Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Distracted Lately

With my momma visiting, work, Dallas Moms Blog - Moms Night Out last week, friends staying with us for the weekend for a friend's wedding and me finding a book I cannot put down (Gone Girl) I've been waaay too distracted to blog lately. But we have been doing exciting stuff - so here's a few fun pics of what we've been up too!

With my mom visiting Miles has really started talking so much more! The progress is slow and steady with him saying things like "see you later" and "Pablo Pablo Pablo" -- but mostly he LOVES to sing. He sings along with the Backyardigains, Thomas, Wow Wow Wubbzy and this adorable commercial on Nick Jr. And it's so cute to hear him singing along with the right words... not all of them, but a LOTE!

His favorite song is the commercial. Maybe you've heard it -- "In a house, in a home there are mother's and fathers, sisters and brothers and there's ME ME ME." Here's him singing - "me me me" in the bath! :)

Dallas Moms Blog Moms Night out was a huge success and so much fun! It's so awesome to be a part of something that's so big and growing --where we get to share info, advice, and have a huge community with other moms! I just love all the people I've met being a contributor! And it's especially cool when someone says - "Nice to meet you, I really love reading your posts!" I can't even explain how cool it is - really REALLY cool! :)

Over the weekend we had some of Tony's old high school friends stay with us for a mutual friend's wedding. I've only hung out with this group of friends a handful of times - but every time we see them is such a great fun time - I really wish they lived closer so we could hang out more often -- they are all such great people.

On Friday night my AWESOME mother watched Miles so we could go out to eat and have a few drinks. Of course we took EFrogs because we LOVE them!

We ended up at the Warwick in uptown and the guys all had a great time laughing, dancing and shaving their little brother's head! Poor kid! LOL

We danced Gangum Style and then realized that we were probably putting on a great show for anyone looking up at the windows. So I ran outside to see if I could get some pics. From the street I could see figures with some AMAZING dance moves... but sadly the pictures didn't do it justice!

The next day was the wedding at the Arboretum... and it was so beautiful! The bride and groom were so happy and gorgeous!

And we had a great time laughing, dancing, eating, drinking and staying warm by the heat lamps!

Sunday was lots of rest and recovery (from the hangover) after the busy weekend!

And this week we are gearing up for an even busier weekend. My dad arrives today!! We have the kids and plan on going to the State Fair -- twice! Lots of soccer games, birthday parties and general busy-ness. Why is the fall always the busiest season?

I also have lots of posts about the Arboretum, my mom's visit, my skater-dude son, the infamous (in my head anyway) pool story from this summer that I keep alluding to (I think it's safe to share finally), our upcoming trips to the Fair and I've been nominated for a Liebster Award... so stay tuned!!

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