Wednesday, March 30, 2011


While in NM Miles tried a ton of new food.  Some of it good -- oranges and Ritz crackers.  Some of it totally behind my back, like popsicles and frosting.  Daicia and Papa - you guys are still in so much  trouble!

But the most fun thing he tried were lemons... and he LOVED them.  I think.  It was kinda hard to tell.  But he keeps eating them and it's pretty adorable!
Hmm... here goes nothing!
Momma, quit laughing so hard and get a good shot!


Or not...

But I'm going back for more!

We gave him another lemon last night and Tony captured it on film.  He was tired and kinda grumpy, but still totally digging it!


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  1. Oh my goodness!!! This totally takes me back in time!! My boys both loved lemons, too when they were babies, it was crazy how they can just chew on them like its a piece of candy or something!!! What a cute video! I loved hearing your laugh!! Miss you!!