Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Full House

On Saturday Tony laid down on the bed, only to find himself slightly crowded out by me, Miles, my iPad, and Sasha our kitty. The cats always sleep at our feet at night, and our new puppy was not about to be left all alone. So while Tony dozed and Miles ate some yogurt puffs, Rocky attacked!

Miles attacked back!

It's very confusing because half of the time Miles bites the dog because he is just so excited and happy and he doesn't know what else to do. And the other half, Miles bites the dog because he is just SO!MAD!GET!OUT!OF!MY!WAY!

It's very confusing, and we obviously need to get him to stop... but, you just can't help but laugh. Rocky plays with pit bulls, so he's totally fine with it. But it totally grosses me out!

Oh Miles, what am I going to do with you!?

Give you some yogurt, that's what! Because you look so adorable trying to feed yourself precariously perched on that chair!

We'll figure the rest out as we go!

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