Sunday, June 5, 2011


In case anyone is still wondering, Miles is doing great at daycare!  When I drop him off all he wants to do is get down to play.  The report from the teachers is that he just loves to play all day and is happy to be on his own playing all the time.  And when I pick him up?  You guessed it, he's having fun playing!! 

His poor nose is still running like crazy, but it's what's to be expected.  Other than a runny nose, he's happy and still adorable!


  1. Awww, I am so glad he is loving it! That pic of him is soo cute!!!

  2. I just checked your blog to look for a new post. =( But Dylan was in my lap and he saw your big pic of your loft. I said remember that place? That is Mandi's house. He said "i wanna go there again" =) Then he pointed to the rug in the kitchen and said "where's Miles?" LOL! he was looking for a crawling Miles in the picture, like where's Waldo. hehe Except he didn't actually say Miles, he said "myers" haha!