Monday, May 14, 2012

Talking Yet?

The other day we took Miles out to eat some sushi with us and a friend. Our waitress was very nice and started off asking us if Miles was around 2 years old. It turns out she has a daughter who was born just 2 weeks after Miles! Her next question was - "is he talking much yet?"

Now, if your kid is hitting every developmental milestone on point, you probably would have been surprised by this question. But that is exactly the first thing I ask any momma with a kid around the same age as Miles. I can't help it. I just want to hear how behind he is compared to this new kid... which I understand is stupid, but like I said - I really can't help obsessing about it!

So I told her, no - he's not really saying anything these days except for "nana'" (banana) and he signed 'more' once the other day. She said that her daughter is not talking either and that her doctor is insisting on therapy. We both complained about therapy and 'so-called-milestones' and how we think our kids are just fine and that they don't need therapy because they are going to talk when they want, thankyouverymuch!! We both nodded and reassured each other that there is nothing wrong with our babies, and that we shouldn't worry. And I definitely ate my dinner feeling much better about the little SCREAMER sitting next to me.

It's just always nice to know that I'm not alone in my struggles. I see a lot of our friend's kids talking away - asking for milk, being super cute and it makes it extra tough to have Miles SCREAM at me for everything he wants. Not words - just the loudest SCREAM imaginable. Sometimes I just need to connect with a total stranger and be reminded that Miles and I are not alone!

There's just only so many times my mom can tell me that she thinks Miles is okay before I wonder if she's just saying that to make me feel better!

So, if you are wondering - we are still working on things. And I'm still convinced that Miles is just stubborn! He signed more all evening the other day and now REFUSES to do it. I think he's nana'd out because he's even refusing to say that lately. Lately he's been waiving "hi" and "bye" to everyone like it's just the coolest thing - but I bet tomorrow he will refuse to wave period! I'm signing my little heart out, but he's too cool to pay attention to me. Especially when he realizes that I'm trying to get him to do something. Maybe he's just practicing one thing at a time for now and will add it all together soon. Maybe we will need therapy. I'm just taking it one day at a time for now and trying not to let it stress me out!

With a face as adorable as his - I don't have much time to stress! :)


  1. ugh, Amanda, I don't know why, as moms, we do this to ourselves! I guess we just want to make sure we and our kids are normal :) But God made us all individually different and unique.

    You know what's going to happen? As soon as he does start talking then you won't be able to get him to shut up ;D Andrew talks continually!! I'm sure you know that Einstein didn't really start talking until he was about 9, when he blurted out at dinner "the soup is too hot"! So who knows. Maybe Miles is just processing to put it all together.

    Like you probably need anymore "advice" ;) but is he interested in any ABC or number "games" - like maybe on the iPad if he thinks that's a cool thing? I can't remember now when I started that stuff with my boys. But you can sneak it in almost anywhere. I used to bring ABC cards or matching game cards in my purse to restaurants just to have something to do while we waited. He'll still be processing even though he's not saying so...

    Anyway, as long as you've had his hearing checked and everything else is average for his age he'll say something when he's good and ready ;D You're a great mom Amanda, hang in there!


    1. Claudia, Thank you SO much for the encouragement and advice! The ABC cards and matching games to dinner is a great idea, I will definitely start doing that! And I do have some apps for the iPad, but he's not quite interested in them yet, but hopefully soon.
      It does seem like he's making some progress... it's just SO slow going. And I do remember once my nephew started talking he just.wouldn't.stop.ever! So I should just be appreciating what I have now, right?! :) I'm gonna work on that! :)
      Thanks again for commenting. I'll always take advice, so anytime you have a thought, let me know!