Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

For a post about the pumpkin patch - I don't even seem to have one picture of an actual pumpkin. Whoops! There were some there, I promise!

But who cares about pumpkins when there's cows to feed, hay rides to go on, trains to ride, mazes to get lost in, and silly pictures to be taken.

Not us!

Of course Miles loved the hayride and the train ride the most of all. But Tony and I had the most fun being stupid and taking pictures of ourselves jumping. We kept trying and trying to get a picture that made us look like we were floating, but instead we just look insane...

Don't act like you're not impressed!


  1. I love the jumping pics! They made me laugh! And y'all are too cute in your navy zip ups!

    1. Thanks... my favorite is how over it Miles is in that picture with me. My huge smile and he can't even be bothered to look at me! LOL!