Monday, March 21, 2011


Like I mentioned the other day, pictures are just SO hard to do from my parent's computer. So I hope you don't mind a post with just words.  This might be a first in and of itself!

Miles has just decided to blow me away in his development this last week.  There have been a ton of firsts here in NM (much to Tony's dismay).  Let's start with the most obvious... Miles had been up all night several nights in a row and I couldn't figure out why - maybe it was the travel plans, maybe the new house. But add to that the excessive amount of drool and general grumpiness (although, he is such a trooper -- he was barely grumpy enough for me to even notice) and you've got yourself a teething baby!!  TA DA!  It was so obvious that my dad was telling everyone that he was surely teething.  And I rolled my eyes because I've said that a million times!  But sure enough we pried his mouth open and found a bump on the bottom left. Poor baby.  With the first teeth comes the teething biscuit, which he chomped like a champ and ate in about 30 minutes!!

Miles has also become a fan of the delicious Ritz cracker.  Thanks Nana!  As well as oranges... I wanted to give him some Vitamin C for his cold and he chomp chomp CHOMPED that orange like a pro!  And then wanted MORE! 

So, along with his new tooth and fondness for Ritz crackers... I have a talking baby!  He's been saying momma, dada, bobmombob (??) and baba for a while now. But this week he started using them correctly. Last Thursday he said "Momma" several times when I left the room.  My dad insisted he was calling for me and I wasn't so sure until he did it several more times. He knows that I'm momma!  Then, yesterday, I got his bottle out at lunch and he said "Baba" clear as day.  And again this morning when he was done and I put his bottle away he looked for it and said "Baba"!!  Also yesterday when my dad came in the bathroom during bath time Miles looked at him and said "Papa" (my dad had been working on that since we got here).  And again this morning when he saw him, Miles said "Papa" over and over.  SO impressive!!  We are currently working on "Nana".  And since he says Dada so well already it'll only be a matter of seeing his daddy before he starts saying it nonstop too!

And lastly... Miles pushed up to his knees with his tummy off the ground.  SEVERAL times yesterday!  No rocking yet and he fell right back down.  But he just did it all on his own out of nowhere!  He's clueless about what to do next and I probably scared him again with all my clapping and screaming, but we are one step closer to the elusive crawling!  We'll try to hold him off until Thursday Tony!  :) 

And on that note... I have the sweetest husband ever.  He has gotten himself a flight to Durango to visit my family and (the genius that he is) he was able to get on the same return flight home so I don't have to travel alone with a baby again!!  Best husband in the world?  I think so. 

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  1. Okay, really, Mandi, Miles is a genius!!! He is saying so many words already!!! And Tony is such a sweetheart!!!! Loved this post!!!