Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is my nephew Nick.  He cracks me up!  We were playing Catchphrase and any time we would loose a round or have trouble guessing (whether he was guessing or giving hints) he would throw a fit.  I tried to capture his bigger tantrums on film, the ones where he would throw his hat on the ground and pace around the chair in a huff but I was too busy dying of laughter those times.  I did manage to get this one on film.  (The mood is kinda ruined at the end when my mom comes in and asks if Cassie peed on her bad.  Whoops, Yes she did mom... but she's not my kid, whew... :))

Isn't he cute?  Lol... he's gonna kill me for posting that!  

And somewhat unrelated - here is a picture and film of Dylan teaching Miles how to sword fight.  Miles couldn't get enough of it!  And when the sword fights would end, Miles would cry. It was too adorable!

When Big Nick was just a little boy, he and I would sword fight together all the time.  He called it capping.  "Come capp with me Aunt Mandi."  Awe, I'm gonna cry... he's all grown up now about to have his own baby boy.  Our kids will capp together someday soon.  :)

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  1. Oh that video of Dylan and Miles sword fighting is too cute!!! Dylan is a sweetie! And Oh My Goodness, Miles belly is so big and cute, even laying down on the bed his belly is like a bubble!! He is so chubby and delicious!