Monday, February 27, 2012


Just look at this Big Head Boy! Huge head, strong enough to pull two chairs and his sister!! He keeps trying to remind me that he's not a baby anymore!

Yet, he's still not talking very much. Tony swears he said "Thank you Dada" yesterday, but I was in the shower so I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation. However, I tend to believe him. Mostly because Miles is so much more willing to use words with ANYONE but me... of course!

But even though he's not talking very much he just understands so much more these days. Every day he acts more and more toddler-like and less 'baby'. He thinks it's hilarious to shake his head "no" at me. Hilarious. He loves to play hide and seek, even if he can only hide for 10 seconds before popping his head out and giggling! He just figured out how to connect the tracks for his train set and is over-the-moon proud of himself every time he does it. But along with those toddler traits, he's also exhibiting some other unsavory ones -- he's so stubborn I can hardly handle it. He is doing the classic "look to momma or daddy right before I touch this thing I know I'm not supposed to touch." Like the off button for the cable box right before we find out that The Bachelor is still keeping Courtney around. Which is a whole other problem, by the way. What in the world is that douche thinking!? I'm really starting to hate him.

Sorry, where was I, yes... Miles -- isn't he getting so big? Look at him playing in the water like a big boy!

Although he still tries to jump right in if I'm not holding on to him. And he still wakes up at 2 am to come sleep with mommy and daddy. And he still likes to fall asleep on my chest any chance he gets. I guess maybe I will still call him my baby for a little bit longer...


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