Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And There He Goes

Guess who has a new trick up his sleeve.

It all started with this new trick he learned

He is just turning in to such a big boy.  Then yesterday I noticed him kicking himself up out of his bouncy seat when he was getting fussy.  He planted his right foot down and pushed himself face first into the seat!

Ut oh... looking dangerous. 
So when I layed him in his crib to finish getting ready he was not happy.  He cried and cried, then planted his right foot again and pushed.  And then pushed and pushed.  I could tell what was about to happen so I just watched him scream and fuss and -- FLOP he was over.  My 12 week and 3 days old baby just learned to roll over.  

And let me tell you -  he LOVES his new trick.  Any time I'm holding him now and he gets slightly bored he's throwing his body around.  No clue where he's going, but he is going there and NOW thank you very much.  If he's sitting facing me he kicks both feet and throws himself back.  

I just can hardly get over this milestone... it's so amazing to watch this tiny little meatball go from laying there watching the world going on to a baby on the move.  And I know he's not actually crawling away or anything yet, but this changes everything.  I can no longer leave him on the changing table while I run to the bathroom.  He needs to be strapped in to the bouncy and swing.  

But I think the biggest change is that this means it's time to move him to his crib. He's been sleeping in the bassinet by our bed and last night we put him to sleep in his crib. I can just tell it's only a matter of time before he kicks out of that thing.  And even though the crib is barely 30 steps down the hall it felt so far away.  Would I hear him and wake up quick enough?  Was it cold or warm in there?  Did he miss me as much as I missed him?  

Of course he was just fine and we made it.  But all these milestones are just so bitter sweet.  I already miss my tiny baby.  But I won't have time for much nostalgia with all the chasing I'm about to be doing!!


So last week and the week before Miles totally teased us by sleeping through the night every night.  Most nights it was 10 PM to 6 or 7:30 AM, but one magical night he slept from 8 PM to 7 AM.  It was glorious!  But at the end of the week Tony's work called him in the middle of the night and Miles woke up.  Apparently he realized what he had been missing out on because now he's been waking up every night at 3:30 or 4 AM for a light snack.  Since he goes back to sleep immediately and doesn't fuss it really hasn't been too bad.  Here's Miles smiling at me when he's supposed to be napping.  He falls asleep in my arms after a HUGE fight and the second I put him down his eyes pop open.  Then he sees me and immediately smiles.  It's too cute to get mad at!

So, yet again our weekend was busier than busy.  Friday night we did movie night because we're forcing some good friends to watch all the Harry Potter Movies.  The first two are a little 'young' so I don't blame them for Facebooking the entire time.  But hopefully they can stick it out past Chamber of Secrets because by the 3rd and 4th movies they really start to get amazing!
Saturday was exhausting!  I was up at 5 to pump and then sneak away in the dark to help a friend with a garage sale.  Tony wins father of the year for getting 3 kids up and out the door for Izzy's soccer game, which she won of course! After soccer and the garage sale we were off to the Star Trek Convention!!  A friend invited us and we thought it might be a fun/different thing to do.  And it proved to be awesome!  It's so amazing to see people dressed up and so excited about something.  We got to see Tom Felton, the actor who plays Malfoy on Harry Potter and Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown from Back to the Future).  And I almost got to flash William Shatner!
Since we were there for a while and Miles was starving I snuck into a hallway to hid under some stairs and feed him in private.  On my way back there a very nice lady who worked there said that would be fine but that William Shatner would probably be walking by there after his Q & A was over.  She just wanted to warn me.  Well, we tried to wait it out, but it turns out those nerds... I mean fans sure do have a lot of questions!  Oh well, maybe next time!

Sunday was a little lazier -- we watcheds some fun movies on Netflix together, played with Izzy's birthday presents and made some slime (which was so gross!) and walked to the park. 

Another weekend success story!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gone Are the Days of the Lazy Sunday

Gone are the days of the lazy weekend actually, or at least it felt that way this weekend. I hit the ground running on Friday by watching the adorable sweet baby Vera for my friend Samantha. Good thing she is such a good girl because I desperately needed to clean for the loft crawl that night. Once a year our HOA organizes a loft crawl in which you can sign up to show off what you've done to your space. Since we knew that most people were curious about how the baby fits into our loft, we decided to participate. Plus, we are always curious to see what everyone else has done to there place.

After a night of drinking and socializing... and staying up way to late (12:30 am), we had to be up at 6 am for Izzy's soccer game and for me to make it to the NDMOT Semi-Annual Sale (North Dallas Mother of Twins). Being the cheapskate that I am, this place was a dream. I just love the hunt for a good deal. And much to my checkbook's dismay I found quite a few good deals!

After that it was home to feed the baby and shower -- and then off to a friend's daughter's first birthday party at the Little Gym. And because I'm finally getting the hang of this pumping business Daddy finally got a chance to feed Miles. Too cute! :)
After too much frosting, soda and tumbling for poor Izzy's tummy we headed back home to pick up Nick (1 year old parties at the Little Gym are just not appealing to 13 year old boys, sorry birthday girl!) for his birthday dinner at Gramaldi's! That boy loves his pizza -- Happy Birthday Nick!
Then we rushed home to make it to another friends birthday party. Lucky he lives in our loft because that does make late night partying with a baby so much easier.

Thankfully Sunday was a little bit lazier. After my 5 am wake up call from one hungry baby, Tony and I fell back asleep and got to sleep in until 10:30! Then it was off to brunch with good friends. (Congrats Chris and Norah who live in our loft and happen to be expecting! SO exciting!!)
Then it was bath time for the baby...
And finally a trip to the Arboretum with more great friends.

I have to say this may have been the busiest weekend we've seen in a long time. And thankfully Tony has tomorrow off so we can both recover from it! Although, our calendar is already starting to fill up...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ahhh... Sweet Sleep

I hate to post this because I hate to jinx it. However Tony keeps telling me that 'jinxing' is voodoo and therefore not real. And I do believe him... it's just that I really don't want to jinx it, you know? But because, really I do believe him... here goes. We have figured out a schedule! Ta da!! Bet you were expecting something huge after all that leading up I just did. Well... these days in my world that is huge! I do know that this schedule will change often and by a lot. But for now it appears that Miles and I have finally figured each other out. He goes down at 9/9:30 at night and, TA DA sleeps till 6 am! Well, he's done that twice. But obviously I have high hopes. He takes a long nap in the mornings, then very small cat naps the rest of the day. And it seems to be working for us. You cannot understand the world of possibilities this opens up for me. But mostly though... the sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep!

In other news, please check out my poll on the right. It's just a thought I've been toying around with in my head to make some extra money in all the spare time I will now have... :) Thanks for voting!

And in other other news, I cannot stop sneezing. So I am taking that as a sign to clean my loft. Good thing the vacuum puts Miles right to sleep.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A List

Just so I can never forget, I want to make a list of some of my favorite things about Miles as he is now -- 2 1/2 months old.

  • I absolutely LOVE going to get you out of your bassinet in the mornings. You greet me with the biggest smiles and it always melts my heart, no matter what time in the morning it happens to be.
  • I love watching you play in your bouncy, your big belly sticking out and your chubby little arms swinging around wildly as you try to get this whole coordination thing down.
  • I love how you like to talk to me when I'm changing your diaper - goos and gaas of all sorts of important things that you have to say.
  • I love that today you were crying while I was changing your diaper, until I put the diaper cream on your bottom and you suddenly stopped and had this great look of comfort on your face.
  • I love that sometimes when I'm feeding you you like to put your arm up to cover your face. You would like your privacy during this meal, thank you very much.
  • I love the little growl you make when I take you off one boob to switch to the next. You are very displeased at this interruption in your meal and would like to let me know... with a growl!
  • I love that you surprised me by smiling at complete strangers already, you little flirt!
  • I love that you are such a morning person, full of smiles for anyone and everyone. But by the evenings you are just a tad bit more grumpy.
  • I love watching you nap in your bouncy (sometimes the only way I can get you to nap for longer than 10 minutes) because you will fall asleep as I'm bouncing you and then jerk yourself awake like you just can't believe you let yourself fall asleep during this very important thing you were doing -- absolutely nothing! Go to sleep kid!
  • I love how much you love bath time and you only cry for a second when I pour the water over your face.
  • I love how strong your neck is already, and how everyone is impressed with that.
  • I love that you are already interested in Seasame Street, but only for a few minutes while mommy brushes her teeth, k?
  • I LOVE it when you smile at your plastic friends on your bouncy seat.
  • I love it when you smile at me in the mirror when I'm checking to see if you've fallen asleep on my shoulder yet.
  • I love it when you only want to sleep on my chest. However uncomfortable it might be, I know you will only be able to do that for a little while.
  • I love that when you are crying you'll stop for a second while I put your clothes on. What baby stops crying when they are getting dressed?
  • I love that every time I try to give you the paci you scrunch up your entire face to let me know that THAT is NOT what you wanted to suck on!
  • I love how much you want to be outside, seeing new things and meeting new people. You get so bored in the house and it force me to get out too.
  • I love that if we are out late with friends you refuse to go to sleep until you just can't keep your eyes open. You want to be a part of the party! And as long as there's background noise, you just sit and look adorable.
  • I love your Superman stretch and that now Papa and Nana call you Super Boy because of it.
  • I love the way you shake your fist in the air when you're doing your Superman stretch.
  • I love that the first time you laughed was for your sister Izzy.

And now you are waking up from the bouncy seat... so this list will have to end there. But I just can't wait to pick you up and see your little smile!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Teaches You Something New Every Day... aka - How Miles Made a Liar out of Me

Of course the second I was done with that last post Miles' eyes popped open and he refused to go to sleep until 1am in the morning... and then the ONLY way he would sleep was on my chest. We tried everything - walking with him, bouncing him, nursing him, passing him back and forth between us, rocking him. We even tried the last resort - EMERGENCY ONLY tool - the magic blow dryer, which has never failed us. It failed.
Basically he kept falling asleep and seconds later his eyes would pop open and he would scream and cry because he was so tired. It is just so frustrating when he's that upset and nothing will console him. All I can figure is that -one- he got himself so worked up that he couldn't figure out how to calm down, relax and sleep. And -two- this living in a one room loft is not easy on the bedtimes.
Here's a cool Google Sketchup that my husband did to give you the gist of our space --
It's just one big room. The kids/baby's room is to the far right, but there is no door, just a curtain. So, for the most part, Miles is in the rest of the house with us all the time. At night he sleeps in a bassinet by our bed still. So bedtime is usually just whenever he's tired or when we are ready for bed. Miles still eats on a 'when he's hungry' schedule, which means our schedule is non-existent. And, while that's nice for now because we can still go hang out at friends houses and go out to eat when we want - I know the dream won't last. Miles needs a schedule and a regular bedtime. For our sanity, we all do.

Last night was better... we are definitely on the right track. He slept a lot in the evening, then was down from midnight to 7 am. Nap this morning at 10 am. If he can take smaller naps during the day, we might be able to have a decent bedtime and have him sleep longer tonight! That's my goal anyway... we'll see what he thinks about it.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dedicated to my Son

As I sit here bouncing you in your bouncy (praying that you'll go to sleep without me walking you around the room for an hour) I'm starting a blog for you, Miles. A blog so that you can always have something to go back to and help you remember what your first years of life were like living with your mom, dad, two cats, brother and sister in a loft in downtown Dallas.

And let me just say - so far, you love it! You were made for Urban living. Late nights - no problem. Walks around downtown - yes please. Smiling for all the neighbors in the elevator - of course you do, you're just like your father. And after a long day of all of the above, you have finally fallen asleep like the angel baby that you are... sometimes. Well, most of the time. It's not that you're not an angel, it's just that you are too active for your own good. From the moment you were born your eyes have been wide open, not wanting to miss a thing. You only sleep when you're exhausted because there's just so much world to see. You don't fuss too much when you are tired though, but after visiting your family in NM you do expect to be rocked or walked to sleep. Something that requires extra cuddling, so I do not mind one bit. But it is nice having a few minutes to... gosh, I don't even know - go to the bathroom? brush my teeth? write a blog?

I hope that when you grow up and have your own family you can look back on this and laugh and cry at all the wonderful things we did and the good times we had. I also hope to fill this with tons of pictures and videos so that your whole family can watch you grow up and feel like they are not missing out on a thing.

So, from tonight - a picture of our walk to the park.