Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day from Izzy

Hopefully you are not sick of hearing how much I adore my step-kids. Nick and I bond over Harry Potter and Marvel Comic Superhero's (lately he's been trying to convince me that the new Spiderman movie will not suck as much as the last 3... we'll see Nick, we'll see... but I'm still a Batman fan). Izzy and I bond over all things girly, Miles, and being sassy.

She is definitely gonna break some hearts over Valentines in her future. But for now she's still the sweetest Valentine we could ask for!

Miles absolutely adores her! And she is just so good with him. She loves to play with him and all of his toys and make him laugh. We spend all day saying "he's just so cute" back and forth to each other!

Honestly I wrote this entire post about Izzy mostly so I could talk about how she was walking around the house with this play-tube from Ikea and said "this is my Lady Gaga dress! Doesn't it look like something Lady Gaga would wear?"

So I asked her to give me her best Lady Gaga pose... and I got this... lol

Hopefully these last two pictures don't scare anyone two much. But it looks like someone borrowed my iPad and took a couple of pictures when I wasn't looking!! :)


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