Monday, February 27, 2012


Just look at this Big Head Boy! Huge head, strong enough to pull two chairs and his sister!! He keeps trying to remind me that he's not a baby anymore!

Yet, he's still not talking very much. Tony swears he said "Thank you Dada" yesterday, but I was in the shower so I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation. However, I tend to believe him. Mostly because Miles is so much more willing to use words with ANYONE but me... of course!

But even though he's not talking very much he just understands so much more these days. Every day he acts more and more toddler-like and less 'baby'. He thinks it's hilarious to shake his head "no" at me. Hilarious. He loves to play hide and seek, even if he can only hide for 10 seconds before popping his head out and giggling! He just figured out how to connect the tracks for his train set and is over-the-moon proud of himself every time he does it. But along with those toddler traits, he's also exhibiting some other unsavory ones -- he's so stubborn I can hardly handle it. He is doing the classic "look to momma or daddy right before I touch this thing I know I'm not supposed to touch." Like the off button for the cable box right before we find out that The Bachelor is still keeping Courtney around. Which is a whole other problem, by the way. What in the world is that douche thinking!? I'm really starting to hate him.

Sorry, where was I, yes... Miles -- isn't he getting so big? Look at him playing in the water like a big boy!

Although he still tries to jump right in if I'm not holding on to him. And he still wakes up at 2 am to come sleep with mommy and daddy. And he still likes to fall asleep on my chest any chance he gets. I guess maybe I will still call him my baby for a little bit longer...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Full House

On Saturday Tony laid down on the bed, only to find himself slightly crowded out by me, Miles, my iPad, and Sasha our kitty. The cats always sleep at our feet at night, and our new puppy was not about to be left all alone. So while Tony dozed and Miles ate some yogurt puffs, Rocky attacked!

Miles attacked back!

It's very confusing because half of the time Miles bites the dog because he is just so excited and happy and he doesn't know what else to do. And the other half, Miles bites the dog because he is just SO!MAD!GET!OUT!OF!MY!WAY!

It's very confusing, and we obviously need to get him to stop... but, you just can't help but laugh. Rocky plays with pit bulls, so he's totally fine with it. But it totally grosses me out!

Oh Miles, what am I going to do with you!?

Give you some yogurt, that's what! Because you look so adorable trying to feed yourself precariously perched on that chair!

We'll figure the rest out as we go!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rocky the Destroyer

Lets start this post off with a moment of silence for this week's fallen toys. They've become the victim of -- puppy on a rampage!

They were good toys in their prime, and have been lost far too soon.

Just last night Miles was throwing that ball and Rocky was fetching it. It was a very sweet game that turned ugly far too quickly for me to control!

Toys - you will be missed.

In other news -- this is our new favorite spot to take the puppy. Same park we always go to, but this is on the other side of the cemetery. There's a huge area for Miles to run around in - up and down some stairs and have total freedom! We love it!!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


You know what would be SO cool?  If you would go on over to the Dallas Moms Blog to read my second contributor post!!  It's all about fun things to do with your kids in Dallas.  And there are some ADORABLE old pictures from when Miles was oh-so-tiny! 

Please, please, please check it out!  AND comment so I can feel the love! 

You don't want to make Miles cry, do you?  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In our house Valentines is about the chocolate. And dessert. But mostly about the chocolate. And, it never hurts to throw in some flowers for good measure.

Miles is addicted to these fancy chocolates! If he sees the box he has to have one. Or he will throw a fit until I give him one. That should probably make me mad, but honestly his chocolate addiction cracks me up. Luckily he doesn't mind the white chocolate ones, which are my least favorite... so it works out well for both of us! 

As part of the Valentines Day weekend festivities -- I found a yummy recipe on Dinner A Love Story, a blog that my good friend Iris told me about. It looked fun and easy enough, so I decided to give it a try.

HUGE success!

It turned out so good the first time that I had to make it again for us and a friend. 

And it was even better the second time. Looks like I found a new favorite dessert!! 

Since we had the kids last weekend, and again last night, Tony and I are going out to dinner tonight. Reservation at III Forks is set for 7:30... and I can't tell you how excited I am to have a night off!! Miles is still not saying much, but hitting and biting and scratching ALL the time. And, as much as I love being home with him... everyone needs a break every once in a while! 

Happy VD day everyone!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day from Izzy

Hopefully you are not sick of hearing how much I adore my step-kids. Nick and I bond over Harry Potter and Marvel Comic Superhero's (lately he's been trying to convince me that the new Spiderman movie will not suck as much as the last 3... we'll see Nick, we'll see... but I'm still a Batman fan). Izzy and I bond over all things girly, Miles, and being sassy.

She is definitely gonna break some hearts over Valentines in her future. But for now she's still the sweetest Valentine we could ask for!

Miles absolutely adores her! And she is just so good with him. She loves to play with him and all of his toys and make him laugh. We spend all day saying "he's just so cute" back and forth to each other!

Honestly I wrote this entire post about Izzy mostly so I could talk about how she was walking around the house with this play-tube from Ikea and said "this is my Lady Gaga dress! Doesn't it look like something Lady Gaga would wear?"

So I asked her to give me her best Lady Gaga pose... and I got this... lol

Hopefully these last two pictures don't scare anyone two much. But it looks like someone borrowed my iPad and took a couple of pictures when I wasn't looking!! :)


Sunday, February 12, 2012


If I don't trip over Rocky, fall and break my neck any moment now - it won't be for lack of trying on this puppy's part. No matter where I go, this puppy is under foot. And it would totally be okay, well, it would be kinda okay, if he would just!stop!farting! These farts are lethal. Lethal as in, I am about to cut of my own nose. That or starve the puppy. And this nose cost me a lot more money than that puppy did.

In my desperation today I had to stick the puppy in his crate. (It was also time for Miles nap and I was honestly afraid that all the puppy's farting would lead to, you know - what usually comes after the farting... and I wanted to protect my floors until Miles woke up.) Well, Miles apparently still wanted to play with his new friend. One minute I see this.

And the next thing you know, Rocky is running around farting all over the loft and I had to chase him back to bed!

Sneaky baby and puppy working in cahoots!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sisterly Wisdom

As only a sister could, my sister Rosemarie swooped into town for a mere 1 1/2 days and showered Miles with presents, shopped for hours and hours at Ikea and Sam Moon, cleared up Miles diaper rash and trained our puppy. Well, she started to train our puppy - one person can only do so much!

Whenever she travels for work, my sister tries to squeeze in a layover in Dallas to see her favorite toddler! Miles loves her because she's fun and brings him his favorite thing - cars! She loves Miles because he reminds her SO much of her son when he was a baby. Same cheeks, same hair, same wild baby boy personality who won't slow down for a minute!

Rosemarie won't slow down for a minute either, so we trekked all over Dallas and shopped till we dropped.

Sam Moon is the other reason Rosemarie visits so often. That girl loves a deal.

But the most amazing thing Rosemarie did while she was here was clear up Miles' diaper rash. I took Miles to the Dr. about 2 weeks ago for his vaccines and asked about these little red bumps that had just shown up near his waist line. The Dr. said it was a yeast infection and to use Lotramin, an anti-fungal. Well, the last time we used Lotramin it gave Miles the WORST diaper rash I had ever seen. It turned BRIGHT red and then started breaking the skin. I mean, it was horrible. I reminded the Dr. but she insisted that Lotramin would do the trick. She said that Miles was so young back then, but that now it should be fine. Against my better judgement, I got out the Lotramin and started using it sparingly.

This time, nothing happend. Two weeks and he still had this rash. In fact, it had spread a little and gotten worse.

Well, when Rosemarie saw it she immediately said to get some Tea Tree Oil. Just dip a clean q-tip in the bottle, and dab on sparingly. We did a spot test, just to make sure he wasn't allergic, and overnight that spot cleared up about 70%. It was crazy! I dabbed the rest of his rash and in 2 days it's about 98% gone! I mean, it's like magic. I wish I had before and after pictures, I am just so amazed!

Thanks Auntie Ro Ro! Come back and visit us again soon!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

I've been soaking up every last minute with my mom and my sister (her stay was extra brief - only a day and a half). Hopefully that's a good excuse for the lack of posts lately. My mom leaves tomorrow and things are very somber tonight because we are going to miss her so much! No one more than Rocky, who sleeps at her feet and follows her around endlessly. My mom loves taking him for a walk around downtown. Tomorrow it's back to lugging puppy and baby out all day! Unless I can tie my mom to the couch... which I'm seriously considering doing.

Anyway... back to the point of this post... to tell you all about our Superbowl Sunday!

And since I'm currently drinking margaritas with my mom, I will let these pictures tell a majority of the story...

We were invited to friends for Superbowl. Luckily, friends with a toddler and toddler friendly furniture. They assured me that it was okay for Miles to climb on their coffee table. Miles, of course, decided to challenge the coffee table to a battle of wits.

The coffee table won.

We had a blast! And Miles and Lexi played SO well together! It was actually one of the first times that Miles actually played WITH another toddler. And Lexi is the perfect playmate for Miles. Just enough energy to give Miles a run for his money, but she is also talking up a storm and showing Miles how it's done! We tried to let them take a bath together, but Miles was a little shy around the ladies and cried for most of it.

After bath time, sweet Lexi offered Miles some PJs to change into.

These are my new favorite PJs for Miles! Everyone knows that real men wear pink.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


My dad left for home this morning and it just about broke all our hearts. Miles even woke up from his nap this afternoon looking for him. Since my parents arrived Miles just had more of a connection with him than my mother. And my poor mom tried everything she could.

But it looks like all she really needed was less competition! Because one evening alone with Nana while I did my Pilates class, and Miles and my mom have had a breakthrough!

As you can imagine, my mom is thrilled!

So, after my dad left this afternoon we had to take the puppy for his second set of shots. Poor pup... but he was such a good boy. And as a reward we treated ourselves to a beautiful patio lunch at a place I've been DYING to try!

Sip & Savor is this adorable wine bistro located in a gorgeous Victorian style home in Plano. The food was amazing... and I mean -- Ahh.May.Zing! The wine was delish! The patio - perfection! And best of all, Miles was able to run around the patio while we enjoyed our wine and the perfect patio weather.

My mom and I seriously can't stop talking about it! I can't wait to go back and try everything on the menu. But especially more of the homemade coconut cream pie!!

And here's a closeup so you can see just how happy Miles was playing there... and just how perfect the patio table actually was!