Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rainy Days and Monday's Get Me Down

Oh gosh, how we needed to get out of the house so desperately on Monday. But because of the rain we were trapped. And I mistakely thought taking Miles to run an errand would be a good way to get out some energy. Did I mention how mistaken I was? Mere words cannot convey how mistaken I was. Maybe these bruises and teeth marks can accurately explain how mistaken I was.

When I took him on our errand to the pet store on Monday my intention was to let him roam the store for a bit until he got tired and then we could shop.  But the ONE and ONLY thing he wanted to do was run outside into the freezing rain.  So I'd pick him up, get slapped and/or bit, while he screamed and everyone stared.  We did this a couple of hundred times (okay 2, I was cold) before I gave up and put him in the cart and bribed him with snacks and juice.  I shopped as fast as possible and then had to force him back into his carseat to go home.  He was not pleased.

Then at home he somehow managed to bump his mouth with his cup and make his gums bleed.  As blood was gushing everywhere I tried to contain him to see what was bleeding.  But this only pissed him off.  He did NOT want me to help him.  He wanted to get back to playing.  Determined to not let him bleed all over the house I tried to hug him and look in his mouth.  Well, that just made it all the easier to bite me.  Finally I said, "fine, bite me, maybe then I can see what's bleeding."  He then bit me so hard his face shook. His entire face shook with rage as he was bitting me as I was TRYING to help him!

But, it gets worse.  The other day we were at Big Lots (it's my guilty pleasure) when I wanted to go one way and Miles wanted to go another.  So I picked him up and explained to him that he either needed to follow me or I was going to carry him.  His response was to hit me several times, pull my hair, pinch my face and try to scratch me all at once.  So I, being the genius that I am, decided to put his hands behind his back and tell him no hitting.  I though it was brilliant!  I could keep my cool and get my point across!!  Well, my little zombie baby is not a force to be reckoned with.  He responded by trying to bite my face off.  (Okay, maybe not OFF... but he definitely wanted to turn me into a zombie.)

It's hard not to laugh about it actually, I can still see his teeth chomping towards me like that scene out of Dawn of the Dead.  But I was concerned.  So at the bookstore I browsed some toddler books.  One explained that sometimes biting is done out of frustration when toddlers are delayed with their speech.  DING DING DING.  The suggestion was to use sign language to help them find some way of communicating.

Well, DUH.  I know that.  Even Miles knows how to sign for "more".  But are we doing in consistently?  No.  Am I going to start?  Already doing it.  Is it working?  I'll let you know as soon as Miles starts asking for

I feel horrible for not getting the connection sooner.  I've been worried about his delayed speech, but I also think he's just been busy focusing on his physical growth that he doesn't have time to worry about talking.  Plus all babies are different, right?  But that doesn't mean I shouldn't be consistently signing to him.  Time to start google-ing sign language!

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