Monday, January 9, 2012

Look What I Can Do

Sometimes I feel like I'm so behind on things I should be introducing to Miles.  I know some moms follow all the updates from Baby Center, or books or blogs, and are just on top of everything, making sure all those milestones are hit and their kid isn't missing out on a thing.  I've taken a ... well, a different approach.  Miles will get there when he gets there.  With, and hopefully sometimes without, my help.

For example, just the other day we were at breakfast with family at IHOP and Miles suddenly started coloring! 
Lefty or a Righty - he's still deciding
I was mixed with pride and a little worried that maybe he's been wanting to color for ages, but I just hadn't bothered to let him try yet.  I mean, just look at that talent dying to get out and on to paper! 

Needless to say I ran out and bought coloring books and crayons that day.

Then, the other day we were at a friends house and she served Miles some chicken nuggets and cherry tomatoes.  "No way he'll eat those, I hate tomatoes." I thought.  He gobbled them up so fast I couldn't keep any on his plate! 

Well, crap.  Don't I feel stupid. 

On one had I feel so bad for not introducing Miles to coloring and tomatoes earlier.  But, on the other hand we've started making his apple juice fresh from a juicer every day (and throwing in some veggies and other fruits for good measure) so can I really beat myself up for not doing enough for him?  Maybe it's just the age old dilemma that mom's always worry about their kids and wonder if we are doing the right things for them.  No matter how hard you try, something is bound to fall through the cracks sometimes, right?  I guess the best you can do is just the best you can do.  And as long as Miles is smiling most of the time I will try not to let myself feel too guilty for missing some of the little things. 

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