Saturday, February 19, 2011


Don't judge me, but Miles just got his 4 month round of vaccines on Thursday.  He's 6.5 months.  What can I say, we've been a little busy.  In my defense, I did have an apt set up for him when he was 5 months (that's not too bad) but the day before he had a fever and green boogers so we decided to wait.  Then my parents were in town and there was no time... then this was the first appt they had available... and sheesh, do I sound guilty or what?  But let me tell you, if I had known how bad it was going to be, I probably would have put it off until NEVER.  Because it was just. that. bad.  
Weighing in at a whopping 15 lbs 1 oz
He got his shots around noon on Thursday and then was surprisingly not interested in napping much during the day.  I say surprisingly because his last vaccines knocked him out - he'd slept for the rest of the day and night.  But this time he was just his normal non-sleeping self.  I though - okay, fine that means you'll sleep more at night.  Cut to -- we put him down at 9:30 and he slept till the second I laid my head on the pillow at midnight.  Then he was up from midnight till 1 AM.  He slept from 1 AM until 3 AM and then was up FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT!  Notice the caps?  That's because I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE!

Sleep?  What's sleep?
He had a small fever, but nothing too serious.  He was just clingy, whiny, and awake.  SO awake.  Tony finally took over at 6:30 when I laid him down and finally thought he was going to sleep, only to have him wake up 10 minutes later screaming.  They went on a walk to let me sleep.  And from 7 to 11 AM Miles still only slept for another 1 hour. 

Hey, yo. Let's get a pizza.
All day Friday I could not put him down for even a second.  He was just so miserable, and I felt so bad for him.  I held him for every nap (not many) and let him play in my lap all day. 

Baby thighs are delicious!
Thankfully, he finally started to feel a little better in the evening... just in time for the nightly news.

We gave him an extra bottle to help him sleep.  And thank GOODNESS - he slept from 9:30 - 7:30 without waking once.  I, on the other hand woke up at least 4 times to check on him.  So much for a good nights sleep for me.... :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

70s All Week

Ok... you may have guessed this already, but I absolutely love living in TX!  Why?  It's Valentines week... middle of February... and it's going to be in the 70s all week long!  Talk about glorious.

So, of course, Miles and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather to go and visit some of his favorite water fountains around the city. 
Fountain outside Comerica Bank Building

This boy will sit to listen to a water fountain all day.  He just loves them.

We also made it to the park.  And since Miles has just started sitting up I thought we'd try out some of the playground items this time.  I think he liked it!  :)

Did you catch that smile?  Here it is again...

And because I just can't pick my favorite picture... here's a closer shot!

I could do with a little less of the bums asking me for money while I'm playing with my son alone at the park.  But no matter!  We will definitely be going back to get more of those smiles tomorrow!!

What We Do Best

In case you didn't know this already -- Dallas has any other Metroplex beat when it comes to shopping!  Don't believe me?  I've got two word for you - Sam Moon.  Served. 


So... my sister came for a visit this weekend and we did a whole lot of what we do best -- shop!  I can't tell you how much I miss shopping with my sister.  Nothing can compare -- she has such a great eye, never passes up a deal, and can always make me laugh.  And we shop anywhere and everywhere.  Target - check. Sam Moon - of course.  Malls - check.  Outlet malls - sure.  Shopping centers - don't mind if we do. 

But the most fun was at the FIG Finale 75% off sale!  This event is for serious shoppers only.  Stands were set up all over with the most unbelievable deals.  We shopped till we dropped and then shopped some more.  VIP tickets (thank you to my sister who got mine) got us the exclusive shopping on Thursday that included cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and whole lotta credit card swipping! 

Upstairs at the FIG

Tricia hit the shoe gold mine!
Should have bought this jacket
Shopping and... shots?

After the FIG on Thursday night much more shopping was done through out the entire weekend.  Unfortunately you really have to bring your A-Game to Sam Moon, and there's just no time for silly things like pictures.  

During all the shopping craze we did manage to stop at one of my favorite spots so I could introduce Tricia to the most amazing margarita -- Run to the Urban Taco and get yourself the De Oro Margarita.  You will thank me later.

She refused to put him down even for a second

On Saturday Tricia spent some time with her old friends from TX while Tony and I hung out with the kids.  Izzy had a soccer game that started ridiculously late.  Miles was just a little fussy... but Daddy knows how to make it all better!

Then on Sunday Tricia, Miles and I had brunch and did even more shopping before her flight.  Did I mention how much Miles just adores his Auntie.  The very first day she was here he woke her up with not 1... not 2, but THREE kisses!!  He'd never made out with anyone before!  :)

Needless to say Aunt Tricia will be missed dearly! 

Come back soon Auntie!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Since I know you're just dying to see the rest of our pictures from Dallas' own Snowpocalypse... here you go!

Miles loved having his daddy home all week.  So did I!

So excited to go for a walk!
I love the look on Miles' face - is all this really necessary people?

Cutest boots ever from Aunt Tricia!
Not minding all the coats now are you kid??

Okay guys... I guess it is pretty cold out here!
Pure SNOW!  What's the street value of that stuff?
We let him see the snow up close... he seems real impressed.
First taste of snow and... still unimpressed.
And finally, here are a few shots of the smoking section of the concerts going on at the Bud Light Hotel during the snow.  Sucks to be a smoker!!

Even though Tony worked from home most of the week, just having him here felt like a vacation!  We spent it watching back to back Battlestar Galactica, enjoying the Super Bowl concerts happening right next door from the comforts of our own home, rearranging furniture (pics soon) and riding the train to an awesome date night at Mockingbird Station and then riding the train again for grocery shopping!  We didn't use the car for an entire week and it was glorious.

Most people complained about cabin fever, but living here in the city proved to be the perfect solution to Snowpocalypse - when we ran out of milk we braved the ice for three blocks and got some (we didn't even fall!).  When we got bored - we went on a date via the train.  When the traffic in downtown was insane because of the Super Bowl - we took the train to Target, did some grocery shopping and rode home without cursing the tourists.

We had such a great time being snowed it, I'm so sad that it's over!  Is there any more snow in the forecast??

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Only two things could make me go out in this cold today!  These cheeks...

More puffs please

I'm so excited to show Miles everything there is to see in this world, I didn't want him to miss out on one of Dallas' rare snow/ice days... no matter how much I happen to hate the cold.  So we wrapped up this little munckie nice and tight and cozy and set off... to Starbucks!!  'Cause that's the kind of thing we do in the city.  No strolling around the neighborhood making snowmen or snow angels... we trek to Starbucks and buy a latte´!  And it was delish!!
Daddy's home!!
Can't help but kiss those cheeks!

And here are some great pics my hubby took from our roof this morning while Miles and I slept in! 

Panorama from our roof

I double dog dared him to jump in!

SOOO glad I'm not a smoker!