Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pool Time Already

While Tony is out of town for work, Miles and I have been spending a lot of time enjoying this beautiful weather at a friend's pool! Thank GOODNESS for Lyndsay and her boys... and their pool. I do not know what we'd do without them! (And can you believe it's pool time already!?!?)

Their pool has an awesome fountain that is perfect for Miles to walk around in. This boy loves water!! And he gives me no less than 200 heart attacks a minute running to the edge of the pool to peer in or reach in. The fountain is a nice break where he can walk around and play without the threat of falling into deeper water.

And when he took a break from playing in the water, he would sit with Lyndsay and me and just play with his cars. I love this boy!

He also enjoyed some sword fighting!

And being naked!!

Lyndsay even offered up some snacks (Fruit Loops, sorry mom!). Here she is trying to convince Miles to come into the living room. Who knew this trick would work! Anything for fruit loops! lol

Thanks Lyndsay for saving us from being alone all week! My abs and cheeks are still hurting from all the laughing... but it was totally worth it!! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

He's A Reader!

The other day I wrote about our trip to Half Price Books. While we were there Miles picked up a Thomas Book and wouldn't stop looking at it. He kept bringing it to me like he wanted me to read it to him, but he would get distracted by the ramp and run off. But he picked it up over and over again and I figured it wouldn't hurt to buy it. I didn't have high expectations though, up until now our attempts to read have been futile. He has always been way too busy and important to listen to me read a book. And instead of force it, I just gave up. Parenting at it's finest. I should write a book!

Well, when we got home I put the book on our side table by the couch and didn't really think about it again. Until Tony got home and Miles picked it up, took it to his daddy, sat in his lap, and listened to him read it - TWICE!

I picked up another book I thought he might like, a Backyardigans book, and handed it to him. And sure enough he let Tony read that one too!

And I can hardly explain my excitement. I LOVE books! And I absolutely LOVE reading!! I've always wanted Miles to love reading as much as I do, but he's stubborn and if I want him to do something he will surely not want to do it. So I just did't push it. And I think because I didn't push it he is now interested in it. Kids, sheesh. But I don't care, I'll take it!! He's been asking us to read books all week now! And he actually sits and listens! My son, who never sits still for a minute, runs every where he goes instead of walking - will actually sit and listen to me read books to him. It's literally a dream come true for me! Miles is a READER!! :)

Another dream come true? Being a contributing blogger on a real mommy blog! Have you read my contributor post over at Dallas Moms Blog yet?? It made me laugh... hopefully you laugh too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Why is it SO fun to torture our children in the name of comedy?

Please note - I laughed the entire time I was trying to get a good shot. Miles did not.

But in the end, he won really - all these pictures are blurry...

Not that that's gonna stop me from posting them though... :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Half Price Books

Yesterday we had a fun trip to the Arboretum planned, but the rain threatened our good time away. Instead, my friend Norah and her smiley baby Max invited us to meet them at the book store! Apparently Half Price Books on Northwest Highway off of 75 has the perfect set-up. You can grab a coffee on your way in and then head over to the kids section. There they have a fun house for the kids to run around (no running allowed, but how they expect a toddler to listen to that rule is beyond me), 3 stairs and a ramp. Anyone who knows Miles, knows how much that kid loves a ramp. He can run up and down any ramp a thousand times and never stop until you pull him away kicking and screaming (or bribe him with juice, which is what I usually do).

Needless to say -- we had the absolute best time!

But the most exciting part was finding out that dogs are allowed in Half Priced Books!! The kids had a blast playing with a Basset Hound just lounging around after her master. Puppy treats can be found at the information desk.

Talk about fun for the whole family!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Night Terrors

I can still remember my nephew Jon Jon, when he was about 3 or 4, having a night terror.  He woke up screaming, thrashing his arms and legs around, then jumping up and down on his bed... screaming the entire time with his eyes wide open.  It was just as scary as it sounds, he looked possessed!  By the time I saw the night terror in action, my nephew had been having them for almost a year.  My sister knew exactly what to do - to not try and wake him and just make sure he doesn't hurt himself.  Eventually she even learned that letting their Chihuahua, Baby, get in bed with Jon would help to calm him down.  But even then, Jon Jon continued to have night terrors for a total of 5 years before they went away completely. 

So, imagine my horror when Tony was out of town last week and Miles woke up screaming and thrashing around.  He screamed and cried for almost 2 hours and I couldn't do anything to help.  I even woke up Tony because I was starting to get pretty freaked out. 

Then, this week we've had the kids for Spring Break and twice Miles has woken up screaming, rolling around in bed like he's possessed.  Any time I tried to comfort him he would claw at my face.  Finally it clicked - these are the dreaded Night Terrors. 

When my nephew was having them a psychologist told my sister that because of his nature and personality, Jon would deal with things during the day by acting out in his sleep.  Poor sweet Jon Jon was always a sensitive boy.

From what I've read about Night Terrors, most websites agree that it's caused by being over-tired.  Which was completely true the nights he had them.  When Nick and Izzy are over it's impossible to get Miles to go to sleep at a reasonable time.  So instead of fighting him I just let him get exhausted.  Well, not any more.  Watching Miles thrash and roll around in bed without being able to comfort him was awful.  We will definitely be working on a schedule and sticking to it, hopefully that helps.  And least I know he's fine and it's just something we have to work through. 

Mostly I'm just glad that he sleeps with us so I can know what's going on when he's having one. 

I'm talking about co-sleeping and how it all got started over at Dallas Moms Blog today.  Most readers already know we co-sleep with Miles.  But that's a few old cute pictures of Miles to reward you for clicking over! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lately Miles Is Kind of a Jerk

Over on Dallas Moms Blog, Heather wrote about her sweet cautious kids and how she really does not like the label "shy" and all that it implies for her kids.  I have to admit - it's a perspective I had never thought about before and I'm so glad for her insight so I can change my vocabulary and tone!

But it also got me thinking about my wild and completely opposite child.  He is anything but cautious and reserved.  In fact, lately - he's been kind of a jerk. 

Please don't get me wrong -- I absolutely adore my son.  At the end of a long day when I curl up with Miles and he wraps his chubby arms around me and nuzzles into my neck to fall asleep he usually looks up at me and giggles and my heart just melts!  Sometimes he is just so adorable -- talking in his own baby language and then at the end of his sentence he erupts in laughter because whatever he said was hilarious!!  And recently he started playing fetch with the puppy, picking up the tennis ball and throwing it straight to his own feet and then clapping for himself.  I really do love him, I promise.
Yay Miles!

But none of that changes the fact that my child is the exact opposite of Heather's sweet cautious kiddos.  And while Miles could definitely use some of those traits I just don't think he has the first clue what they are.

No, he's the kid in Target making a bee-line for the exit, without even a glance back at me, so that he can run straight into the parking lot to get hit by a car.  I swear, I cannot set this kid down anywhere where he won't find the most dangerous thing around - the road, the escalators, a deep fountain - and run straight to it and try to get hit, or cut up, or drown.  I have no less than four heart attacks every single day.

To make matters even worse is what happens the second I swoop in to save my baby's life from imminent doom.  I would hope for a little gratitude, but instead Baby Wolverine comes at me to claw my face up!   Or I meet Baby Zombie who tries to bite my face off!  Or there's Baby Crazy Eyes who suddenly goes impossibly limp and tries to slide out of my arms while biting and scratching.  His agility would actually be impressive if he wasn't being so horribly awful.

But even when he's being horrible to me, I know why and can kinda understand.  It's a horrible combination of his mother's stubbornness and a delay in his speech development.  (yup, still delayed - so he's still hitting!)

Like yesterday, for example, in Target I thought I’d let Miles get out some energy.  It was going great until suddenly he was running straight for a cart full of equipment that the employees were moving.  I swooped in to save him from getting hurt and... big mistake!  The resulting tantrum caused many scratches down my face and lasted a very long 5 minutes.  He rolled and rolled around on the floor.  First I tried ignoring him completely, but soon he was in the way of  customers so I picked him up and tried to hug him.  Then I tried to distract him with toys.  Nothing worked.  He didn't want to be ignored, but he didn't want to be hugged either.  He didn't want this toy, he wanted a different one.  And he only wanted to play with said toy right here where we were in someone's way.  And if I moved him -- the screaming!  Oh! The! Screaming!!

Still so cute!

I'm pretty sure we convinced more than a few teenage Target employees to become celibate.

I know that things will get better, eventually Miles will start talking real words and the hitting and biting and extreme tantrums will get better. I just keep waiting for a big break through and I haven't seen one yet...

Friday, March 2, 2012


As I mentioned yesterday - Miles has been preforming quite the interesting tantrums lately. I was able to catch a particularly elaborate one after he got caught trying to get near the dogs water bowl. 

I didn't get the beginning of the tantrum, but fortunately he carried on for quite some time. 

Please note that the second video is a continuation of the very same tantrum. He stopped rolling, walked to the hallway, decided he was still distraught, and then laid back down to continue rolling around. 

Surely he knows he's being adorable, right?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

When All Else Fails

I know Miles is SUPPOSED to be testing his limits (and testing my patience) but that doesn't mean it doesn't drive me absolutely insane when every time I turn around I find him playing in the dogs water bowl for the ZILLIONTH time! Even though I KNOW he totally KNOWS better.

(Side note - it's absolutely hilarious when I scold him and he throws a tantrum by throwing his body to the floor and then rolling from one end of the room to the other screaming. Not sure where he got that, but it cracks me up every time.)

Anyway, in a dream induced flash of genius, I woke up in the middle of the night and knew what I had to do.

So this morning I put Miles in his highchair (which he hates already, btw) and filled it up with water and toys. He played for 30 minutes straight!! (Until he caught me eating a Thin Mint and got distracted.)

I probably should be embarrassed that I didn't think of this until now, but mostly I'm just so excited about the possibilities! Water! Whipped Cream! Rice! Sugar! Jelly! The options are endless, really. And the play time is invaluable!


So... I seem to have created a monster. Against all reason (and all protests from Tony) I let Rocky on the bed and the couch! And now I can't even sit in my favorite spot because he hogs it!

I'm just such a sucker for those big puppy dog eyes looking up at me, so confused as to why the baby and the cats can get on the couch but he can't. I just couldn't tell him no.

Plus, he's so cuddly and sweet! When he's not biting me, that is!!

Um, Miles... Rocky? Think you can make some room for us??