Friday, June 15, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Between blogging here and over at DMB, finding things to do with Miles (and blog about), starting a new job (tweeting, Facebooking, and keeping up the website for said new job), training for new job (all weekend this weekend), DMB Moms Night Out last night (was SO much fun), and trying to keep the house clean to show to sell (I'm currently failing miserable at that part) things have been one crazy hectic roller-coaster around here! A fun roller-coaster, yes... but pretty crazy!!

Here's a glimpse into what we've been up to all week.

Tony and Miles helping paint the logo for UP this week

This boy STILL loves Belo Garden!

He loves his belly so much... the second he's in his carseat he has to rub his belly all over... and over again!

Last night's Mom's Night Out event for the Dallas Moms Blog was a HUGE success. We had tons of give aways, lots of yummy food and desserts, wine and tons of fun! I got my hydro-massage and Tony can't wait to Float at The Float Spot in Frisco!! It was so nice to meet all the moms who read the blog and make new friends. I can't wait for the next one!

I got home and watched about 15 minutes of TMZ with my feet up last night before passing out... it was a nice break, but this weekend is packed full of training. We start tonight and end Sunday afternoon. Then we'll pick up Nick and Izzy to celebrate Father's day! We have some fun stuff planned for Monday and Tuesday for the kids (the wave at Adrenalina in the Willow Bend Mall and a trip to the Science Museum at Fair Park) so I can't wait!

Then it's off to work for me! I'm so excited to start working at UP! I'm nervous too, but mostly excited! Did you notice all the exclamation points up in here?? Yes, I'm THAT excited!! I hope people take my classes...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Feel Dumb

We finally decided to check out the Children's Museum at Fair Park yesterday... and I feel so dumb that we haven't been until now. I mean - really, really dumb. Miles absolutely loved it. He ran from room to room to room, climbed, grabbed, played, stacked, nocked things over, got dirty, got wet -- got exhausted (and napped finally -- WHOO HOO!) -- I mean he LOVED it!

The Children's Museum is at the Museum of Nature and Science at Fair Park... which happens to be only 5 minutes from our house. Why we haven't been before is beyond me! Did I mention that I feel dumb? It was just so much fun and nice and cool inside and we cannot wait to go back!

I hardly even know where to begin when explaining this place because we walked straight downstairs to the "Children's Museum" and passed so many other awesome kid friendly stuff - that I'm not really sure what makes the bottom level any better for "children" than the top. We were meeting friends down there so we passed the balloon artist, the magic school bus with TONS of different rooms of exhibits and fun places for Miles to run around in. We even passed a walking dinosaur! He waved at us.

Once downstairs Miles was off and didn't slow down for 2 hours straight. And we STILL didn't see everything down there. I honestly feel like we could spend YEARS there and not see it all.

Miles started in the firetruck and fell in love! He drove that thing around and saved lives for a while..

Then he noticed the next room and took off! There were blocks to stack, legos, fun mirrors, a music area, and lots of learning to be done.

We stacked and built nocked things down until curiosity led Miles to the next room where he was rewarded with is favorite sensory table - water! This kid loves to splash in the water!

And he LOVES to quack with the duckies!!

Surprisingly he (eventually) tired of the water table and found a new room to play in. I've never seen him play with a doll before, but he was very interested in this realistic looking one. He even fed him a bottle!

There are SO many other rooms and pictures I could post, but I've already posted so many! In fact, as soon as we got home my phone just shut down - overwhelmed by the amount of photos on it. It refused to turn on until I downloaded all the pictures and deleted them from my phone. True story.

But here's one last photo of my baby playing in the sand. I think even he would have a hard time picking his favorite table/room there!

We loved it there so much that we immediately went back to the front desk and got the family membership. I really want to take Nick and Izzy with Miles this summer. And the membership will pay for itself in 2 family trips there! It's good for a year - but the really exciting part is that the membership will have to be suspended in September when they close the exhibits at Fair Park. They will be closed from September until January when the NEW museum at Victory Park opens. Then the membership will resume with an EXTRA 3 months! And we will automatically be members of the BRAND SPANKING NEW AWESOME MUSEUM!

Can you tell I'm a little excited about that? Until then we will be headed back to Fair Park as much as possible. Who's with us??

Monday, June 11, 2012

Random Rambling

We are now on day 2 without a nap... and I'm wondering if I should start to worry. It's just so hard to know if this is just a phase or if my child, who already hates to sleep, has just decided that he's over it. He's not even TWO! I know that I LOATHED nap time when I was a child. I wonder if my mother put some type of voodoo curse on me when I was young. Maybe she quietly whispered "I hope someday you have a kid just like you," and because she really wished that upon me -- it came true. Thanks a lot mom! I hope you're happy! :)

In other news, things are about to get crazy here at Casa Lauro. I hope. Our house is on the market, but it has been for a few months. BUT, it seems like the showings are starting to pick up. And today a realtor told me that she had 4 calls on our place just today. Please, oh please, let it sell. We just really want to be someplace closer to Nick and Izzy. It seriously breaks our hearts to move out of downtown and back to suburbia (I'm about to cry just thinking about it) but it's really the right thing to do. Plus... we are tossing around the idea to start maybe talking about possibly having another kid (don't get any ideas, it's merely a thought at this point) and we just cannot fit another living soul in this loft. SO, suburbia here we come! I hope!! Miles needs a yard. Rocky need a yard. It'll be better for so many reason. If you know of any cool hip people looking for the best loft in downtown, let me know!

Another exciting new venture for me, I will be starting a new job soon. A friend is opening a Pilates Studio in North Plano/Frisco at Preston and 121 and I will be a trainer/instructor there!! It's an AWESOME workout and I'm really excited to start training! It'll only be part time, hopefully 20 hours a week, so it's EXACTLY what I've been hoping and praying for. The place is called Ultimate Pilates and you should definitely check out the website because yours truly designed it. (My husband helped a little :)). The grand opening is set for June 30th, but they are going to have some "soft opening" specials in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned to get some great workout deals, should you be interested. Or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. I'm tweeting and facebooking and promise not to be annoying... kinda... :)

So, will all that on the horizon I've been really trying to focus on Miles and fun things to do with him during the day. The Pilates training will only be part time, but still things are gonna change, and change can always be hard. Today we picked up some fun stuff for the Swag Bags for the Dallas Moms Blog - Mom's Night Out in Frisco (I'm super excited for it). While we were up there, Miles and I checked out the Stonebriar Mall and had fun playing at the Barnes and Noble in the kids section. He played with the trains for a while until I remembered the fun carousal! He rode one at Taste of Addison and LOVED it, so I knew he'd have a blast!!

Sorry for the terrible quality pictures... it's hard to get a good shot while trying to hold a squirmy toddler on a horse AND not throw up because I'm old and get dizzy WAY easier than I used to. But can you tell he's having a blast? I just love my little non-sleeper! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo a Day June

A friend posted a fun idea on Facebook I decided to give it a shot! (See what I did there? Pun totally intended!) I'm absolutely no photographer (as if you couldn't tell) but this actually is inspiring me to pick up the real camera and try to learn a little something.

But until then you have to deal with my lame iPhone photo's that have been Instagrammed to high-holy-hell. Enjoy.

Hashtag - morning. I must, must, must, have a cup of coffee in the mornings to survive, and this is my favorite cup. It's a set of 4 that spell out LOVE in different colored cups, and I love this burnt orange color...

#empty -- This was happenstance - the car was completely on E and then we decided to drive it in the wrong direction for brunch that day. It got down to one 1 mile left and we pulled into the gas station!

#onyourplate - Not the fanciest meal, but it's one of our favorites here. Salad with chicken nuggets and vinegar. I'll be completely honest though - I also pour a tiny bit of ranch for flavor! :)

#close-up -- In 2008 I wrecked my scooter (a beautiful silver LX150) and broke both of my wrists (the bone popped out of one of them), broke my left foot, and cut up my knees and legs so badly that they needed surgery to stitch them back up. Both my wrists needed metal rods put in them, so the scars look like I've tried to kill myself. Rest assured, I've only ever tried to kill other people. Ha, just kidding. :) It was pretty crazy at the time, but I feel like I've earned those scars and I'm oddly proud of them.

#sign -- I totally cheated on this one and screen captured an old video I had take on Miles signing for more milk. I don't have any pictures of him signing, so I'm very glad I did. I'm so proud my little smarty pants!

#hat -- this one was hard. I took a shot of a guy in the rain with his briefcase on his head, but it was far away and kinda blurry, so I was stoked when I saw this Bridezilla with her Bride hat. We are totally addicted to watching these insane women make fools of themselves. Each one tries to top the other one and it's so hard to believe that anyone would marry them. It's a train wreck and we just can't look away. hashtag - guiltypleasure...

#drink - Yesterday was Thirsty Thursday at Urban Taco - drinks are half price -- and I LOVE their margaritas! So we made a date night out of it! Thanks #PhotoADayJune for the reminder!!

And this is the plan in case you wanna jump in. I'm gonna try to update the blog every week with the pictures I have taken. Or, follow me on Instagram if you want to see them any sooner - @amandamlauro

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cold Cold Wet Day

"It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day." - Dr. Suess

Miles loves to push his Hot Wheels box over to the window to stand on it and look out. He's so big already, but still so little. I just can't squeeze his itty-bitty cheeks and scrumptious yummy belly enough times per day... and I try, I promise I try!

He's such a crazy mix of beyond adorable (with those curls and cheeks and sweet little giggle) and then he turns on you, into this screaming, hitting, biting monster. But then he grabs my face and pulls me in for a kiss and then leans back and pulls me in again for another kiss, and then he does that 10 more times in a row and laughs and makes everything better. And now you know why he's spoiled.

Don't get me wrong, I do punish him when he's bad... but half the time he ignores me. And the other half, who knows what he understands. So in the mean time, I'm going to console myself with how cute he is!

Anyway... today we will be finding fun things to do inside! Who wants to go out in this rain? Not me. Especially because I fall a lot in the rain and I already hurt my knee last night walking the dog. So today we will color and read books and maybe get out the puzzles!! Just as soon as I'm done with this cup of coffee (and blog post). :)

Happy rainy day!!

PS - be sure to check out my post about "Stay"cations over at Dallas Moms Blog today!

Monday, June 4, 2012


His hair is getting so long. I really need to cut it. But after his bath (and lots of conditioner) the curls are tight and soft and cute... I just can't do it. I can't. You can't make me!

PS -- that's Pellagrino, not beer. He prefers whiskey on the rocks.