Friday, January 27, 2012

Nana and Papa Time

Nothing is quite as awesome as when my parents come to visit. Not only are they helpful and good with Miles, but they are two of the funniest/most fun people I know. We spend our days chasing Miles, shopping, cooking and laughing! It's been especially great that they can watch Miles while I take the puppy for a walk. And I love coming home and finding my dad playing with Miles and his truck in the hallway!

Yesterday we had to take Miles to the Dr. for his latest set of vaccines. My mom came with me and we entertained the baby while waiting for the Dr.

Miles is now 26 lbs and 12 oz, and 32 inches tall (I think... does that sound right? I can't remember). Which means he is 75% in weight, 50% in hight and 90% for the size of his head!! Which explains why his shirts don't fit over his big baby head! :)

The Dr. said Miles is doing great! But I did ask about his lack of speech development. She wasn't too concerned until I explained that he is acting out, i.e. biting and hitting, because he is frustrated when he cannot communicate what he wants. Because of the acting out she suggested that we see a specialist. It sounds daunting, but honestly I'm grateful. I just feel like there is more I can be doing to help him and I'm happy to learn. Plus I want to rule out any kind of hearing problems, or anything else that could possibly be hindering him. Funnily enough they just called to schedule the appt while I was writing the post. So we should know a little more by next weekend.

So, aside from all that, these shots have done a number on my poor sweet baby. We came home and he was just wiped out. Of course, the vaccines are worth it. But the cuddling is the one thing that makes it acceptable.

And in case you were wondering what Rocky is up too...

Can you tell how long his legs are getting? It's crazy! He's already so big. And let me just tell you how perfectly this puppy fits into this family. We are a family of attention seekers and Rocky is no exception. Our walks consist of him refusing to walk anywhere... until he sees ANYONE... and then he wants to RUN to them to let them pet him. Our entire walk is just him looking for people to love on him. That or other puppies to play with. This puppy was totally meant to be a Lauro!!

And lastly let me leave you with one more baby cuddle picture. Isn't he just scrumptious!

If you need someone to put your baby to sleep, please call this guy! Tips accepted! :)


  1. That pic of your dad and Miles is just the sweetest!

  2. Awww, Miles has gotten so big and is so freakin' adorable! I bet he and August would have fun together now that they are a little bigger. We miss you guys. We need to get together, really. Plus we need to meet Rocky!!