Thursday, March 10, 2011

City Baby

This is the face of a city baby.  On Tuesday Miles and I trekked out to see the preview of the new Japanese battery operated streetcar that they are going to start running in Dallas. 

This thing is pretty cool looking and very exciting for the future of Dallas and pubic transportation. 

Miles and I had a great time hanging out playing, waiting for it to show up.
It always amazes me how much baby boys love cars and girls love dolls!
This is fun mom, wait, what are we doing again?
And then later that day we rode the old version to meet Tony and the kids for Izzy's soccer game! 

I need to let Miles know that he should try to get more comfortable in his stroller... I don't know if he's taking full advantage quite yet...
Kickin it!

'Sup lady?

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  1. And what a cute city baby he is!!! I LOVE his hoodie he is wearing! Super cute! I just love his little chunky leg propped up in his stroller!! What a happy baby!