Sunday, February 12, 2012


If I don't trip over Rocky, fall and break my neck any moment now - it won't be for lack of trying on this puppy's part. No matter where I go, this puppy is under foot. And it would totally be okay, well, it would be kinda okay, if he would just!stop!farting! These farts are lethal. Lethal as in, I am about to cut of my own nose. That or starve the puppy. And this nose cost me a lot more money than that puppy did.

In my desperation today I had to stick the puppy in his crate. (It was also time for Miles nap and I was honestly afraid that all the puppy's farting would lead to, you know - what usually comes after the farting... and I wanted to protect my floors until Miles woke up.) Well, Miles apparently still wanted to play with his new friend. One minute I see this.

And the next thing you know, Rocky is running around farting all over the loft and I had to chase him back to bed!

Sneaky baby and puppy working in cahoots!

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