Thursday, May 22, 2014


Here are a few of my favorite random pictures from the past week.  I've been horrible at taking and posting pictures lately.  I also have video of Natalie crawling that needs to go up.  And I've been working on their baby books!  I think the problem is that my head is spinning a million different ways.  I really need to get organized!

(On a side note - these are the directions I used for the awesome bench.  I'll add it to the post below also!)

Miles found these headphones and said "these are Nick and Izzy's" because in the car they are always listening to their music.  He felt like a big boy!

We went to the Stonebriar mall and both kids played together.  SO cute!

She is getting so big, so fast.  She loves the park - we usually hide under the playground in the cool shaded area.  

Does these shorts make my thighs look delicious?

The other day we were in the car and I looked back and saw this young man.  Hardly a toddler any more.  I wanted to cry!

This one cracks me up.  It's hard to see, but as I was putting Natalie to bed she decided to sit up and lean forward over my arm.  She then fell asleep sitting up like this.  Weirdo! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Take that Pinterest!

I am currently riding the "Pinterest success", high -- and it feels good!  (Awesome instructions online here!)

I'll be honest -  when I bought this $5 storage bench off a Facebook page I did not expect this to happen! 
Even trying to get it into the car by myself (with the nicest pregnant lady helping me) I thought I was in over my head.  But - $5.  I figured - if I fail, it's not that big of a deal.  The lady selling it even gave me a baby toy for Natalie because she was crying in the car.  A toy worth over $5 - so this bench was practically free!

With Tony out of town - I pulled this sucker out of the car myself and got to work!
Since the cover was torn I decided to rip it off.  It was a huge mess!
Some of the batting came off the side - so I had to get creative!
Any guesses?
Off to Hobby Lobby for some fabric and I officially have a new addiction.  Who knew Hobby Lobby was the best store in the world??
As I was checking out, the checkout lady scared the crap out of me.  She noted the fabric and then said I had to be extra careful because with the pattern if I did this wrong and it ended up crooked I would be upset.  UGH - the stress!!

Thankfully Tony was back in town for this part because he helped me make sure it was straight, helped get the corners perfect, and was a huge help as the muscle (of course!).
We took a bit of a chance with the fabric choices - but I could not be happier with how it turned out!
Now we just have to agree on where to put it.  Tony wants it here to put our feet on.  I want it in the corner as seating across the room.  Choices, choices.  :)

Anyone have a storage bench for sale??  I need at least 3 more of these in my house!!!

Dallas Zoo in the Spring

We made a spring trip to the Dallas Zoo a few weeks ago with a friend and had a blast!  I just cant get over what an awesome kid I have!!

I wore Natalie in the Maya Wrap most of the time - so no pictures of her.  But she slept and cuddled and had a great time - I promise! :)

Someone loved the goats!



Feeding the Giraffes was a huge hit!

This stone mouse scared Miles so bad.  LOL