Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daycare, New Job, and My Party Animal

This is what I have to deal with at bedtime.

PARTY time!
Things could be worse, I know.  :) 

So, the new school is going good!  Miles seems to really like it.  Monday was a bit of a fluke.  They told me to be there at 8, so I dropped my little Munchkie off at 7:30 am.  He didn't even look up when I left. 

He's in there somewhere!
Not with all the toys there are to be played with.  So I forced him to pose...

I'm busy lady!
But I didn't finish the training webinar (SO BORING) until 6.  So by the time I went to pick him up, his day had been just way too long and he was crying.  :(  The report was that he did great.  And from the million calls I made they kept telling me that he was happy and playing.  (And the one call I made Tony do because I was feeling like a pest -- they said he was a very very good baby.  Notice the two 'very's'?  I did!  :)) 

Tuesday was much better though!  I dropped him off at 8:30 and Tony picked him up at 5 and he was happy as could be.  My favorite part of that day was when I dropped Miles off and his teacher, Ms. Carmen, (not pictured) hugged and kissed Miles good morning!!  I wanted to hug her back!  She is such an awesome teacher.  I asked her about transitioning to whole milk and she suggested half and half bottles, so let the savings begin!!

Breakfast in the coolest table
Today was even better as I got off at 2!  And my schedule for the rest of the week -- 8:30 - 5:30 tomorrow and 11-3 on Friday with Monday off!  WHOO HOO! 

Today Miles and I got to go to the mall and play in the Playland and Miles had a BLAST!  I forgot to get pictures because we were just playing so much! 

All in all I couldn't ask for a better school and transition for Miles.  My job is going great so far too.  My new manager seems so laid back and cool.  For now I'm just studying and training to take my licensing tests so it's more like school than work.  And I'm back to working with a good friend of mine and we've lunched every day so far this week, which is really nice! 

And lastly I just wanted to say thanks to all my friends and family who remembered and sent texts, called and Facebooked me to wish me luck and see how things went.  I feel so blessed to have so many awesome people in my life!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm seriously so mad at myself.  When I went to London I left my license at home somewhere and I have not been able to find it since I got back.  Today I'm going to have to go wait in line with Miles to get a new one and I am NOT looking forward to that.  Argh!!

Oh well... so, in other news, here's a better shot of Miles standing up!

Na na na na na

Every time I turn around he's standing up on some furniture!  Today he pulled himself up on the dresser and was standing there perilously balanced trying not to fall.  TOO cute!

Yesterday was a trip to the doctor to catch up on vaccines.  Boo.  Here's my little munchkie waiting to see the mean dr.

He's so happy with not a clue of what's about to happen.  :(.  He got one shot in his arm and then they did some sort of mid-evil torture of pricking his toe and letting it drip blood into TWO containers.  What?!?  It just seemed too cruel to be for real.  He was a trooper though and went back to smiling as soon as we left!

And of course, if you can't tell from the picture, the doctor said he looks well fed and happy and healthy!  Because of the formula, he's back to the 75th percentile in weight!!  Success!  His head is 90th % (awe... big headed baby).  And he's 22 lbs 3 oz and 28 1/4 inches long!  Thank goodness I ordered his new car seat this week.

So, after that long very busy day it was time for bed!

I still rock Miles to sleep (I know I know, I'm a MONSTER) and when he's finally asleep I lay him down and every single time he places his fingers on his face just like this before he's officially out.  Don't you just want to eat him up??  :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working Girl

It's official.  I'm making the transition from 'stay at home mom' to 'working mom'.  I start on Monday doing refi's again. (So if you have a mortgage and need a lower interest rate -- call me, I'll get you a good deal!  :))

Of course going back to work is a huge adjustment.  Am I doing the right thing?  How will Miles do at daycare?  How will I do when I have to drop him off?  Thankfully I toured half a dozen places and called a dozen more and found an awesome spot!  It's a Montessori school 5 minutes from my office.  There were several places that I liked, but here the teacher took time to talk to me and make me feel so comfortable.  She was informative and nice, the classroom was clean and huge.  Miles played while we talked and he cried when we left and I'm taking that as a good sign!

I think Miles is definitely ready to be around other kids and play and learn.  I'm ready to make some money and get my hair dyed at the salon instead of from a box at home.  It'll be good for everyone!

I will do my best to keep up the blogging at lunch and in the evenings!  And of course... to appease my mother (since you're the only one reading this) (oh and -- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM, sorry it's a day late) here are some new pictures!

I love the wake of books he leaves behind him!  And his little tongue sticking out in the last picture... just like his daddy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eventful Weekend

This weekend was eventful!  Saturday we spent at the skate park celebrating Tony's friend's graduation! 
Congratulations Houston!
It was fun and exhausting running after Miles as he crawled all over GOD knows what out there.  All the other skate wives had their kids out too, so Miles had a BLAST! 

Sunday we finally go to go to the Scarborough Renaissance Fair.  Since we didn't dress up, I made us take these awesome pictures!!

Me and My Wench!

Bday Wench!
Tony got to show off his mad ax throwing skills! 

And we ended the day with.... TURTLE RACES!!  Yup, they were as boring as you can imagine!  LOL!
And since I'm sure you're thinking, what about Miles??  This is what he did while we were gone!!  :)

I'm standing!
So proud of myself!
Look at that big boy standing all on his own.  He's been pulling up on the couches and tables lately... so bring on the walking!! 


Last week was a busy week, so I barely had time for blogging.  But I did have time to find the funniest website.  I don't know why, but I can't stop laughing reading this thing! 

And of course, as life works in mysterious ways, we had our very own autocorrect mishap last Friday!

It's not as funny as some on the website, but it cracked me up! 

Then, on Friday I was maneuvering through the millions of toys in our living room when I kicked one hard toy and stubbed my toe.  Because I was pissed I turned around to storm off and then kicked the CRAP out of the bouncy seat with the same toe.  I screamed so loud I made Miles cry.  I was pretty sure I broke it.  It's MUCH better now, thank goodness.  Still black and blue, but not excruciating when I walk. 

But on Friday, when it was still bad I sent a picture to my parents on their new phone.  They just learned to text two days earlier.  This is what I got back.

Aren't they sweet?


Miles had a friend visiting last week!  It was so cute watching them play together, stealing each others toys.  Neither one has grasped "gentle" yet so it was tough making sure no one got hurt!  But all in all it was SUPER cute!!

Like this Vera!
Vera was working on some tummy time and a little fussy, so I gave her a paci.  Well, Miles saw and totally tried to steal it.  So... I thought I'd give him his and see what he did.

STILL not doing it right! But it cracks me up hearing him crawl around breathing out of his mouth with a paci in his teeth!  :) 

Miles misses you Vera!! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Spoiled little munchkie making friends at Starbucks! 

She wanted to hold him, which he is always up for.  And then once she had him she offered him a treat!  Sneaky lady!  :)

He dropped it after two licks, but he was pretty stoked while he had it!

His shirt says -- I Moose Have A Hug!  It makes me laugh every time I put it on him!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One in a Million

I think I broke Blogger yesterday with my insane amount of pictures!  I tried to add this picture to the post and it froze for hours and just wouldn't let me. 
'ONLY POTTY' - lol

I just really wanted to add this to show how incredibly sweet my step-daughter is and how lucky I am to have her.  (Nick is just as awesome, of course, but Izzy has always been the most thoughtful with cards and drawings and things -- maybe it's a girl thing.)

Since Tony and I got married she has always given me a Mothers Day card and wished me a happy Mothers Day.  I don't think she knows how much it means to me.  But it's because of her that I desperately wanted to have a girl when I found out I was pregnant.  Which is silly, because no one could be as awesome as she is!

She's sassy too! :)
Miles loves her SO much!

And she's just so pretty!

She's also very helpful!

So cute!

I love her happy face!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Pictures

Every time we talk about moving to the 'burbs (which we talk about any time Miles' toys overrun the living room or any time we visit a friend's backyard and I get jealous) we have an awesome weekend in the city and we change our minds.

This weekend there was some music festival at Main Street Garden's park and we had fun walking around watching the Hula dancers and drinking the free Monster drinks they were handing out!

I don't think Miles likes his Monster drink.

After lunch at some pizza place (big surprise)
Then we headed to the Meyerson Symphony Center to play in their water feature.  Nick was a little hot and grumpy, but the rest of us had a BLAST!

Ahhh... cool water

I love the way he looks at Izzy!  He loves her so much!

Splashing Daddy!

So sweet

The kids are ready to get home, but I keep making them pose... lol

To cool off from the heat we headed up to the pool as soon as we got home.  This was the first time Miles got all the way in!! 

Sadly it was a tad too cold, so we ended up sitting out playing with toys most of the time!

Say cheese!
And check out who's already a ham for the camera!

Hunka Hunka Burning Love
Sadly, I put the camera away for our lazy Sunday.  But it turned out to be a lovely Mothers Day!  We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Miles gave me kisses and zerburts all morning, Tony gave me flowers and a book that I had my eye on.  Izzy gave me coupons for a diaper change (potty only), to take out the trash, wash the clothes and watch Miles crawl!  She is just TOO sweet!  I don't think I could have asked for anything more!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Got Out the Good Camera

I got out our good camera yesterday and went a little overboard.  The pictures it takes are just so good!

Hello friends and family!

Na na na na na

This is a new thing Miles has been doing

How'd you get over here sneaky baby??

I LOVE it when he puts his cheek on his shoulder to look at a book!

Learning how to blow bubbles!


I'm coming for you momma!

Caught ya!

I love books!