Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Chair

One of my new co-workers is about the nicest co-worker anyone could ask for. Warm, friendly, helpful, and ... giving! She has 2 little ones and was showing me pictures of them playing. I noticed this chair and said that I need to find one like it because Miles would love it. The next day she brought it to work saying that her son doesn't even use it any more, he's too old. Talk about nice!!

And, as you can tell -- Miles loves it!! It's so cute to put him in it because he can get out all by himself by just falling out. But since it's so close to the ground it's perfect -- he just crawls away!

Someone looks happy in his new chair!
Perfect for a bottle...
or for some reading time.  :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Terrible 2s at 10 Months

When Miles doesn't get his way he let's you know how upset he is about it by throwing his head back (yes, on to the concrete) in a fit, whilst screaming.  Hello terrible 2s at 10 months!!  Thankfully we've gotten pretty good at predicting when it's gonna happen and preventing a little baby concussion.  Gotta wipe his nose, prepare to catch his head!  Tell him no, he can't play with those cords - better catch his head!  Take away my iPhone that he got his little baby fingers on - there goes his head again!

So today he grabbed my phone yet again and I took it away and there he goes, flailing his body to the ground.  I gently helped him down to finish his fit.  When he got back up he tried again, cause what would life be without persistence!  I said no, so he screamed at me.  So I screamed back and laughed.  So he screamed and laughed.  Mother of the year!

Then I decided to take some pictures!

Please excuse the toes. 

Scream or laugh?  Scream!

You can kinda see his smirk in this one!

Soooo fun!
He seriously cracks me up!  Here's a shot of him just being cute.  

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

The Lauros have had quite the busy weekend so far!  And it's taken it's toll on all of us, so we slept in this morning until 10:30!!  Even Miles (after a brief bottle at 7:30)!!  Happy Fathers Day to us!  :)

We started the weekend by going to Jazz under the Stars at the Dallas Museum of Art on Thursday and I almost died of heat stroke.  It was just so stinking hot. 

You gonna eat that cracker kid?

Daddy stole a bite!
On the way there, our friend Lyndsay texted that she was going to be in town on Friday and wanted to know what our plans were.  So we immediately called to tell her that our plans were to hang out with her now!!  Talk about good news!  We just LOVE her and her boys, so we could hardly contain our excitement.  Sadly, Brandon had to work though... we missed you Bandon.  Nick and Izzy were with us also this weekend, so we had quite a houseful of fun! 

All the kids watching a show.  Even Miles is having a blast!
All the kids got along so well!  We went out to dinner, watched movies, played video games, took the trolly to The Original Pancake House in Uptown, swam and just had about the most fun we could pack into 24 hours! 

Little Mafia baby
Sadly though, Lyndsay left last night.  But we already have plans for the next Lauro / Blackwell weekend!! 

After Lyndsay left we had Tony's parents come watch the kids so we could go to a Mod Men party at this awesome house in Ft. Worth.  I found the most perfect dress... about 3 sizes too small.  When I tried it on at this great vintage shop in Uptown, Ahab Bowen, I fell in love and bought it even though it wouldn't zip.  So last night I made Tony and his dad put all their weight into it and finally zipped me up in it!  I couldn't breath all night, but that didn't stop me from dancing and drinking the night away. 

Much needed night out!
So when Miles let us sleep in this morning, we could not have been more grateful.  Best baby ever!

After waking up late we gave Tony his Fathers Day present (a long waited for record player) and went to breakfast at our favorite place downtown - Cindy's Deli.  Yum!! Now we are just relaxing and hanging out at home.  This weekend feels like it's been 5 days long.  Love summer weekends!! 

And lastly... (as requested) here is a video of Miles' favorite song!  Every morning on our way to school Miles fusses and whines until I put this song on for him.  He will listen to it over and over.  It's so cute that it makes him so happy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I know I've said it before, but I just feel so blessed, Miles is the luckiest baby in the world to have such an awesome brother and sister!! Well, Nick could smile for pictures instead of that weird face he's giving me. But other than that - best siblings ever! :)

He loves her SO much!
Twins.  They look so much alike!
Nick, you are killing me with those faces... lol
Give me that phone Momma!
And here Izzy and I are desperately trying to get Miles to laugh again... but in true baby style, he could care less...  :)

And this one is just cute. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nap Time

I stopped in to check on Miles today and found my sweet baby napping.
All that playing sure does tire a baby out...

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This morning Tony and I finally got fed up with our messy house and have spent the last few hours cleaning.  Thanks Miles for waking us up at 6 AM on a Sunday!!  Way to force productivity from Mommy and Daddy! 

Anyway... we've been cleaning and letting Miles crawl around and play.  Have I mentioned how fast he is these days?  We are constantly pulling him out of the bathroom (the door of which he can open now, by the way) and pulling him away from the guitar on the other end of the house.  Of course his two favorite past times are the ones we wont let him do.  Mean parents. 

Well, a few minutes ago we were both busy cleaning when we realized that we didn't hear or see Miles.  Not good.  So I started searching for him and found that my sweet little boy had cornered the cat in the closet!!  I could hardly contain my laughter long enough to tell Tony to get the camera.

Sasha is saying "HELP"

Please excuse our messy closet!
Sasha is the kitty who hisses at Nick and Izzy, so we quickly saved her and Miles from one another.  But it was about the cutest thing I've ever seen!  :)

So... since these pictures are blurry and we can't see Miles cute little face I decided to take some more.  But I quickly realized why I don't take as many pictures of Miles these days.  He could care less about helping me get a good picture and instead he is covered in boogers and wont sit still for a second.  All my pictures are blurry and horrible.  Here are a few that I was able to get. 


Take no note of the Real Housewives of NYC in the background

I said 'Miles' about 25 times before he finally turned around

His FAVORITE game is to pull every single book off the bookshelf over and over and over!

Sneak shot attack!
Happy Sunday every one!

Friday, June 10, 2011


I know, I know.  My blogging is slacking and something better give.  Well, it's gonna have to be sleep because with 9 hour work days and a total of 2 hours commuting per day I'm just plum out of time!  Those 9 hour work days are totally worth it though, come Half Day Friday!!  It's like the prize at the end of the race.  Come Friday there's a skip in my step, cause at noon I'm outta here for the day! Today I'll pick up Miles and take him to lunch with Tony and me and a few friends.  I can hardly wait!

So, to catch you up to speed -- you haven't really been missing much exciting.  Poor Miles has had that runny nose for 2 weeks now and last weekend started coughing.  It slowly got worse, until finally Tuesday night it kept him (and us) up all night long.  I'm talking every single hour he woke up crying because his cough hurt his little baby throat.  So Tony took Wednesday off to take him to the Dr.  They gave him some amoxicillin and he's doing so much better!!  Me on the other hand, I'm sneezing every 4.2 seconds and want to rip off my nose.  I found some decongestants last night though, so I'm hoping that helps!

On Wednesday night we went to see the kids and I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see Nick and Izzy with Miles.  They all love each other so much!!  Miles could not adore them more and all they want to do is hold him and play with him and love on him.  Izzy got Miles laughing SO hard during dinner, I though I was going to die.  Over last weekend we noticed that Miles thought it was fun to copy Izzy every time she coughed.  She would cough and then he would cough and we got a big kick out of it.  Well, Wednesday night she tried again.  Except this time instead of just coughing, Miles would cough and then CRACK UP!  It was a giggle fit like I hadn't seen before.  Oh my gosh, his baby giggle is just the CUTEST.  And he doesn't do it often, so it's like gold to us.  I will do my best to get it on video... but Miles moves on quickly so I'm not sure he'll find it as funny next time we play that game.  But I'll try! 

And in other news, I'm finally taking the plunge and going Vegan.  I've read some books and watched all those documentaries and really wanted to start eating healthier for so long now.  But, I guess I've just been lazy.  I'm not a huge fan of cooking.  Eating in general is just so annoying sometimes.  You'd think I'd be 90 lbs then, but no -- I love junk food and snacking.  But I've decided that I can do this, at the very least, for 2 weeks.  I've got some meal plans and been scoping out vegan meals at fast food places.  Yesterday I had the most amazing hummus sandwich from Which Wich.  It was SO delicious!  Mostly, though, I'm going vegan for the powers!  If you haven't seen Scott Pilgram vrs The World, please do.  It's awesome!

So, that's pretty much it for the Lauros right now.  Tony saw game 4 of the Mavs and said it was AWESOME!  We fell asleep during game 5 though, stupid head cold.  This weekend is going to be full or relaxing and pool time.

And, I'm sorry I have no pictures for this post....  but I promise to post a ton this weekend!  That's my mission and I choose to accept it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


In case anyone is still wondering, Miles is doing great at daycare!  When I drop him off all he wants to do is get down to play.  The report from the teachers is that he just loves to play all day and is happy to be on his own playing all the time.  And when I pick him up?  You guessed it, he's having fun playing!! 

His poor nose is still running like crazy, but it's what's to be expected.  Other than a runny nose, he's happy and still adorable!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

When 3 Day Weekends Are Not Long Enough

Not even a 30 day weekend would have been long enough last weekend!  We had some awesome friends  come visit and stay with us.  You would think 7 people in one loft would just prove to be too much.  Not when the people visiting are as awesome as Lyndsay and Brandon and their two boys!  We watched movies, grilled at the pool, walked around downtown, took the train to Mockingbird Station and laughed more than my cheeks could handle!  By the end of the weekend we were ready for them to move in!  And when they left we wondered around the loft aimlessly reminiscing about all the fun we'd just had and wishing that the weekend didn't have to end.

I'm so mad at myself, though, for barely taking any pictures all weekend.  Thankfully Lyndsay had her awesome camera (when we found out it was waterproof we went crazy!) out all weekend and posted these fun shots to her blog!  (It's private though, so I can't link to it... and I don't want to post pictures of her kids without permission.  Just know they are BEYOND adorable, model children who are probably the most well-behaved boys I've even known!)

So here are a few shots of us that I stole from her blog.  Thanks Lyndsay and Brandon for being such awesome friends!!  Please come visit again any time!  And SOON!

This time in the pool was so much fun for Miles!

First underwater shot -- look how excited they are!

Miles fell asleep, but we kept drinking! :)

ADORABLE outfit from Lyndsay!

Another adorable outfit from Lyndsay and some 'seefood'

Lynds and I on the train

Miles slept through lunch so I got to enjoy Urban Taco

Last time I put these pink swim diapers on him.  Everyone kept telling me that my girl was so cute.  :(

Could he have any more pink?  Good thing he's so tough!

My ABSOLUTE favorite!  Look at Miles smiling at me!!