Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sam's Birthmark

As parents we have the challenge to help our children develop good self esteem and teach them how to embrace each others differences.  There are thousands of differences that make up who we all are - from skin color to gender, to kids in wheelchairs, to kids with port wine stains on their faces.  All of these differences are what makes us each unique -- and teaching our kids to embrace these differences and love people for who they are inside and out is one of the best gifts we can give to them. 

So, when I heard of this project by some friends of ours -- I fell in love with it!  Their son was born with a Port Wine Stain on his right cheek.  He has undergone 8 laser surgeries at this point and his parents have created this wonderful book in his honor.

Please take a minute to watch their beautiful video and hear their story by going to the Sam's Birthmark Page.

And if you can, pledge to help get this book published!  It's SUPER easy to pledge - you can log in and pay with your Amazon account.  Any amount will help - and on the pledge page you can see what you will get for your pledge.  From a PDF copy to hardback, pick which one you would like to offer to help with.

If they receive enough pledges you will be charged and get your copy of the book.  If they do not receive enough, this amazing book cannot get published (and you will not be charged anything).  Please check it out and do what you can!


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