Monday, March 28, 2011


Okay, to make up for the lack of pictures I am going to do a picture overload post!  There are a TON of fun pictures... but there's even more fun videos.  I'll have to space those out by subject matter though.  My family cracks me up, so I hope you enjoy all the pictures and videos as much as I do!!

Miles enjoyed chewing on the basket for the toys almost as much as the toys themselves!  Little turkey! 
Miles loved all the toys Nana and Papa's house provided!
This is my nieces daughter Cassie.  She was a little jealous of Miles at first, but got over it quickly enough.  She is just the smartest and sweetest 2 year old ever!  By the second day Miles was already copying some of the faces she makes.  TOO cute!  We miss you Cassie!
Cassie and Miles soon became fast friends
There were a couple of really nice days to sit on the patio swing and let Miles play at my feet.  I took full advantage whenever possible!

Playing on the patio
Auntie RoRo babysat for me several times, letting me go out to karaoke one night, sleep in one morning and then took Miles home so Tony and I could stay out and play cards on our last night there.  Miles absolutely loves his auntie RoRo.  She was a lifesaver!  Thank you Rosemarie!  Miles was looking everywhere for you this morning.  :(

Miles LOVES his Auntie RoRo
My daddy bought this awesome track suit for Miles.  He just looks too cool in it!  :)
Hit man for hire
Sydney and Dylan finally got to meet Miles... and they were just SO sweet to him!  Miles and Sydney even took a bath together.  It was just the cutest thing ever!  Sydney is just old enough, though, that she'd get pissed at me for posting those pictures online... but here are some other cute ones of them together just hanging out!
"Which cousin is holding me now?  Let me see you!"
Dylan taught Miles how to sword fight (video soon) and Miles just adored him.  To the point that any time Dylan would leave the room, Miles would look all over for him and then start crying because he was gone. 
Cousin Dylan was a fast favorite!
Dylan is one tough kid.  Cut off a fish's head??  No problem!  Play with the eyeballs and gross everyone out?  Of course!!  Give cousin Daicia a "fish five" with his fishy hands before he washed them?  ABSOLUTELY!  Good thing you can run fast Dylan!
Papa took Dylan fishing... then made him clean the fish he caught.  YUCK!
My dad called us over to take a picture of the biggest catch of the day.  Apparently the fish was delicious... I hate fish though so I wouldn't know... 

My daddy caught a big one!
Oh my gosh Miles just loved Big Nick.  Every time he saw Big Nick he would smile the biggest smile I've ever seen.  Even if Nick wasn't paying any attention to him.  It was pretty cute!! 
Miles couldn't get enough of Nick!
Daicia and Sydney showing us what's up!
Daicia teaching Sydney to be hardcore.  Syd doesn't need any lessons though!
Don't mess with them!
My mom giving Miles one last bottle before we had to leave... it was very sweet and sad. 
Nana did not want to say goodbye... :(
Breakfast Juevos Rancheros are a family tradition, so we ended our trip with some delicious ones!  Table for 25, please!
Breakfast before we had to leave... :(
And finally... here are the pictures of our trip home... This was after I cried for a good 30 minutes. 
My genius husband was able to help me get home.  I would have lost my mind without him.
But it's hard to cry with this baby smiling at me. 
Look at that big boy!!  So proud of himself!  :)

It was sad being there for a funeral, but it was awesome getting to spend so much time with my family!! 

Oh... and as promised -- a video of Miles patting his belly!

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