Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Course

Miles' awesome grandparents have been watching him these past 2 months while I tried to find a daycare for him. And the time has finally come -- drumroll please..... we decided to go back to his old daycare because of how much we loved it before and because everywhere else is so much more expensive.

Cut to --

Of course Miles would choose a week before he is supposed to start school - to get a cold. And of course I would waste $20 on our co-pay to take him to the Dr. yesterday when they couldn't find a single thing wrong with him. And of course today he is doing much worse. And of course his stupid Dr is gone for the day - so we are left paying 4 times as much taking him to Urgent Care if he doesn't get better.

Currently he is sleeping in my arms, but that's after an hour of restless crying and whining and pulling at his ear. I finally pulled out the ibuprofen, and it's doing the trick for now. But we shall see.

Hopefully we can hold him off at least until tomorrow to take him back to his Dr.

Ug, Maybe we can start next week...

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