Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Enjoy The Outdoors While You Can

Sometimes I wonder if I should just let my friend Norah write this blog. She has all the best ideas for us to do with our boys! :) So the other day she invited us to our new favorite park! It's at the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital at Maple and Oak Lawn in Uptown!!

I was so busy chasing Miles around that I got the worst possible pictures. But you can see a portion of it's awesomeness in the few pictures I did get. There are two huge sections for the kids to run around in, both have soft padded floor for falls and both are in some very nice shade from the beautiful trees all around. It was still pretty hot out, but the trees definitely helped!

There's a very nice picnic area in the middle to lunch at, lots of benches, and nice grassy area with squirrels for Miles to chase (we've never chased them before, so that was a fun first!). They even have bathrooms in the park area! We were able to play in each area for a significantly long time before Miles got bored and wanted to explore the rest of the park. And at that point we had a gate to keep my little escape artist in!

But he moved on quickly once he realized he couldn't fit under there and went back to playing and running all around.

I just suggest making the trip to the park soon before this TX summer gets any hotter!

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  1. Looks like a great place to spend the day with your little one.