Thursday, October 31, 2013

Live Learn and then Get Luvs

If you haven't seen these Luvs commercials by now, you are in for a treat! I luv them! Especially this one --

For me, it just rings so true!

With Miles, I nursed under the Hooter Hiders everywhere we went. Even in my own home when anyone (including the big kids) was over. I hid in cars, nursed in corners, and basically kept the girls completely hidden.

This time around -- I give up. It's just too much hassle. And honestly - I've gone through so much pain to get to a good place while breastfeeding -- I shouldn't have to hide to do it!

And you know what? It's not that big of a deal. I've pulled the boobs out at Izzy's soccer games, at Target, walking around the Pumpkin Patch, at Home Goods (where I got a "Good for you" from a fellow shopper), at Spring Creek BBQ, and at home in front of anyone who happens to be here.

I am discreet and usually have a blanket nearby if I feel uncomfortable. It's not like I'm trying to make anyone look at my boobs. I just don't feel like I should have to hide anymore.

I read this article the other day that really helped. In it, the point is made clear that pregnancy, postpartum bodies and breastfeeding are not well represented in the media. Case in point -- the world was in shock over Kate Middleton's belly just a few days after she had her baby. On that same note - breastfeeding "has yet to be normalised by the sheer repetition of seeing it every day online, on television or in print media." And then it goes on to explain how us momma's -- we just can't win! It's not normalized or accepted for us to do in public "But on the other hand women are shamed if they do not do it."

Basically, society is telling us that breastfeeding is best for your baby for at least 1 year. But please don't do it in public unless you are appropriately ashamed and embarrassed enough to hide under a blanket. But preferably hide in a bathroom if you can.

And that sucks.

I don't particularly want anyone looking at my nipples. But I also want to feed my baby without feeling embarrassed. And it's too fine a line in society today.

I don't want to hold any nurse-ins (which are becoming a thing), but I do want to breastfeed without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Maybe with a blanket over me, maybe not. Either way, it's not a big deal. It's normal.

Miles Haircut

Miles had his 4th ever haircut this past week. It went about as well as you could expect. Those hair trimmers just sound too scary! But this time we went to a fun kids haircut place! The car, the movie, the trains and the lovely lady cutting his hair all helped.

Daddy and Tia Pam ran interference as I took pictures.

Although he looks less than thrilled, I can assure you - he loves his haircut. Or maybe that's me. I love his haircut. He loves it when I stop bugging him for a picture and he can get back to his trains.

Healthy Kiddos

I have lots and lots to catch up on in my little blogging world. My parents left yesterday morning and the weather reflected my mood all day - gloomy and sad. I spent the day trying to figure out how to help Miles pee while breastfeeding and holding a very spoiled 5 week old baby. Allegedly you can't spoil a newborn. Tell that to my arm that's about to break as I type this while holding a baby who won't let me put her down!

I'm not complaining about holding her though -- it's actually my favorite thing to do. Besides the fact that it's the best excuse for not doing laundry or the dishes - she smells so good and is so warm and cuddly that I can't get enough!

And she is growing so stinking fast I want to get in all the tiny cuddles I can.

But, of course Miss All-I-Wanna-Do-Is-Nurse is already too chubby for her newborn clothes. And those chubby cheeks are back with a vengeance! At her 1 month appointment this week Girlfriend weighed in at a healthy 10 lbs 6.5 oz!! I guess all that nursing is working.

The appointment went well - they said Ms. Natalie is doing great! She is eating and sleeping on demand with no rhyme or reason as of now. So I asked the nurse how long that should last and she said as long as it works for us. I guess that means my boobs will continue to be on demand for every cry she makes.

Which is so different from how I nursed Miles. I had a phone app, I kept exact track of when I fed him and for how long every single time. And if I felt it hadn't been long enough between each feeding I'd be so resentful of feeding him again already. It's no wonder my milk supply suffered.

This time around I just feed her if she seems fussy without worrying about the clock. And it's so much less stressful not having to keep record and check it constantly.

Also different this time around -- I am refusing to pump. Maybe I should, and maybe I will eventually -- but I loathed pumping before. Hours spent feel like a cow only to get 2 oz of milk. Hours spent pumping at night when I'd rather be sleeping. I just can't bring myself to do it. There's formula for nights out and I haven't even had to use any yet, so hopefully my plan doesn't backfire on me!

On another note - her sleeping is slowly getting better and better. She is usually down in her bassinet by 10 or 11 and then wakes up around 3 or 4 to eat. Then she sleeps again until 6 or 7. Sometimes she makes it to 8 even! If she does wake up super early, Tony gets up with her to let me sleep in some. I am loooving having him work from home!! It's ah-MAY-zing!

In other news - Miles finally had his 3 yr appointment. Poor kid just kept getting the backseat to his sister and the move and everything else we had going on. Plus, he's just so healthy that I forget I'm supposed to take him to the dr. What a great problem to have, I do truly know how blessed we are to be able to say that!

So, I'm happy to report that Miles is also a health cubbster. 35 lbs, 2 oz. And I swear it's solid muscle cause it feels like so much more!!

He was a little congested, so we delayed his vaccines for now. Which is good, because I learned about this awesome stuff called DPT Tox to give him and help with the side effects. I need to get it before our next appt!!

That's it for now. Stay tuned for nursery paint pics, Miles' 4th haircut adventure and more boob stories soon!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Land

We are in full on baby/kid land over here. Prepare yourself for poop, pee, boobs, and me gushing about my kids right now. Hopefully I can get it all out on my blog and then when you see me in person I will be able to carry on an adult conversation without mentioning my boobs. But no promises.

Speaking of boobs -- you should see my rack! My boobs may hurt like crazy, but at least they look good!! The thrush is finally getting better, thank goodness. For a couple of days I wanted to cut the left one off, the thrush was hurting so bad. But a friend recommended something called Gentian Violet. For two days Natalie's mouth (and my nipples) where blue. Natalie looked like a baby zombie -- it was sad and cute at the same time. But it did the trick and I'm almost pain free now!! Thank goodness for holistic medicine, because the Rx they gave Natalie did not get rid of her thrush 100%. And I feel so much better knowing that we have Gentian Violet and Grapefruit Seed Oil to use should the thrush come back.

In other, non boob related news -- Natalie and I had our 3 week follow up and we are both doing great! Natalie weighs in at 9 lbs 10 oz! Which is why the cheeks are starting to come back!

I cannot get over those eyes!

Miles is still doing great with her. He loves her and is always worried about where she is. She woke him up crying the other morning and out of his deep sleep he woke up, said "oh no, baby sister" and then feel right back to sleep.

And Natalie LOVES her brother. She loves to watch him play and jump around. And she loves kisses from him! Which he gives freely.

I know everyone thinks their kid is the cutest, but I was seriously not prepared for this level of cuteness from Miles. Last night Miles grabbed one of Natalie's baby dolls and started to carry her around like she was his baby. I've given him dolls and stuffed animals before and he has 0 interest in them. But last night he hugged his baby, laid her gently in the bouncy, made us take her upstairs to the swing, give her a paci and then he sat down with my Breastfriend to fed her.

I don't think I'll ever get over how cute that was.

Every time he sees that baby doll he wants to do it all again. And then I want to eat him up for being so cute.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Love

I am completely head over hills in love with my babies!!

Miles just keeps getting cuter and cuter every day. Today he ran to his daddy when he got home and said "Daddy, Daddy -- you're here! I'm so glad you're here!!"

He is just the sweetest, cutest thing I could ever hope for! He drives me crazy sometimes, but then I get my revenge somehow...

He wore that bow for hours. Isn't he pretty? :)

He's still doing great with his sister. But my mom is only here for 2 more weeks. I'm scared. Oh so scared!

Natalie is still just the perfect baby. Currently she is sleeping on my chest as I type this. She loves it right there, listening to my heartbeat. But she is also perfectly content to sleep in her bouncy and swing. Often she just hangs out in the bouncy and then dozes off all on her own. I hardly know what to do with a baby so sweet and easy going.

And she LOVES to be talked to. She loves it when you give her your full attention and just talk and talk. If she's fussy, we can usually get her to chill just by talking to her.

Breastfeeding is getting better. Finally. I just want to say - I HATE breastfeeding. Ok, I hated it. The first 2 weeks are the WORST. I honestly think that if you can go through the constant pain of breastfeeding 8 to 10 times a day then you can do natural childbirth, no problem. Breastfeeding is the pain that never ends. Once you finish one feeding there's only 2 short hours until the next torture session. And Natalie's thrush made her latch horrible -- so that didn't help. Her thrush is finally getting better (although, not gone yet :(...) so breastfeeding is getting better. Her latch is still bad, but after the initial pain, the rest of the time it doesn't hurt.

And worrying about my milk supply is a fun part time job!! Making sure I'm eating the right foods, and drinking enough water and feeling like I don't have enough during the day, but way to much at night. Oh the roller coaster of emotions.

But, trying to wake Natalie up to finish eating at 3 am is one of my favorite things. She's so snuggly and cuddly. And she does that Superman yawn with her baby arms over her head where her fists shake but her eyes stay closed and then she falls back asleep anyway -- and then I die!!

My absolute favorite though is all of us sleeping together. She snuggles in my arm, Miles snuggles with his daddy. Seeing all my family snuggling together in bed just makes me realize how blessed we are. And I am completely in love!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Natalie's Firsts

We've been having a week of firsts over here. Firsts poopies. First pictures taken. First Dr. visit.

At 3 days old Ms. Natalie rocked her home visit from the Birth Center. She had only lost 7% of her baby weight, which is normal.

Then I scheduled her new born pictures to be taken by the famous (infamous?:)) Bratton Photography. I worked for Stacy at her studio a few years back and Tony and I just love with her. It's an added bonus that her pictures are AMAZING. But I think we mostly just love going to hang out with her for a few hours. She did Miles pictures and we couldn't love those more!! I can hardly wait to see Natalie's!!

After her photography session I realized that I should probably schedule her first pediatrician visit. Poor girl, I should check my priorities. :)

So Tuesday we went to the awesome Dr. Bane in Frisco. She came highly recommended. And she was a thousand times better than our last Pediatrician, so we love her! I told her that we are behind on Miles vaccines and she didn't make me feel bad or guilty. She seems pretty holistic and laid back about things, which is exactly our style.

Here are Ms. Natalie's stats --

How cute is that card!! Just another reason I love it there!

Ms. Natalie is doing great. Except that she has the worst case of thrush the Dr. has ever seen. She is the best at being worst! Yay? We got an Rx for some meds and some probiotics, and she already looks so much better. Poor thing though...

But besides having thrush she is absolutely perfect! I hardly know what to do with a baby who is so chill and easy-going. It must be a combination of me being more confident as a second time mom and Natalie having to fit into our loud and crazy life. But she is just so good. She sleeps so much, acts so chill, hardly cries. Maybe this is the calm before the storm, but I just can't get over how good she is.

I'll get back to you in a week! :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Big Brother/Little Sister

For the past 2 days the first thing Miles says when he wakes up in the morning is "Oh no, where'd baby sister go."

Somebody loves his new sister!!

I think that is do LARGELY to the fact that my mom is staying with us. If I'm feeding Natalie and Miles needs the potty - my mom can take him. If I'm breastfeeding and he needs attention, my mom is always there to read to him, take him outside or fix him a snack. Right now his Nana is his favorite. Which is totally understandable, and I love that he is getting to know her and loves her so much!

And thankfully, I think because he has her full attention, he is loving on his sister even more than he normally might. He loves to kiss her and rub her head. He give me her paci if he sees it anywhere. He asks for her when he remembers that she's supposed to be here.

We took my sister to Chuy's on Thursday when she was in town for a day. When we got there and sat down Miles looked all around and said "baby sister, oh no. Where's baby sister?"

He does love to sit in her car seat. And he tends to follow whoever is holding the baby around to compete for attention. He asks us to put her down sometimes, but not often. We try to comply if we can. I just want him to know that he's still just as important.

Currently we are all sleeping in the same bed together. Shhh... don't tell. But I absolutely LOVE it. I'm not sure how long it can last, but I love waking up in the morning and seeing my whole family snoozing together.

Last night they both fell asleep downstairs and I let them cuddle for a bit.

I know this might not last and we'll have our ups and downs, but I love that we are off to a good start!