Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

I'm sorry I was so terrible at posting last month.  Tony had an important work test to take in December, so we decided last minute to let him study in peace and I took the kids to NM to visit family and let everyone (most everyone) meet Natalie.  The kids and I left on our own at the beginning of Dec with Tony meeting us after he took (and passed, of course) his test!  

We had an amazing time - tons of family time, late night wine with my sister, beer with my nieces and nephews, shopping with my mom!  I soaked up every second with my family and relaxed as much as possible.  

Then we headed home to spend a week with the big kids and Tony's nephews and parents for New Years.  Needless to say - December was quite the busy month.  So much so that everyone left yesterday morning and I immediately crashed and realized that I am sick.  It's probably (hopefully) just a cold, but I feel horrible and do not want to get up off the couch.  

I have a few pictures and posts of our trip and New Years - but I also want to take a nap.  So I will start by sharing this fun video from Google+.  All on their own -- Google+ decided to compile some pictures from 2013, set it to music and send it to me the day before XMas and I have to say - Well Done Google+!!  I still do not understand how to use you or why I should bother.  But you did make me cry!!  In a good way!