Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend we got to strap the baby in the carseat, put on some Backyardigains, buy some gas station pickles and head on down to Austin, TX -- home of the weird! (They take that as a compliment, I promise!)

Tony's brother got married and we spent the whole weekend celebrating! It was really nice spending time with Tony's family, meeting new family and relaxing away from the usual list of chores we have to do at home.

And thanks to a couple of awesome grandparents we were able to spend 3 straight evenings out as a couple - reliving our party days! Except these days we were home by midnight and up early the next morning with a hungry demanding baby... but still, we had a blast!

Friday night we got to meet the bride (Melissa) 's family... and they are just as nice and fun as she is! And hang out with a few of Tony's cousins (who are always fun to hang out with)!

Saturday Tony and I spent the day shopping around Austin before heading over to the rehearsal.

The wedding was at a beautiful Greek Orthodox Church on a hill with such an amazing view! I wish Dallas had hills...

Miles got to run around waiting for the festivities to be over -- he had a blast showing off his muscles in this awesome muscle shirt...

Sunday we had to do some last minute shopping, and then ended up with some free time on our hands... so we went to the pool! Miles played on the steps of the pool while Tony and I lounged and I cannot tell you how AWESOME it was. It was so awesome that we didn't even get any pictures... we just enjoyed it!

Then we were off to the wedding. Of course, in true toddler fashion - Miles slept all the way until the wedding started...

And then woke up seconds before the bride walked down the isle...

But at least my husband looked handsome!

It was a beautiful wedding (from what I hear) and the reception was nice... but the dancing afterward was 80s music - so you know I loved it!

Congratulations Reno and Melissa! You guys never stopped smiling all weekend long -- and I'm sure your marriage is going to be just as happy!

(And thank you Grace for taking so many of these awesome pictures!!)

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