Thursday, March 31, 2011


Tony and I were talking the other day about how nice a house with a porch and porch swing (I already miss the one at my parents house) would be.  We talked about where we would move to and whether we would keep our place and rent it or try to sell it.  And all the pros and cons and what we really want. 

Then Miles and I went for a walk yesterday.  First Miles almost jumped into the fountain at AT&T Plaza.  He was SOOO excited to see his fountain.  Every time we go on a walk I take him to the fountain first and apparently he remembered and missed it while we were in NM.  Because as soon as he saw it, he smiled, kicked his feet, tried to jump in and then waved at it frantically like he was saying hi to his oldest friend.  It was beyond cute.

Then we went to check out Pegasus Plaza.  And look what we found!!

Pretty weird and creepy actually.  But how cool and different?!  Something we probably wouldn't find in suburbia. 

Then we walked a little further and found them filming something right in front of our favorite restaurant Sol Irlandes.  With a rain machine!  I was holding Miles in the Maya wrap and he kept trying to jump out, so I apologize for the shaky video.  But I'd never seen a rain machine before and I totally had to film it. 

Here are some pics too.

Needless to say I decided that it is way to cool down here to move.  At least for now anyway.  There are a ton of benefits to both living here and living in a house with rooms and doors and a backyard.  But for now we'll just enjoy the benefits of downtown for a little while longer.

And now, here's a video of Miles playing with his toys.  I was trying to get him dancing.  Any time music plays he starts dancing.  He got a little camera shy, but you can kinda see it.  :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cutie Patootie

Videos to make you smile.

Miles made his daddy so proud.  I left him to play with all the new toys at Nana and Papa's and he found his favorite item and started playing.  It's so cute that he figured out how to play with it all on his own!

And this video just cracks me up.  I'm so funny...  lol


While in NM Miles tried a ton of new food.  Some of it good -- oranges and Ritz crackers.  Some of it totally behind my back, like popsicles and frosting.  Daicia and Papa - you guys are still in so much  trouble!

But the most fun thing he tried were lemons... and he LOVED them.  I think.  It was kinda hard to tell.  But he keeps eating them and it's pretty adorable!
Hmm... here goes nothing!
Momma, quit laughing so hard and get a good shot!


Or not...

But I'm going back for more!

We gave him another lemon last night and Tony captured it on film.  He was tired and kinda grumpy, but still totally digging it!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is my nephew Nick.  He cracks me up!  We were playing Catchphrase and any time we would loose a round or have trouble guessing (whether he was guessing or giving hints) he would throw a fit.  I tried to capture his bigger tantrums on film, the ones where he would throw his hat on the ground and pace around the chair in a huff but I was too busy dying of laughter those times.  I did manage to get this one on film.  (The mood is kinda ruined at the end when my mom comes in and asks if Cassie peed on her bad.  Whoops, Yes she did mom... but she's not my kid, whew... :))

Isn't he cute?  Lol... he's gonna kill me for posting that!  

And somewhat unrelated - here is a picture and film of Dylan teaching Miles how to sword fight.  Miles couldn't get enough of it!  And when the sword fights would end, Miles would cry. It was too adorable!

When Big Nick was just a little boy, he and I would sword fight together all the time.  He called it capping.  "Come capp with me Aunt Mandi."  Awe, I'm gonna cry... he's all grown up now about to have his own baby boy.  Our kids will capp together someday soon.  :)


And now, picture of two things that have absolutely nothing to do with one another!

Family --
I did not get enough pictures of everyone in town for the funeral.  But here are some pictures I did manage to get.

This is my cousin Nick's grandson (yes I realize there are way to many Nick's in the family. It's exceptionally confusing!)  He is just adorable.  And he's only 5 months.  Yup, more than two months younger than Miles and just as big!!  And SUCH a good boy. 

 This is my crazy cousin Chris and his wife Cheryl (??)  Miles loved them!
 Nashonna, Victoria and me. 

Pam, Elaine, Michelle, Rosie, Victoria, Miles on my lap and Lisa

And now for no reason other than I think these are cute -- pictures of Miles sleeping!

Look at his chubby cheeks resting on his hand... isn't he squishable!

My dad put Miles to sleep several times!  And every time he did, he would say -- "Who's your Daddy!?"  lol.  You are, dad! 
So proud!
His technique - "shhhh shhhh shhhh shhh"
My daddy is sooo good with babies!  He held Miles every chance he got.
Swinging on the patio
My mom is terrible in the mornings.  She has to have her coffee before she can even form words.  We went to wake her up and she said something like "Mile her" so we laid him down with her and took some pictures.  Mom, do you even remember this?  lol.
How'd I end up here?
And this was one rare morning when he woke up totally happy and well rested.  So I snapped a picture of his cute little smile!
Tickle tickle

Monday, March 28, 2011


Okay, to make up for the lack of pictures I am going to do a picture overload post!  There are a TON of fun pictures... but there's even more fun videos.  I'll have to space those out by subject matter though.  My family cracks me up, so I hope you enjoy all the pictures and videos as much as I do!!

Miles enjoyed chewing on the basket for the toys almost as much as the toys themselves!  Little turkey! 
Miles loved all the toys Nana and Papa's house provided!
This is my nieces daughter Cassie.  She was a little jealous of Miles at first, but got over it quickly enough.  She is just the smartest and sweetest 2 year old ever!  By the second day Miles was already copying some of the faces she makes.  TOO cute!  We miss you Cassie!
Cassie and Miles soon became fast friends
There were a couple of really nice days to sit on the patio swing and let Miles play at my feet.  I took full advantage whenever possible!

Playing on the patio
Auntie RoRo babysat for me several times, letting me go out to karaoke one night, sleep in one morning and then took Miles home so Tony and I could stay out and play cards on our last night there.  Miles absolutely loves his auntie RoRo.  She was a lifesaver!  Thank you Rosemarie!  Miles was looking everywhere for you this morning.  :(

Miles LOVES his Auntie RoRo
My daddy bought this awesome track suit for Miles.  He just looks too cool in it!  :)
Hit man for hire
Sydney and Dylan finally got to meet Miles... and they were just SO sweet to him!  Miles and Sydney even took a bath together.  It was just the cutest thing ever!  Sydney is just old enough, though, that she'd get pissed at me for posting those pictures online... but here are some other cute ones of them together just hanging out!
"Which cousin is holding me now?  Let me see you!"
Dylan taught Miles how to sword fight (video soon) and Miles just adored him.  To the point that any time Dylan would leave the room, Miles would look all over for him and then start crying because he was gone. 
Cousin Dylan was a fast favorite!
Dylan is one tough kid.  Cut off a fish's head??  No problem!  Play with the eyeballs and gross everyone out?  Of course!!  Give cousin Daicia a "fish five" with his fishy hands before he washed them?  ABSOLUTELY!  Good thing you can run fast Dylan!
Papa took Dylan fishing... then made him clean the fish he caught.  YUCK!
My dad called us over to take a picture of the biggest catch of the day.  Apparently the fish was delicious... I hate fish though so I wouldn't know... 

My daddy caught a big one!
Oh my gosh Miles just loved Big Nick.  Every time he saw Big Nick he would smile the biggest smile I've ever seen.  Even if Nick wasn't paying any attention to him.  It was pretty cute!! 
Miles couldn't get enough of Nick!
Daicia and Sydney showing us what's up!
Daicia teaching Sydney to be hardcore.  Syd doesn't need any lessons though!
Don't mess with them!
My mom giving Miles one last bottle before we had to leave... it was very sweet and sad. 
Nana did not want to say goodbye... :(
Breakfast Juevos Rancheros are a family tradition, so we ended our trip with some delicious ones!  Table for 25, please!
Breakfast before we had to leave... :(
And finally... here are the pictures of our trip home... This was after I cried for a good 30 minutes. 
My genius husband was able to help me get home.  I would have lost my mind without him.
But it's hard to cry with this baby smiling at me. 
Look at that big boy!!  So proud of himself!  :)

It was sad being there for a funeral, but it was awesome getting to spend so much time with my family!! 

Oh... and as promised -- a video of Miles patting his belly!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Boy

I forgot to mention how all grown up my baby is. Because of this cold
and runny nose that Miles has had for two weeks now he no longer goes
to sleep using his fingers to self-soothe.

I don't know if it will last, but I'm hoping so!


Like I mentioned the other day, pictures are just SO hard to do from my parent's computer. So I hope you don't mind a post with just words.  This might be a first in and of itself!

Miles has just decided to blow me away in his development this last week.  There have been a ton of firsts here in NM (much to Tony's dismay).  Let's start with the most obvious... Miles had been up all night several nights in a row and I couldn't figure out why - maybe it was the travel plans, maybe the new house. But add to that the excessive amount of drool and general grumpiness (although, he is such a trooper -- he was barely grumpy enough for me to even notice) and you've got yourself a teething baby!!  TA DA!  It was so obvious that my dad was telling everyone that he was surely teething.  And I rolled my eyes because I've said that a million times!  But sure enough we pried his mouth open and found a bump on the bottom left. Poor baby.  With the first teeth comes the teething biscuit, which he chomped like a champ and ate in about 30 minutes!!

Miles has also become a fan of the delicious Ritz cracker.  Thanks Nana!  As well as oranges... I wanted to give him some Vitamin C for his cold and he chomp chomp CHOMPED that orange like a pro!  And then wanted MORE! 

So, along with his new tooth and fondness for Ritz crackers... I have a talking baby!  He's been saying momma, dada, bobmombob (??) and baba for a while now. But this week he started using them correctly. Last Thursday he said "Momma" several times when I left the room.  My dad insisted he was calling for me and I wasn't so sure until he did it several more times. He knows that I'm momma!  Then, yesterday, I got his bottle out at lunch and he said "Baba" clear as day.  And again this morning when he was done and I put his bottle away he looked for it and said "Baba"!!  Also yesterday when my dad came in the bathroom during bath time Miles looked at him and said "Papa" (my dad had been working on that since we got here).  And again this morning when he saw him, Miles said "Papa" over and over.  SO impressive!!  We are currently working on "Nana".  And since he says Dada so well already it'll only be a matter of seeing his daddy before he starts saying it nonstop too!

And lastly... Miles pushed up to his knees with his tummy off the ground.  SEVERAL times yesterday!  No rocking yet and he fell right back down.  But he just did it all on his own out of nowhere!  He's clueless about what to do next and I probably scared him again with all my clapping and screaming, but we are one step closer to the elusive crawling!  We'll try to hold him off until Thursday Tony!  :) 

And on that note... I have the sweetest husband ever.  He has gotten himself a flight to Durango to visit my family and (the genius that he is) he was able to get on the same return flight home so I don't have to travel alone with a baby again!!  Best husband in the world?  I think so. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trip Home

Things just never can go smoothely for me.  I don't know what it is, but there always has to be a couple of hiccups to foil my plans.  This time, thankfully it wasn't anything huge...but still, universe... common...

So... Monday night found me rushing packing into the wee hours of the morning for my crazy early 6:30 AM flight.  That meant that we would have to be up at 4:30 AM. So what does Miles do?  He wakes up from 9  to 9:30, then 11:30 -12:30, then 2:45- 3, and finally again at 4:20.  And it was really the 4:20 one that pissed me off.  After ruining all that sleep you are really gonna deprive me of the last possible 10 minutes?  REALLY KID?!?

And of course look who gets to sleep on the flight while mommy holds them!

I'm so tired from being up all night!

Don't be fooled by that sleeping angel baby however, this was just flight number one. The 40 minute layover was BARELY enough time to RUN accross the Denver airport, change his poopy diaper, realize his clothes are covered in poop and pee, change him, stuff everything back into his diaper bag and RUN onto plane number 2... dropping all his toys along the way and having people chase me down handing me books and blankets and many of the other things I left a trail of behind me.  After making it onto said plane, Miles realized where we were again and was not too happy about it.  Thank goodness for the plane full of nice people (it was a tiny plane and I felt like every one of the passangers was right next to Miles listening to him squeak like a dolphin).  They all told me how cute and sweet my baby was, and he did so well for 40 minutes of our 45 minute flight.  The last 5, however, almost killed me and my ear drums. 

Thankfully we made it off and into the waiting arms of my family... who RAN to see... me?  Not you lady, get out of the way of that baby.  Talk about chopped liver!   My mom didn't even hug me hello until we made it back to Farmington, a 1 hour drive from Durango!  They were too busy loving on the baby. 

Papa has the magic touch!
While I, meanwhile, was too busy looking for my lost luggage.  As if a sleepless night and screaming on a plane baby were not bad enough... Frontier had to go loose my luggage also!  I mean sheesh. 
Thankfully after tweeting about it to Frontier enough, I got a reply and found it.  It was delivered the next day.  Which is a huge relief because I've had an airline loose my luggage forever once *cough*American Airlines*cough*
So now we are here having fun with our family!  My parent's computer is slow and frustrating me with uploading pictures right now so I will post more tomorrow!  I have some adorable pictures of Miles with his cousins... including his favorite cousin Nick (he LOOOOOOVES him) and his jealous cousin Cassie (she's 2 and the most beautiful/smart girl ever!)
The funeral service is tomorrow, so I'll have an update on that too. My mom is doing surprisingly good.  Sad, but good. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Shock But Not Completely Unexpected

My Aunt Margie has been in a nursing home for almost a year now.  After her youngest son, Anthony, passed away about 7 or 8 years ago she was devastated and suffered several strokes.  Her oldest son, Reuben, took excellent care of her until he too was hospitalized with a massive heart surgery that almost took his life. 
My mom in green, Aunt Margie in pink and Reubon next to her

Thankfully my aunt was moved to a nursing home in Aztec, only 20 minutes away from my parents.  Reuben moved in with my parents and they were all able to visit my aunt very often.  In fact, my niece works at this nursing home, so she was able to check in my aunt often. 

On our last trip to visit my family Miles was only 2 months old, but my aunt desperately wanted to meet him.  Despite the fact that he had not had his vaccinations yet, I just couldn't say no.  I never really had any grandparents, the only Grandpa I knew died when I was 5.  My Aunt Margie was the closest thing I had to a Grandmother.  In fact, when my mom's mother died when she was very young, my Aunt Margie was the oldest and took care of my mom and all her other siblings. 

The latest stroke that my aunt suffered was last week.  After this one the Dr. suggest Hospice.  But after visiting with her sister, my mom was very hopeful that she would make another recovery.  Sadly though, my Aunt Margie passed away this morning.  She had just had a nice visit with my mom and all my aunts and uncle yesterday.  In fact, my mom said that Aunt Margie was trying to push away her oxygen during their last visit.  One last burst of strength before her long rest. 

I cannot imagine what my mom is going through.  She has just lost the sister/friend/and mother-figure that she's looked up to for all her life. 
Mom and Aunt

My Aunt Margie was always the feisty one.  Well, I guess really all those sisters are feisty... but she was feisty on the verge of crazy.  She had a huge personality.  There is simply no way I can do justice to just how fun, funny, sassy, and even (sometimes) mean she could be.  Everyone in our family has at least one (probably more) story of something she did or said to make us laugh. 

My favorite story to tell is when I tried to call her to tell her that my parents flight had been delayed. They were flying back to Albuquerque from Dallas and Aunt Margie and Reuben were picking them up.  She had gone deaf a long time ago, but refused to wear her hearing aids.

Aunt Margie: Hello
Me: Hi Aunt Margie.  This is Mandi.
Aunt: Who?
Me: Mandi
Aunt: WHO?!?!?
Me: This is MANDI
Me: This is Mandi. John and Fran's daughter.
Aunt: John and Fran aren't here.
Aunt Margie: You don't have to yell.

I'm pretty sure she was just messing with me.

When I took Miles to see her, she was so happy and excited.  She couldn't remember a lot at that point, but she remembered his name and even continued to ask about him after we had left.  I'm so glad she got to see him before she passed away.

So, tomorrow Miles and I are flying out at 6:30 AM with one layover in Denver before getting to Durango, a one hour car trip away from home.  I am not looking forward to doing all of that with a 7 month old who likes to squeak like a dolphin when he's mad AND when he's excited, by myself.  But I want to go be there for my mom and say goodbye to my favorite aunt.

Aunt Margie and Dylan

Friday, March 11, 2011

When Zombie Babies Attack

The evening started innocently enough. We met at Mockingbird Station for a coffee at Starbucks...


Video not for the faint of heart...

Just for Fun

Alien baby
I was looking through my phone and found this picture from his last Dr. appt.  The angle I took this from makes his head look huge and hilarious and I just had to share!! 

How cute is my skinny little boy?! 

He's not so skinny anymore...
Don't buy me toys momma, I love playing with this napkin!
Just look at that chunk! 

And lastly... I wonder who he gets this from?? 


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Motherhood (and a lot of run on sentences)

My niece posted an article the other day on Facebook and wrote how appalled she is by this mother.  Apparently this lady decided that motherhood wasn't really her cup of tea and after being a mom for 5 years she realized that she just wanted to be a part-time mom.  She couldn't hack it full time, so she divorced her husband and let him have full custody.  Chrissie's take on it is - too late lady, you already have kids, suck it up and do what you are supposed to do for them!  And I totally see that point.  However, and hopefully you won't judge me for this, I see the mom's point too.  To quote the mom in question "I had this idea that motherhood was this really all-encompassing thing, I was afraid of being swallowed up by that." That makes sense to me.  It's my opinion (although the article doesn't say) that there must have been problems in her marriage too.  And if she's not happy in her marriage AND she feels this HUGE weight of motherhood on her as well, well I guess I can't really judge her for deciding that maybe she wasn't cut out for it... and that if she wasn't cut out for it to let the father try it full time instead of making everyone suffer.  She does say that as a 'part-time mom' she could be the 'perfect mother' that she thought she was supposed to be.  What that makes me wonder is whether she just had the wrong idea of what motherhood was supposed to be.  If she was really striving for perfect, it's sad but is it any wonder she thought it would just be easier to give up? 

So... on to today a friend of mine posted this video...

While hilarious, it may seem a tad off topic... but stay with me here... 

There's a mom from Izzy's soccer games who is exactly like this blond lady here.  She's not quite back in her 'size 0 jeans yet' and it's 'just driving her crazy because of the hundreds of dollars worth of jeans' she has just sitting there waiting for her.  They co-sleep with their baby and she's constantly telling me about the freezer full of breast milk she has stored up.  A couple of weeks ago she asked if Miles was crawling yet and I said almost.  Well, her kids all crawled at exactly 6 months and walked at 9.  They were perfect crawlers and talkers and walkers and eaters and sleepers and GOOD GOD I must be doing something wrong, maybe Miles should just go live with her and her perfect family and her perfect boobs and then he'll really be happy. 

My point is somewhere... I seem to have lost it in my anger. 

Oh yes, while moms like that can really get you down... the more I thought about her the more I realized that being a perfect mom just isn't for me.  Hopefully this mother from the soccer games can keep all that perfection up (although I wish she'd shut up about it, motherhood is NOT a competition).  But for me, I'm just going to keep striving for balance in my life.  Breastfeeding was wonderful for us for a while, until it wasn't working any more.  Now we do formula and I can't tell you how I relish my new-found freedom.  I don't think that makes me a bad mom.  It just makes me human.  Miles co-slept with us for almost 2 weeks.  Until we realized that he was too light of a sleeper and we were waking him up (plus my back and neck were just killing me) so now he is perfectly happy in his crib.  We did what worked for us for as long as it worked, but the thing is -- everyone is different!

And on another touchy subject -- Miles LOVES Backyardagains.  Some moms refuse to let their kids watch TV, but I can't imagine my life without it.  I have no clue how I'd take a shower, eat lunch, wash his bottles and his clothes, and yes... even check Facebook without it.  And I do a lot of that when he's napping or playing, but it's impossible to do it all without a little help from Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone, Tasha and Austin.  And thankfully I have a husband who understands and supports me completely.  Today, every time he called (once in the morning and once in the afternoon) the TV was on.  Immediately I felt the need to tell him that the TV was not on all day, it just happened to be on the two times he called.  And just as quickly he told me that he wasn't going to judge!  He told me -- "I know how much you do and how much work it is being at a baby's beck-and-call, if you needed to have the TV on all day I would never judge you for it." 

And hopefully here's where it all comes together -- if I have realistic goals for being a mom, if I'm not too hard on myself when Miles doesn't have a bath every day and some days he watches more TV than he really should or if decide to go back to work (something I've been thinking about a lot lately, a little because Miles is bored at home with me all day and a little because I'm bored at home with HIM all day) and if my husband supports me in all of that-- I won't ever feel overwhelmed about being a mom.  I won't ever feel the need to run away.  And I don't even feel the need to compete with Soccer Mom.  I'm perfectly happy being the best mom that I can be!  And while that's probably not exactly new to a lot of you old pro-moms out there... at least you had an excuse to watch that hilarious youtube video!  :) 

Something tells me he doesn't mind having me for a mom!

City Baby

This is the face of a city baby.  On Tuesday Miles and I trekked out to see the preview of the new Japanese battery operated streetcar that they are going to start running in Dallas. 

This thing is pretty cool looking and very exciting for the future of Dallas and pubic transportation. 

Miles and I had a great time hanging out playing, waiting for it to show up.
It always amazes me how much baby boys love cars and girls love dolls!
This is fun mom, wait, what are we doing again?
And then later that day we rode the old version to meet Tony and the kids for Izzy's soccer game! 

I need to let Miles know that he should try to get more comfortable in his stroller... I don't know if he's taking full advantage quite yet...
Kickin it!

'Sup lady?