Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It already feels like summer has hit TX full force, but the truth is that 88 degrees is nothing. It's gonna get hotter up in here. Like... 20 degrees hotter. At least. How scary is that!?
So... it's time to find fun things to do inside OR in the refreshingly cool water. Last week I wrote about our new AWESOME park downtown Belo Garden over at Dallas Moms Blog - go check it out if you haven't yet! Even Nick and Izzy approved this weekend, we spent our entire Sunday morning there - eating a McDonalds breakfast picnic and playing in the water. And it was so nice!!

Another of my favorite summer activities is our rooftop pool here at the loft! I've spent the past 5 summers up there cooling off as much as possible, but last summer we were barely able to go. Miles was just not happy in his little floatation device. But this summer he can be trusted on the top step and OH!MYGOSH! bring on the heat. We are ready!!

I think he look so cute in his arm floaties and floatation vest, doesn't he? And they totally work, by the way. Daddy, of course, had to test them this weekend. Trial by fire, of course!!

I see a happy summer ahead of us!!

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