Thursday, June 2, 2016

Spin Is My Life

Haha!  Y'all just thought I was gonna be back to blogging regularly.  And I totally was. 

But see, then stuff happened.  And then people.  And excuses....  So... once again, here I am, trying to catch up!

But in all honesty - my parents came to visit and we got this new exercise bike and that pretty much consumed me for the entire month of May.  Well, that and all the freaking rain!  Oh, and the million mosquito bites on me and my children.  (Seriously, I put Skin So Soft ALL over us.  ALL over us.  Except for Nat's nose.  And poor baby has a bite right on her nose.  UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHH.)

But back to spin.  I'm OBSESSED.  Spin is my life now.  And if you would have ever told me I was going to become obsessed over spinning, I would have laughed at you.  If you told me that some day, I would do 2 spin classes IN A ROW, I would have taken you to the looney bin.

But no, it's me that needs the looney bin.

We bought a Peloton Bike and I cannot tell you how much I love this thing.

Excuse me while I geek out about it.

It has this huge screen on the front of it.  And you take either live or on demand classes.  There are thousands of on demand classes and about 8 live classes a day to choose from.  And they are FUN.  The instructors are amazing.  The music is so inspiring.  Mostly you ride to the beat, until an instructor pushes you and then you almost die.  But then you don't and you feel awesome!

There's a leaderboard (I think that's what those are called) that ranks your output with everyone else across the country who has taken the classes also.  You can either compete with them for a good ranking (or a better ranking then usual) or you can hide it and just do you.

And did I mention that this is in my house!  So I just get the kids set up with a show and then throw on anything and ride!

Ok, I'm obsessed.  So sorry for the rant.  But every time I talk about it, someone asks me to explain how it works because it's so different and unique.  So I thought I'd get it all out there.

It is pricey.  But they offer financing in the store in Dallas.  ($2000 for the bike, $250 delivery, $300 for the (optional) warranty, then $40 a month for the streaming.)  But if you've ever paid for spin classes - it's not cheap.  And this is in my home and so convenient.  If you buy one tell them I sent you and we both get 2 months free streaming! 

Alas... I have not lost a single pound yet.  But we all know that's more diet then exercise.  And I love chips and salsa.  And spin makes you hungry! But that's okay, because I just really love that sore leg muscle feeling I have all the time now.  So to me - worth it! 

So that's it for me... other then that, just gearing up for a busy summer!  Vacations are planned, mini-trips planned, birthdays to plan. 

Lets just hope the mosquitoes will go away soon!