Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

We started 2012 with friends, family and lots of pictures!  On Friday our friends the Hopkins' invited us to the Dallas Zoo with them.  Thankfully this is TX and it was GORGEOUS out!  We had a blast, but sadly Miles slept through most of it!

iPhone pics and apps are the best.  This is using PicFrame and Instagram filters.

#nofilter -- but I love the light

Can you believe how big Nick is?

I love his expression... 'Mom, get off!'... lol

BEST step-kids in the world!

New Years Eve we spent with Kev and Bev!  And while it was low key and chill, we had a blast!  The highlight of the evening was most definitely dinner.  We went to Tokyo One in Addison, a sushi buffet and it is all Tony and I can talk about since then.  It's a little pricy, but OH MY GAWD is it good.  We stuffed ourselves on rolls after rolls, after sashimi, after crab salad, after some of the scariest looking food I've ever seen...
Kevin loves it!

Kevin's food was looking at me!
We wanted to brave it out to Big D NYE, but the cold kept us snug in the loft... but we did make it to the roof for the count down!

The new Omni hotel and the Big Ball both counting down!

We spent New Years day brunching with Tony's parents and Kev and Bev and the kids, then walking around the Firewheel Mall.  It was a little chilly, but everyone had a great time.  (And I finally got a pair of jeans that fit!)

And then the last hurrah before it was back to the daily grind was when our other friends the Youngbloods invited us to the Aquarium with them on Monday.

I went a little crazy with the PicFram App for this one... but I think it turned out awesome!

Double click to enlarge!
Isn't she the cutest?!  :)

And... as if there could possibly be any more pictures to post... here are a few stragglers from our weekend that I can't resist posting!

SUCH a great helper!
Fun at the park!

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