Thursday, June 2, 2016

Spin Is My Life

Haha!  Y'all just thought I was gonna be back to blogging regularly.  And I totally was. 

But see, then stuff happened.  And then people.  And excuses....  So... once again, here I am, trying to catch up!

But in all honesty - my parents came to visit and we got this new exercise bike and that pretty much consumed me for the entire month of May.  Well, that and all the freaking rain!  Oh, and the million mosquito bites on me and my children.  (Seriously, I put Skin So Soft ALL over us.  ALL over us.  Except for Nat's nose.  And poor baby has a bite right on her nose.  UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHH.)

But back to spin.  I'm OBSESSED.  Spin is my life now.  And if you would have ever told me I was going to become obsessed over spinning, I would have laughed at you.  If you told me that some day, I would do 2 spin classes IN A ROW, I would have taken you to the looney bin.

But no, it's me that needs the looney bin.

We bought a Peloton Bike and I cannot tell you how much I love this thing.

Excuse me while I geek out about it.

It has this huge screen on the front of it.  And you take either live or on demand classes.  There are thousands of on demand classes and about 8 live classes a day to choose from.  And they are FUN.  The instructors are amazing.  The music is so inspiring.  Mostly you ride to the beat, until an instructor pushes you and then you almost die.  But then you don't and you feel awesome!

There's a leaderboard (I think that's what those are called) that ranks your output with everyone else across the country who has taken the classes also.  You can either compete with them for a good ranking (or a better ranking then usual) or you can hide it and just do you.

And did I mention that this is in my house!  So I just get the kids set up with a show and then throw on anything and ride!

Ok, I'm obsessed.  So sorry for the rant.  But every time I talk about it, someone asks me to explain how it works because it's so different and unique.  So I thought I'd get it all out there.

It is pricey.  But they offer financing in the store in Dallas.  ($2000 for the bike, $250 delivery, $300 for the (optional) warranty, then $40 a month for the streaming.)  But if you've ever paid for spin classes - it's not cheap.  And this is in my home and so convenient.  If you buy one tell them I sent you and we both get 2 months free streaming! 

Alas... I have not lost a single pound yet.  But we all know that's more diet then exercise.  And I love chips and salsa.  And spin makes you hungry! But that's okay, because I just really love that sore leg muscle feeling I have all the time now.  So to me - worth it! 

So that's it for me... other then that, just gearing up for a busy summer!  Vacations are planned, mini-trips planned, birthdays to plan. 

Lets just hope the mosquitoes will go away soon!

Monday, May 2, 2016

I have Someting To Tell You

Drum roll please everyone.....   We finally bought this house!  Yes we did move in last year.  But it's finally, technically, OURS!!!

It was a long, long road of selling our house in Frisco and getting approved for this house in Dallas.  It was expensive.  More expensive then we expected.  It was a roller coaster of emotions with low offers, high offers, low appraisals, closing Frisco, loan approvals, then denials, then 2 insane appraisals, then more approvals then price hikes then waiting for a CTC (clear to close) for an insanely long time. 

My emotions went through the ringer.  I thought I was gonna pull out all my hair.  I drank waaay to much.  And my face broke out.  But we finally got it! 

It was going to happen.  We knew it was.  We'd already put money into the house (foundation work, new water heater, ac repair) and maxed out our credit cards assuming it was going to happen.  It had to happen.  But that waiting for it TO happen was the WORST. 

And then it DID HAPPEN!  We bought one of the oldest houses in Dallas.  A house that used to be a church!  2500 sq ft IN the city! Old and falling apart and amazing!  We have a porch swing facing a side street where the gays walk to the clubs or our neighbors walk to the Kroger.  We have a playroom and a guest room and high ceilings and a huge garage and a Jurassic Park style fence to let the kids play in the back without worrying.   We are in love and sometimes we just look at each other in amazement over this awesome house!

We truly have the best friends in the world who made this happen.  Again Beverly found this amazing house and had the inspiration and backing to making this possible.  Samantha worked miracle after miracle to make this loan go through.  Also a miracle, that we are all still friends after this.  Friends with slightly more grays and at least one of us with a newly found alcohol problem (me).  But friends none the less! 

But the celebration is short lived.  Because now the real work begins.  Our list of things that need to be done is LONG.  And I have major anxiety over where to start and even what we want to do. 

First on the list is a new AC for the upstairs.  And those are pricey y'all!  Then we want all new windows in the house.  The walls need to be fixed.  As in ALL the walls.  They all have cracks from the foundation.  Every singe one of them.  The floors down stairs need to all be redone.  But I think we need to do the kitchen first because we are knocking down walls there. 

And should we knock down that wall?  What about the bathroom in the kids room - do we make it smaller now?  Or wait?  And I hate our den and have no idea what to do there.  Pinterest - help! 

And what can we afford to do now?  And what can wait till later.  And how bad are asbestos shingles really?? 

I just got a head pain typing all that... was I cut out for a house remodel? 

I keep telling myself to take it one day at a time.  But then I look at my closet upstairs and wonder if I could remodel it for cheap to make it amazing.  It's pretty big, but maybe there's room for more functionality.  And I go down the rabbit-hole once again. 

Back to one day at a time.  The AC is this Friday.  Then we can move back upstairs (we've been sleeping in the guest room downstairs where the AC does work).  Then we will decide on step number 2. 

For now we will just enjoy this house and this summer and Pin Pin Pin away!! 

In the meantime, feel free to send any awesome house Pins my way!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some Thursday Night Ramblings... After Some Drinks, Maybe

Oh writing... I have a love/hate relationship with you.  For some reason I love to write and feel drawn to do so.  But that pull comes with challenges.  I hate to write and never know what to write about.

Then, I write and hate it.  I hate what I've written or I am not fully happy with it.

But there's a saying.  It's about sleep, but stick with me.  Most new moms learn it -- about when they are desperate enough to try sleep-training.  Sleep begets sleep.  The more your child sleeps (in theory) the more they will want to sleep/need to sleep.  "Put them to bed early and they will sleep later." And I feel like writing is similar.  The more I write, the more I want to write.  The more I write the easier it gets to write.  The more I write, the better the odds that something I write isn't going to be crap. 

So I just need to force myself.

But it's hard.  Life is busy and social media is overwhelming.  And sometimes I think-- if social media was a drug - I'd be in rehab like 4/6 times a year.  I can never find the right balance and go from too much social media to quitting, to withdraws to overload again.  And writing takes a back seat to everything else going on in my life.

But the truth is that I feel better when I write.  Everyone needs an outlet of some sort - and for better or worse, writing is mine. 

So my May-Years Resolution is to make this outlet my priority.  To dedicate to getting my thoughts on the screen in some way or another.  Despite any hesitation or reservation of inadequacy.

And I feel like this resolution will come with some much needed re-evaluations of what I want this blog to be...  more then a diary/recap of our lives.  I want to find a focus or drive.  I need an outlet, but I want it to be something interesting.  Something that I would want to read.

And that's more of just my ramblings then anything else.  But I need to start somewhere.


That's it for now.  No focus yet.  No promises of what is to come.  Just a start.  An attempt.  And a first step toward... something new and different.  And I hope, something good.