Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dallas City Hall

Yesterday City Hall tried something new.  Apparently they want the area in front of City Hall to be a fun gathering place for people working downtown to eat and hang out. 

It really is beautiful here!
So they set up food stands and games...


and then forced all their employees out in their business suits to fly kites and play Frisbee.  (if you click on the picture it'll enlarge and you can see the Frisbee)

It was weird, to say the least.  All these forced smiles and people in full business suits trying to play like little kids. 

The weather didn't help much either...

Miles thought it was all hilarious. 
These people are silly momma!

The best (or worst) was the band playing.  At one point they started singing and even they thought they sounded horrible.  You can see the singers laughing... and if you make it to the end of the video, you can even see Miles laugh at them... 

I give them an A for effort... but I suggest they work on it a little...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Up until now Miles has been much like his father.  He eats anything and everything and loves it!

So, imagine my dismay when this morning for breakfast I give him apples.  APPLES, previously his favorite, and he GAGS!!  Not just expresses his displeasure.  Nope he actually gags.  I could hardly stop laughing long enough to get my camera.

I don't know about his mom.

Take those apples away and just let me play

SUCH a Turkey!


I really wish I could put last weekend on repeat and just redo the whole thing at least one more time... it was so perfect and wonderful!  I'm not sure what made it so perfect, but the combination of the following totally worked for us.

Grilling on the pool
Letting the kids jump in and splash us
Putting my and Miles toes in the water
Drinking margaritas
Watching hours and hours of special features of Harry Potter 7 pt 1
Donuts for breakfast
Bookclub and wine
More pool, toes and splashing
Dinner at Gramaldi's with good friends

What a perfect start to summer!! 

Miles loves his brother and sister

I can't wait to take Miles in the pool this weekend!!  Hopefully we'll get it on video.  He seemed a little scared when the kids kept jumping in, but he loves his bath so much.  We'll see!! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eyes on the Road

Look what we found at Central Market last week!  Miles had a BLAST!  Until I miscalculated the length of the cart and ran into a wall, which scared the crap out of him.  Whoops... He got over it though and continued to have a blast while I wondered around trying all the samples! 

Good times! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I like to think of it as 'encouraging independence and self-play' and 'building immunities' instead of 'abandoned' and 'collecting god only knows what germs' when I decided to let Miles play on the floor while I stood in line for hours trying to get our registration renewed.

Whatever you call it, everyone was just grateful that he stopped screaming!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look What I Can Do

I was gone for just a second, when suddenly I hear little hands slapping the cement floor. 

Someone ventured off the carpet yesterday!

Tony said he looks like a zombie with no legs in this next video!  His exact quote is "if I saw this thing coming for me I'd run."

Better run fast, this boy can MOVE!!  :)


In London I saw babies sporting these adorable hats and as soon as I found baby clothes at H&M I knew I struck GOLD!! Because, seriously, could he look any cuter?!?

It's HILARIOUS that we match right now Dad

Oh, excuse me, I gotta take this call

Like father, like son

Now we just have to work on keeping the hat on for longer than just posing for the camera!


Dooce posed about this awesome App -- Tiny Planet and I am OBSESSED! 


And after

Seriously, it's too much fun!

London Part 3 - The end

I've gotten a bit sidetracked this week... but here are the rest of our London pictures.  I saved the best for last!!  ***Edited***

This pub is The George Inn (which I keep calling The Boy George Inn because that's just how my mind works).  It's allegedly the oldest pub in London.  Since it was rebuilt in the early 1500's, I think I believe them.

Please ignore the random people...
The patio was nice, but it was a tad to chilly for my TX blood!
mmmmm... beer!

On Monday night we decided to bar hop!  We started at the Boy George Inn and then walked all over trying to find the pub they used in Harry Potter as the Leaky Cauldron. Eventually we found it and had some pints... but like dorks, we only got a picture of us inside.

It was dark out, so it's not like you could have seen much!
And right now I can't even remember the name of it, but the bartenders told us that they film a lot on the street and around the corner is where they filmed some scenes for Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrel's!  Which is another favorite British movie you have to rush out to see if you haven't already. 

After more pints we were off to find a place to eat.  I think I mentioned that eating in London isn't like eating in the US.  The chances that you are going to pay way too much money for some crap food is just so high.  But somehow right around the corner from The Leaky Cauldron was this awesome place where we had the best Tapas!

If you ever go to London you must find this place and enjoy!

After enjoying Tapas and more wine we were pretty much ready for bed. So we hopped on a couple of tubes and found our way back home.  And even though we didn't do anything crazy, this was definitely our favorite night in London.  We drank and laughed, got lost, made friends, ate delicious tapas and found The Leaky Cauldron.  It was perfect!

As for Monday and Tuesday, while Tony was working I got to enjoy a few of my favorite things.

I sat on these benches and read while the sun was out
***Edited to add... I forgot that some guy came up and asked if he could take a picture of me for his school project The Peach Garden Fund  I'm still not sure what the website is for, but here's me reading my iPad!

When it started getting chilly I found a pub to read in!
So proud of myself for finding this H & M all on my own on Tuesday! 
Lastly I just want to mention the coffee.  Several people told Tony that he HAD to go to Cafe Nero and get the caramel coffee.  Except, being the busy and important traveling businessman that he is, he forgot the name and we went to Costa Coffee instead.  Here we are, preparing for the BEST caramel coffee of our life!  We got pictures of the beautiful display even.

Costa Coffee was just okay.  Nothing special.  Now, Cafe Nero?  That really was some amazing caramel coffee!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

London Part 2 -- Favorite Spots

There were so many places to fall in love with in London!  And I'm not gonna lie, most of them were pubs! Here are some pictures from our favorite spots. 

One of the great things about London - you can drink on the streets!  And because of the beautiful weather during the weekend we were there it was very common to find the inside of the bar empty and the streets FULL of people.  This picture was taken on Monday lunch outside a pub near Tony's work.  On Friday night the entire street was full of people drinking.  On Monday at lunch, only half the street.

The Phoenix Pub
This is the pub Tony's co-workers took us to on my first night there.  They told us it was the first Pub in London, it makes them feel better for patronizing the "emptiest" pub in London.
Home of my first pint in London
On Saturday we took the tubes to Holborn and walked towards Piccadilly Circus to do some shopping.

On the way we found this awesome little shop and I fell in love!

happie loves it.  so do i.
A Korean and Japanese couple living in London design the clothes in here.  I wanted to buy everything!
So cute I could die!
After shopping till we dropped (our first H & M was 4 stories and exhausting) we found this awesome pub in Soho and had the most awesome bartender!  She was so sweet and the pub was so cool, definitely worth going back to next time we're there. 

Nothing goes with shopping like a pint of Timothy Taylor.

Timothy Taylor is also Madonna's favorite London ale
Sunday we took the bus tour and got off to walk along the Thames (pronounced Tems, like gems). 

I love books!
We got in line for the Eye, but my fear of heights, the ridiculously long line, and our hunger made us change our minds.  We stopped for a sushi lunch instead.  This was our view. 

Okay... since that's a ton of pictures already I'll have to finish up the rest of our trip tomorrow.  The best is yet to come!  :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

London Pt 1 -- The Sightseeing

I survived!!  I cannot tell you how hard it was to walk away from Miles knowing that I would be gone for over 5 days.  I bawled.  Grace bawled.  Miles -- I don't even think he noticed.  And all week long, you ask?  How'd he do without his mother for an entire 6 days!?  Again, I don't even think he noticed.  I don't know if I should be heartbroken or thrilled, but if he cried at all - Grace never told me.  In fact, based on all the videos Grace and Reno sent - Miles was having the time of his life!!  I'm so glad they all got to spend that time together, I know Miles already misses them so much!

And now... on to our trip!  London was GORGEOUS and we cannot wait to go back already!  We just happened to be there during the most amazingly sunny weekend they've had in forever and it was SO perfect.  Since Tony was there for work our trip ended up being the perfect mix of tourist sightseeing and relaxed pub-crawling, I really felt like we got to do it all.

First of all, for those that have never been to London -- everyone, and I mean EV-ER-Y-ONE, rides the tubes (or the Underground if you prefer).  Everyone.  Why, you might ask?  (You sure are inquisitive today.) Well, for several reasons really.  One because you can go ANYWHERE on those tubes and trains -- they run everywhere throughout the city.  (As a cool side note -- when you come off a tube and come back up to ground level you (usually) have your choice to exit from one of 6, or more, different exits.  Exit 1 will bring you up facing north on one street corner, exit 2 will bring you up facing south on another.  You can literally exit on the exact street you need facing the way you need to walk.  Maybe it's just me, but I find that really cool.)   Another reason everyone rides the tubes - the city actually charges a 10 Pound Congestion Charge per day to drive in the city, kind of like a Toll.  10 POUNDS!  Over $15 a day to drive, plus gas and all the costs that go into driving -- it literally costs so much less to take the tubes.
Tube map is your BEST friend when visiting London
Stand on the right.  People actually do it here!!
So with that in mind, definitely take your comfy flats to London.  (Comfy and cute though... everyone there is dressed so nice.) But most importantly -- comfy.  Because we walked.  And walked.  And walked.  And walked some more. (We also took the bus and river tour, but we were only on the bus for a few streets and then we had to stand on the river tour, so I'm not sure that counts... )

And here are some of my favorite pictures from our sightseeing!

On the bus ready to see the sights!

In front of Westminster and Big Ben

Holding Big Ben.  (Tony's idea :))

Walking circles around Westminster

My feet are KILLING me already

Not much to see, but aren't we cute?

On the river tour with Tower Bridge (often mistaken for London bridge)

Some cool horse head
The All Seeing Eye of Mordor (or something like that)

Cool picture by my hubby

Entrance to the Ministry of Magic

Big Ben from the river tour

The Gherkin

The Mellennium Bridge
There's a ton more pictures, but even I'm a little bored looking through these already... :)  We saw a ton of fun sights, walked and saw sights from Friday to Sunday until my feet hurt so bad that I was incredibly grumpy and we went home early and watched a movie and ordered in.

The sightseeing was a must, but tomorrow I'll post pictures of our favorite sights, pubs, shops and things we did in London!!  It was truly the best second honeymoon we could have asked for!