellite. So as soon as a bad cell would go over downtown our satelite would go out and that's when I would really panic. There was no news to tell me if a tornado was heading straight to my house.

So that's when we hid. It was only once, and only for 5 minutes. And completely unnecessary. But better safe than sorry!

I'm just still so amazed that there were 12 tornados that touched down in Dallas area and not one single death! So continue to stay safe everyone!!