Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

The Lauros have had quite the busy weekend so far!  And it's taken it's toll on all of us, so we slept in this morning until 10:30!!  Even Miles (after a brief bottle at 7:30)!!  Happy Fathers Day to us!  :)

We started the weekend by going to Jazz under the Stars at the Dallas Museum of Art on Thursday and I almost died of heat stroke.  It was just so stinking hot. 

You gonna eat that cracker kid?

Daddy stole a bite!
On the way there, our friend Lyndsay texted that she was going to be in town on Friday and wanted to know what our plans were.  So we immediately called to tell her that our plans were to hang out with her now!!  Talk about good news!  We just LOVE her and her boys, so we could hardly contain our excitement.  Sadly, Brandon had to work though... we missed you Bandon.  Nick and Izzy were with us also this weekend, so we had quite a houseful of fun! 

All the kids watching a show.  Even Miles is having a blast!
All the kids got along so well!  We went out to dinner, watched movies, played video games, took the trolly to The Original Pancake House in Uptown, swam and just had about the most fun we could pack into 24 hours! 

Little Mafia baby
Sadly though, Lyndsay left last night.  But we already have plans for the next Lauro / Blackwell weekend!! 

After Lyndsay left we had Tony's parents come watch the kids so we could go to a Mod Men party at this awesome house in Ft. Worth.  I found the most perfect dress... about 3 sizes too small.  When I tried it on at this great vintage shop in Uptown, Ahab Bowen, I fell in love and bought it even though it wouldn't zip.  So last night I made Tony and his dad put all their weight into it and finally zipped me up in it!  I couldn't breath all night, but that didn't stop me from dancing and drinking the night away. 

Much needed night out!
So when Miles let us sleep in this morning, we could not have been more grateful.  Best baby ever!

After waking up late we gave Tony his Fathers Day present (a long waited for record player) and went to breakfast at our favorite place downtown - Cindy's Deli.  Yum!! Now we are just relaxing and hanging out at home.  This weekend feels like it's been 5 days long.  Love summer weekends!! 

And lastly... (as requested) here is a video of Miles' favorite song!  Every morning on our way to school Miles fusses and whines until I put this song on for him.  He will listen to it over and over.  It's so cute that it makes him so happy.


  1. We had soo much fun with you guys! LOVED your dress and so glad you got it zipped up! I can't believe that is the song Miles loves, what grown up taste he has already! =) You should write a letter to the band telling them this and maybe they can send him an autographed CD or poster or something for him. =)

  2. It's important to note, that Miles never watches the video. ;)