Tuesday, March 29, 2011


And now, picture of two things that have absolutely nothing to do with one another!

Family --
I did not get enough pictures of everyone in town for the funeral.  But here are some pictures I did manage to get.

This is my cousin Nick's grandson (yes I realize there are way to many Nick's in the family. It's exceptionally confusing!)  He is just adorable.  And he's only 5 months.  Yup, more than two months younger than Miles and just as big!!  And SUCH a good boy. 

 This is my crazy cousin Chris and his wife Cheryl (??)  Miles loved them!
 Nashonna, Victoria and me. 

Pam, Elaine, Michelle, Rosie, Victoria, Miles on my lap and Lisa

And now for no reason other than I think these are cute -- pictures of Miles sleeping!

Look at his chubby cheeks resting on his hand... isn't he squishable!

My dad put Miles to sleep several times!  And every time he did, he would say -- "Who's your Daddy!?"  lol.  You are, dad! 
So proud!
His technique - "shhhh shhhh shhhh shhh"
My daddy is sooo good with babies!  He held Miles every chance he got.
Swinging on the patio
My mom is terrible in the mornings.  She has to have her coffee before she can even form words.  We went to wake her up and she said something like "Mile her" so we laid him down with her and took some pictures.  Mom, do you even remember this?  lol.
How'd I end up here?
And this was one rare morning when he woke up totally happy and well rested.  So I snapped a picture of his cute little smile!
Tickle tickle

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  1. Those striped pajamas on Miles are so darn cute!!! And those chubby arms and cheeks....I wanna squeeze them so bad!!! Sleeping baby pics are the best!!! That pic of Miles on his grandpa is THE SWEETEST! Miles is going to cherish that picture when he grows up!