Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Natalie Aurelia Lauro - Our Second Natural Labor Story

Look who decided to show up only 4 days late!! I'd like you all to meet Ms. Natalie Aurelia Lauro. Born 9/24/2013 at 2:18 am, 8 lbs 15.5 oz (let's just say 9, shall we), and 21 inches long.

(For reference Miles was born 7/31/2010 at 12:54 am, 7 lbs 12 oz, 21.5 inches.)

Everyone told me that things would go much faster the second time around. But I think I became skeptical once I passed my due date. Not that 41 weeks isn't better than 42, I guess I was being a diva.

But, man I am still in shock at just how fast things went Monday night!

I had been having contractions off an on for a week. They had been getting stronger over the weekend-- but I'd have 3 strong ones in 30 minutes, and then nothing. Then on Saturday night I passed my mucus plug. (Gross, I know. Sorry, should have warned you!) I knew it could still be a few days, so I didn't let myself get too excited. Sunday more contractions, but only a few.

In the meantime we were trying everything possible to get labor started. Walking, foot rubs, acupressure points, wine... along with (ahem) other things. On Monday we went for Eggplant Parmesan at Sal's in hopes that the stories were true! (Christine - you are a genius!)

Then we went to the old apartment to finish up what we could and start cleaning. At around 4, I started getting some pretty consistent contractions that didn't seem to be letting up. I wasn't timing them yet, because I didn't want to get too excited too soon. But by the time we left at 5:30 I started to look at the clock. Every 6 minutes!

When we got home I started really feeling the contractions and by 6:30 I texted Tony (teaching Pilates) that this might be it. They were not letting up and seemed to be getting closer and I didn't want to sit down, I felt like I needed to stand up through them.

When he got home at 8, I called the birthing center and they suggested a shower to make sure things were gonna stick. I showered, did my hair and makeup and still felt like we should go. So we put Miles to bed, packed up all our bags and left.

Because of how things went with Miles, I just wasn't at all prepared to have a baby within a few hours.

We got to the birth center at 10 and I was dilated to a 3/4. They suggested that we walk outside and Power Walk through contractions. Which we did. For 2 hours.

We came in at midnight and I was about a 4/5. But the contractions were about 2 to 3 minutes apart and very strong. So we headed upstairs to labor in (thanks to my awesome Midwife Leslie) the same room Miles was born. (And the same dress!)

At 12:30 am, as I was having a contraction at that post, Tony and I heard a pop and a gush. My water broke. And I freaked out. That didn't happen before so I just had no clue what to do. Then the contractions got worse, so I begged to get in the tub.

Once in the tub, the water immediately felt AMAZING. But the contractions picked up even more. They started getting so intense, so fast that I was freaking out. Then I felt like I needed to push. And it scared me. There was no way I was a 4/5 last time I was checked and already ready to push!

At that point I got overwhelmed and just thought I couldn't do it. Up until then I had been laboring very quietly, breathing through contractions. But now I was screaming. I pushed a couple of times and then the midwives asked me if I wanted to get out, and I did. But before I could even make it to the bed I had to push through another contraction - they were so fast.

Once on the bed I didn't understand that this was it, she was coming in a matter of minutes. I pushed through 2 or 3 contractions, but was getting bad leg cramps. I just really expected to have more time and I was overwhelmed by how fast it was all happening.

Leslie and Terry, the Midwives helping me, explained that if I followed their pushing instructions I could have Natalie out after the next push. I just remember thinking - no way. So I made them clarify - Really, one more push? They both assured me yes, so I gave it everything I had and she was out and on my chest in seconds.

She was warm and pink and beautiful!

But I was shaking so bad I could hardly hold her. Things went so shockingly fast I just could not control my arms and legs anymore. So I asked Tony to take her as I labored out my placenta. Which was scary because it had gotten stuck last time. This time things went perfectly though!

I know it sounds hooky and hippie to say - but I followed all the advice of mind over matter. I told myself the whole time that "I have done this before and I can do it again". I repeated "this contraction isn't any worse than the last and it's opening my cervix". "I'm going to labor out my placenta just fine this time." And it absolutely sounds crazy, but I'm sure that's why this time was so much faster. I just new I could do it. And by the time I did get scared and let the pain overwhelm me, it was too late - my body was on a roll to get her out.

If I would have known the second labor and delivery would be so much better I probably would have had a baby years ago! Don't get me wrong, it was scary and painful and scary still. But 8 hours instead of 36 is so much more bearable!

Leslie and Terry were so amazing! I didn't think I would like it, but Terry talking me through contractions with positive words and rubbing my back helped so much. And Leslie taking control of every situation and then holding my leg and letting me push her through contractions - I will forever think of her as my pillar of strength for this birth. Even Debbie, our nurse, was perfect. With her soft voice and helping me pee after - I'll forever love her.

All in all, this birth went perfectly. And I couldn't have asked for a better prize to take home with us!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thoughts from the Trenches

Yesterday was my Due Date. I should have known I'd still be pregnant and not in labor. History repeats itself.

Currently we are about 85% moved out of the apartment and 98% moved out of the storage unit! Thanks to my amazing husband and his muscles. And my mom and her packing/climbing/cleaning/unpacking skills. And my in-laws and their friends and muscles!! And Beverly - who never fails to show up and help any time we need her!

Moving in the rain sucks.

We moved from a one-room loft to a 5 bedroom house and it is a little crazy how full this house is with furniture right now. I'm embarrassed at how packed we must have had that loft.

I have everything I need for the baby right now (scattered around and in boxes). But the bags are packed and we are ready for the birth center - should Natalie ever decide to come out.

I am so nervous that something will fall through and we'll have to move again. Chances are good that we can buy this place, but nothing is 100% and as we unpack box after box - I can't help but worry.

Miles loves his 'new house'. He keeps jumping and running around and spent hours out back in the rain with his Nana yesterday. He needed a house!

I don't know what I would have done without my mom here. She is my life-savor! From playing with Miles to deep cleaning everything in site - she is just the best. She's about to kill me for not going into labor yet. I'm trying mom! :)

I had no idea my husband was so handy. He's already fixed our fence, the garage door, and spent hours carpet cleaning and vacuuming. Between him and my mom this house might actually be clean and nice enough for us to live in soon!

I can live in the worlds ugliest kitchen and not "kill myself" as I had previously thought. Although, I refuse to use the foul oven in here. Anyone selling an oven?

Other than being impatient to meet this little girl, I am really okay with being pregnant still. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm miserable yet - and I can honestly say I am not. Don't get me wrong - I can't wait to have my body back to myself, to jump out of bed, to run up the stairs, to lay on my stomach. And during labor - I'll have my share of miserable. But right now - I'm actually doing good!

I cannot wait to drink a HUGE margarita. And a beer. And a martini.

Bugs LOVE me. And houses have LOTS of bugs. So I have lots of bug bites.

Still no baby...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Moving While Pregnant - Again

What could be more fun than moving while 6 months pregnant?  Moving while 6 months pregnant and THEN moving again 9 months pregnant!!!  I bet you didn't see that answer coming!

When we found the perfect house, for a steal as a short sale -- 6 months ago, we knew it was going to be a long process.  But this house is perfect for us.  And the price makes it something we cannot walk away from. So began the waiting game. 

Amazingly, no miraculously, while waiting we sold the loft!!  And then moved into the apartments from hell.  3rd floor while pregnant.  Neighbors who won't stop complaining about Miles running.  Animal control visiting us twice because our dog is outside too much (in the shade with water - the horror). 

But thanks to our AWESOME realtor (we seriously love you Bev) we have just signed a lease to rent the house we are trying to buy!!!  So, until the bank decides to start the short sale process with us, we get to move in and start living in a house!!  (It was really hard not to write that last sentence in all caps.)

The house needs a ton of work - most of which we will not do while renting it just in case things don't work out with the sale.  So the situation is not exactly ideal, but a house with FOUR bedrooms and THREE living rooms and an office.  And a garage.  I can't even begin to imagine what that's like.  You people with houses -- don't take them for granted.  They sound lovely.

I don't ever ask for prayers - but I need everyone I know to pray we get to buy this house.  Because moving again with a newborn might just put me in the looney bin.  Also please pray that I don't give birth in a moving van.  At this rate - that is entirely a possibility and it sounds less than sanitary.  

We officially get the keys on the 15th and need to be out of the apartment on the 30th.  And I'm due smack dab in the middle on the 20th.  So, that should be fun.  I have absolutely no idea how that's gonna work out - I just know that it somehow has to.  And I'm not even sure if having the baby early or late or on time would be better.  But, again - it'll work out.  Somehow.  Pray for me.

In other news - my mom is coming to visit next Wednesday - thank GOODNESS!  I cannot wait for her to get here!  Moms make everything better!!

And lastly (just because I think it's hilarious) I posted this picture on my DMB post about discipline on Monday.  I didn't have any pictures of Miles in time out so I totally had to put him in a 'fake time out' for the shot.  I said - "let's pretend to be in time out!" and he said "sworry momma" and then I put him in the corner and he was so confused.  I was laughing and smiling and he was alternating between laughing and looking miserable.  So I promised him some candy and after I got a few shots I gave him his gummy vitamins. 

Mother of the YEAR!