Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sisterly Wisdom

As only a sister could, my sister Rosemarie swooped into town for a mere 1 1/2 days and showered Miles with presents, shopped for hours and hours at Ikea and Sam Moon, cleared up Miles diaper rash and trained our puppy. Well, she started to train our puppy - one person can only do so much!

Whenever she travels for work, my sister tries to squeeze in a layover in Dallas to see her favorite toddler! Miles loves her because she's fun and brings him his favorite thing - cars! She loves Miles because he reminds her SO much of her son when he was a baby. Same cheeks, same hair, same wild baby boy personality who won't slow down for a minute!

Rosemarie won't slow down for a minute either, so we trekked all over Dallas and shopped till we dropped.

Sam Moon is the other reason Rosemarie visits so often. That girl loves a deal.

But the most amazing thing Rosemarie did while she was here was clear up Miles' diaper rash. I took Miles to the Dr. about 2 weeks ago for his vaccines and asked about these little red bumps that had just shown up near his waist line. The Dr. said it was a yeast infection and to use Lotramin, an anti-fungal. Well, the last time we used Lotramin it gave Miles the WORST diaper rash I had ever seen. It turned BRIGHT red and then started breaking the skin. I mean, it was horrible. I reminded the Dr. but she insisted that Lotramin would do the trick. She said that Miles was so young back then, but that now it should be fine. Against my better judgement, I got out the Lotramin and started using it sparingly.

This time, nothing happend. Two weeks and he still had this rash. In fact, it had spread a little and gotten worse.

Well, when Rosemarie saw it she immediately said to get some Tea Tree Oil. Just dip a clean q-tip in the bottle, and dab on sparingly. We did a spot test, just to make sure he wasn't allergic, and overnight that spot cleared up about 70%. It was crazy! I dabbed the rest of his rash and in 2 days it's about 98% gone! I mean, it's like magic. I wish I had before and after pictures, I am just so amazed!

Thanks Auntie Ro Ro! Come back and visit us again soon!!!

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